The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 47

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Chapter 47 – A tiger doesn’t show its might so you treat me like a sick cat (3)

“You…,” Su Wan bit her trembling lips, after recovering some of her spirit; her eyes boiled with rage, full of disbelief, “ You dare to hit me!”

Su Luo very innocently shrugged with her hands spread. “How could this world have such a stupid person? Obviously you have been hit, but to still continue to ask,’you actually hit me?’”

Such a brazen insult, caused Su Wan’s lungs to almost explode from anger. Her face trembled, and stressing each syllable through gritted teeth, she said: “ You–court–death! “

“The one courting death is you!” Su Luo took out the whip, and mercilessly whipped her body, lash by lash. Her eyes were s.h.i.+ning with a brilliant light that could leave a person in a state of terror. “This whiplash is for the previous Su Luo! This whip is lashed for Lu Luo! This whip is lashed for the ants that were crushed to death by you….”

Su Luo’s justifications was full of fantastic oddities of every description, but she could always find a reason to whip Su Wan. It’s like at a wine table, people will always find a justification to force the other to drink until they become drunk.

In almost no time, Su Wan’s body was covered with lash marks; her clothes had become ragged, worse than a beggar’s.

“Su Luo! I will never let you off! Absolutely never!” Su Wan crawled up. While hugging her exposed body, she urgently began to take steps to run out.

As she made her way, she staggered along. She fell down and then crawled up, crawled up and then fell down. She looked like a very sorry figure.

Watching Su Wan’s figure from the back as she ran away, Su Luo’s pupils manifested a sneaky, crafty grin.

“ Miss, this, this is not good right?” Before, Su Luo would always act in the role of the bullied. Today however, it’s reversed, with her whipping another. Lu Luo was not used to this type of change, so it was also a little terrifying.

“What’s so bad about it? Bullying others is always better than being bullied.” Su Luo sat at the stone table set in the courtyard. And with a calm manner, unruffled in the midst of chaos, she poured herself a cup of tea.

“ But, but this…” Lu Luo stammered as she said, “The third miss left to tattle to the master. What can we do?”

Wasn’t the mistress afraid of the master before? In front of him, she would always be a yes-man, almost unable to speak a complete sentence; now however, it seem as if she is not even a little afraid?

“My cheap father, right now, won’t be in a relaxed enough frame of mind to deal with other people’s business. He has something keeping him busy at the moment.” This matter was also something Su Luo found for him.

Besides, her father may be cheap and old, but he was also not stupid. In this world where the strong were respected, Su Wan was a first rank martial artist who couldn’t even beat an ordinary person. Under these circ.u.mstances, what’s the use of supporting this daughter? Wouldn’t it just be a waste?

Her cheap,old father can calculate very well in regards to this matter. It was really unnecessary for her to worry about anything.

Sure enough, Su Wan, while covering her face full of whip wounds and weeping endlessly, ran to find the great Su general Su Zian. However, she encountered being given the cold shoulder that she had previously never before experienced.

Su Zian impatiently suppressed his temper and listened to Su Wan’s tale of receiving unjust treatment. He exhaustedly rubbed between his eyebrows to relieve the stress, but, in the end, he was unable to tolerate any more; he settled it straightforwardly with one sentence, “ You are a first rank martial artist and unable to defeat a good for nothing, yet you still have the face to come here to cry?’

Su Wan was suddenly startled. She raised her small, crying face like the rain bearing pear blossoms. Face full of disbelief, she stuttered, “ Father….but this…..but this….she hit me….”

Su Zian was busy trying to catch the thief that stole the hidden treasure map, so how could he have the frame of mind to manage a struggle between daughters of the family, “Okay, all right, Su Luo was really wrong in this matter, but you are wrong too. If there was no business, what were you doing in her courtyard?”

“Zi Wu!” Su Zian wearing a cold expression, thundered out a command.

From outside of the door a guard came in. He was Su Zian’s personal bodyguard.

Su Zian’s cold voice commanded. “Go tell Su Luo, that within the next three month, she will stay in her courtyard and not take a single step outside the door. If she takes one step outside of her courtyard then just break her leg. Let her reflect carefully in her courtyard!”

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 47

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