The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 413

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Chapter 413 – Secret collection room (9)

As a result, the group of three with a bitter fate looked at each other in dismay. Each and every one of them had a forced expression full of suffering as they shuffled forward step by step.

Beichen Ying furthermore had a hidden grudge in his heart and could only sigh: Why didn’t his mom give birth to him as a woman? The disparity in treatment was too severe….

Along the way, they talked and smiled. It wasn’t known how long they walked before the party of five finally arrived at the end of the road.

Along this path, they really hadn’t encountered another magical beast, not even a first ranked one. It had been so safe they were close to being bored.

A stone door was at the end of the road.

Three strikingly huge words were engraved on the stone door: Secret Collection Room.

Finally, they had found the place. Everyone had a feeling that a weight had been lifted from their shoulders.

However, they didn’t know until later that this was merely the beginning.

Having approached the stone door, Su Luo was astonished to discover that this really wasn’t an ordinary stone door. Rather, it was made from a special material.

It was white as suet white jade. The material was cold and stiff like frost. This door seemed to be emitting a faint cold air interwoven with some spirit force. If someone hit it with a fist, the force would be rebounded back by a transparent bright screen.

“There is a seal on the stone door, very unyielding.” Nangong Liuyun examined the door in about the time it would take a stick of incense to burn before arriving at a verdict.

“Then what should we do? Can it be undone?” Su Luo asked with some concern.

To make Nangong Liuyun say these two words “very unyielding” in a.s.sessment, it was clear that this seal was really hard to unravel.

Nangong Liuyun’s smiling and ingratiating face had already become serious and imposing. He muttered to himself for quite a while and gradually said: “Will try with all my effort.”

Su Luo, Beichen Ying, and others moved back a few steps, leaving Nangong Liuyun to stand alone in front of the stone door.

Nangong Liuyun’s expression was focused and cold. His pair of eyes moved like electricity, they carefully paused often to examine the inscription on the stone door from up to down and left to right. His mouth seemed to be muttering and calculating something.

The surroundings became very quiet.

Time gradually pa.s.sed bit by bit…

It was even longer than the time it had taken to break the seal on the palace gate from before.

Su Luo, Beichen Ying and the rest were all somewhat anxious.

The Amethyst Fish Palace would not wait for anyone, after twenty-four hours it would automatically disappear from the ocean’s surface.

At that time, if you were to be trapped in the stone rooms and couldn’t get out, then don’t even think about leaving the Amethyst Fish Palace in this lifetime.

Su Luo did a quick calculation of the time. They already only had less than two hours remaining.

Nangong Liuyun stood there for a long time. Suddenly, an odd color flashed across his face. The plump lips on that perfect face pointed up slightly, as if his mood was pretty good.

One could only see both of his hands in front of his chest knotted into a seal, stream after stream of complicated imprints flew out from his hand and shot into the inscription on the stone door.

“Crackle sssss——”

A subtle sound came from the door.

The imprints that Nangong Liuyun had made seemed to have an extremely strong corrosive effect. The places where he had sent the imprint, the transparent protective layer there would immediately be corroded away.

The imprint was like very small black tadpoles.

It wasn’t just one or two but rather a countless number of little black dots.

Once it landed, the imprint would start to cover the surface spreading in all directions. Very quickly, black specks had crawled all over the top of the bright white protective screen.

The black specks spread continuously, it kept extending further until it had nearly climbed over the entire protective cover.

Finally, that protective cover that had been changed to completely black sent out a violent burst of trembling. The protective cover started to disintegrate. The cracks became bigger and bigger, until finally one could only hear a cras.h.i.+ng noise. That originally indestructible protective cover eventually exploded into fragmented pieces. Ultimately, it vanished into thin air.

Su Luo finally let out the breath she was holding.


After a period of some noise, those tightly closed hinged door panels slowly opened with one going left and another going right.

Just at this moment, all of a sudden from outside came the sounds of rus.h.i.+ng footsteps.

Su Luo turned her head back to look, her expression immediately became somewhat complicated.

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 413

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