The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 55

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Chapter 55 – To save people from calamity (3)

While the conversation between the two was still in progress, below them, the situation had suddenly reversed——

Because Miss Liu was beginning to see that her attacks had been going on for a long time without success, as well as the fact that young master Zhao keep adding oil to her fire: her fury reached a peak. Her other hand successfully completed the motion of drawing an arc in the air, and together a rain of arrows, hiding the sky and covering the earth, attacked toward the body of young master Zhao.

Quite clearly, this Miss Liu was not only a martial artist but also a water element mage.

Due to the nature of the intense close-quarters combat, young master Zhao still hadn’t set up any defenses. An ominous woosh of the wind sounded, as no less than seven water arrows, similar to sharp swords, pierced every part of young master Zhao’s body.

Young master Zhao had an incredulous expression on his face. When he had toppled to the ground, he died while refusing to close his eyes*.

Miss Liu joyfully threw a glance in the direction of the second floor, and afterwards with a conceited manner, she walked away and returned to her team members.

“Young master!”

The row of bodyguards behind young master Zhao had just seen their own young master killed, so each and everyone of their eyes were bloodshot from rage. Baring their teeth, they truly wished to split in their enemy’s eyes and pop their veins until it exploded with their own two hands.

All of them did not give any regards to their lives and threw themselves toward the young Miss Liu. Having pledged with their lives to eviscerate her with their machetes, they attacked with the hope of avenge their own young master!

However, the schoolmates in Miss Liu’s company were not vegetables. They were all brilliant students from the best Imperial Mage school. They could all hold the t.i.tle of legendary geniuses.

Consequently, a battle royal was about to unfold .

The restaurant’s owner, was that pair of grandfather and grandchild. Their eyes were full of alarm mixed with despair, when they saw young master Zhao go down.

At this time, the restaurant’s door had already been closed by someone. When the patrons in the lobby saw the situation was going to run amok, at any second; as fast as they could, each and everyone of them run upstairs.

They all gathered at the entrance of the staircase on the second floor. Those few who knew about young master Zhao’s background, felt they had really encountered calamity and expressed mutual faces of those who were truly out of luck.

But not everyone knew about young master Zhao’s background, so among them, one piped up and asked.

A middle-aged fellow’s face, who knew the truth about young master Zhao, forced out a bitter laugh. “Because of this situation, we can only be considered to have thoroughly encountered bad luck. You outsiders wouldn’t know. Young master Zhao was the local provincial governing official’s son. His only son. We never thought he would die this way.”

A person interrupted saying, “ his merely a senior provincial official’s son. What’s so amazing about that?”

In Eastern Ling Empire, if all of the senior provincial officers were added together one would find there were no fewer than 20 or 30 of them.

The middle-aged fellow continued to laugh bitterly. “This place is a small town on the edge of an artery of Sunset Mountain Range. Someone who is the senior provincial officer here, how could he be an ordinary useless official, who would normally only be fit for gorging and boozing? This honorable senior provincial official’s martial art ability is deep and unmeasurable. It’s said that he is at least above the fifth step! ”

“Fifth step….”

The bystanders immediately become mutes.

Fifth step… how many fifth step expert could be found in the entire Eastern Ling Empire? Even the great general that protects this country, the Su general, is only at the fifth step.

“Ai, that young lady is also really…!!! If you’re going to save people, then just save them! Why did she also have to go and kill young master Zhao?!?”

“If this type of sc.u.m in the community is not to be killed, could it be that you wanted to leave him alive to continue to endanger other fellow villagers?”

“Then you could have still killed him in secret. Right now, the old uncle and his granddaughter is implicated in this debacle, and Zhao Official also likes to cover up for his son. This begs the questions of how those two kinsfolk could live day to day in the future, ah? Is this really saving them or harming them?

“That’s exactly it. That young lady looks so beautiful and smart. How could she act so impulsively? She and her companions, however, are better off. When the time comes they can slip away and leave the town. But then again, what can those two kinsfolk live on?”

However, at this time, the two kinsfolk that everyone was talking about were crying on each other’s shoulders, with faces full of suffering and despair.

Su Luo’s eyes were pure ice, faintly breathed out a sigh. “Me and my big crow’s beak*, all that I said has. .h.i.t the mark….”

Nangong Liuyun rubbed her head, a pair of deep beautiful eyes lazily watching the people below fighting as if their lives depends on it. Turned back his line of sight and narrowing his light phoenix eyes, a satisfied smiling expression began to creep over his entire face. “My Luo girl is always so smart. Now, how’s it going to be dealt with?”

*he died while refusing to close his eyes – figuratively saying he died with grievances.
*crow’s beak – figuratively saying a person who has made an inauspicious remark.

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 55

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