The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 415

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Chapter 415 – Two-faced bamboo (1)

Su Luo curiously asked Nangong Liuyun: “Why didn’t you enter? Making the wedding clothing for other people is not something a person of your character would do.”

With her understanding of Nangong Liuyun, this guy was a master that would absolutely not let himself suffer the slightest loss.

On Nangong Liuyun’s matchless handsome face stretched a smile br.i.m.m.i.n.g with an extremely sinister aura: “Wait a moment more, then in a little while, I’ll take you to see a good play. I guarantee you will like it.”

Just a moment ago, when he was removing the seal, he sensed that something was amiss inside, so he was not in a hurry to enter.

“Oh? Don’t tell me that inside… Alas, you let them charge in to break through enemy lines, you are really too two-faced!” Su Luo accused him. Subsequently, she couldn’t help but to start laughing.

The pitiful crown prince, wherever you arrived at, you would always be falling for Nangong Liuyun’s schemes.

He thought he was benefiting at Nangong Liuyun’s expense when he rushed in, but whether this advantage was alright to occupy, only knowing himself would he realize it.

Having thought of things to this point, Su Luo couldn’t help sympathizing somewhat with this person who suffered defeat at every battle, but kept on fighting despite the setbacks. This crown prince was incomparably tenacious.

Like this for so many years, he struggled in the palm of Nangong Liuyun’s hand and still had a healthy mind and body to live up until now. It was simply not easy for him, just thinking about it, she pitied him. .

Nangong Liuyun flicked her bright and clean forehead once with a humorous appearance and in a good mood: “Little girl is again silently cursing this king?”

“How could that be.” Su Luo firmly denied, her entire face had a proper righteous expression, and she said deadly earnestly: “I was only praising you in my heart, how could you slander me like this?”

Nangong Liuyun gently stroked her black hair, with a cunning fox-like smile: “Praising this king should not be a humiliating thing, saying it out loud will be fine, there is no need to keep it in your heart right? Come, speak a few words for this king to listen to.”

Wherefore was Su Luo really praising him? If she were to say those unspoken criticisms of hers out loud, it would anger him until he walked away from the violent explosive fury.

Therefore, she simply smiled with a few ‘hehe’ ignoring his request, and furthermore, very cleverly changed the topic: “How long has it been already, why is it that there isn’t even a bit of the sound of activity inside? They could not truly have been completely wiped out right?”

Nangong Liuyun raised the corner of his eyebrow and smiled, his eyes had a concentrated pampering expression. He led Su Luo by the hands: “The time pa.s.sed is more or less enough, let’s enter to watch the play.”

Su Luo followed Nangong Liuyun to enter the jade door. A stone room that was not small appeared in front of her, moreover, the surrounding s.p.a.ce was extremely large. This place seemed like an independent palace, rows and rows of stone rooms were lined up within it.

At this moment, a small stone room appeared in front of them, with words “Secret Collection Room” written on it.

The door was lightly closed, just a push and it would open.

The inside of the stone room was filled with a faint fog. The degree of visibility was quite low, even if it was Su Luo, this kind of vision, when looking, she was only able to see the area within a range of ten square meters in her surroundings.

She only saw that the area inside the stone room had stacks of bookshelves made from pear tree wood against the wall. Books were placed in twos and threes on the bookshelves, on the books, stuck some more category entries, written with various t.i.tles.

Apart from a stone desk in the middle of the stone chamber, it was completely empty. There was nothing else at all.

“Eh, where are Beichen and them?” Su Luo expressed in a very baffled manner.

Didn’t everyone rush here because of the secret collection of books? Why was it that she couldn’t see even their silhouettes in the secret collection room?

A serious expression flashed across Nangong Liuyun’s face, and a careless smile hung at the corner of his mouth: “Lift your head up to look.”

Su Luo followed Nangong Liuyun’s words to look up, and couldn’t help crying out in surprise: “Ah——”

Above the stone room, hung sphere-like transparent objects, one after another. Su Luo could clearly see that every globe contained a person.

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 415

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