The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 514

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Chapter 514 – The little divine dragon shows off his prestige (3)

“Roar——” It pounced onto empty air, making the Lindworm spit with anger. It opened up its ferocious mouth and once more turned around to pounce towards Su Luo.

The audience below the stage, seeing this, without exception, everyone’s complexion greatly changed, their hearts trembling with fear. This was because if they were the ones pounced upon by this Lindworm, they absolutely would be torn into pieces!

For the three judges underneath the stage, a grave expression also flashed through their eyes.

The honorary elder from the Mercenary Union, Beichen Mu, stroked his few strands of goat-like beard, faintly shaking his head: “Purple Sunflower sect really placed a lot of blood and sweat capital in this.”

The president of the Imperial Capital’s number one school. Ouyang Xi. nodded his head and smiling slightly, said: “Looks like the fourth Miss Su will lose.”

The law-enforcing elder of the Imperial’s Elder Group, Nangong Yu, had an indifferent expression as he responded with one sentence: “Maybe not.”

President Ouyang let out a laugh: “You have so much belief in that young lady?”

Nangong Yu shook his head: “The one I believe in is His Highness Prince Jin.”

Since His Highness Prince Jin thought so highly of this girl, that could only prove one point, that that girl would absolutely win.

President Ouyang’s gaze landed lightly on Su Luo’s body, somewhat curious and also somewhat probing.

Now, that Lindworm was already close to pouncing upon Su Luo.

Just at this time of imminent peril!

Suddenly, all the fur stood erect on the little puppy’s body who was on Su Luo’s shoulder, he loudly howled at the enormous Lindworm: “Awoo ——!!!”

At this moment, the little puppy steadily stood on top of Su Luo’s slender and sharp shoulder, that furry, little face stretched taut. His little chin lifted slightly, glaring at the Lindworm in a spitting rage. He looked like a little Majesty berating the lowest of servants.

Seeing the lofty and serious appearance of the little puppy, the audience under the stage immediately started to laugh. The original tense atmosphere also relaxed a lot.

“Oh heavens, this is simply too adorable. That little puppy is really courageous.”

“That’s right, it actually dares to reprimand the Lindworm, ha ha ha, I’m dying of laughter, my belly, ouch——”

“Oh my, you guys went too far, why would that be a little puppy? Clearly, that is the fourth Miss Su’s spirit pet.”

“Such a courageous little puppy, it looks too adorable. A pity it won’t live for long.”

A lot of people were laughing wildly at that little puppy’s proud and lovable appearance. One after another, they covered their bellies, rolling around saying ‘hey ouch’. They were all itching to rush onto the stage to s.n.a.t.c.h the little puppy and raise it in their home.

Now, Su Qing’s deep eyes contained a cynical sneer, coldly detached as she stared at Su Luo, the corner of her mouth hooked into a grim smile.

Su Luo, it was already like this, how could you not die?! Su Qing was extremely confident in the Lindworm her teacher’s sect had given her!

However, very quickly, her smiling expression stiffened at the corner of her mouth. Moreover, she was unable to smile again.

Because once again, a strange thing appeared that made Su Qing’s large eyes fall to the ground.

Originally, that foolish Wyrm’s enormous body was already flying in mid-air, it had already extended its dragon claws, with fierce teeth spread open to engulf Su Luo. Furthermore, it was only a meter’s distance away from Su Luo!

But, when it heard the little puppy’s reprimand in mid-air, it was immediately startled, as if it had met an extremely terrifying thing. One could only see it hastily try to turn around, but it was hopeless for such an enormous body to do so, and suddenly, it sharply dropped rapidly in a straight line.

“Bang——” The enormous body dropped heavily to the ground, smas.h.i.+ng out a deep and gigantic dragon-shaped hole into the stone slab which formed the stage.

“Hiss——” Everyone in the audience under the stage inhaled a breath of cold air.

The audience that was initially covering their bellies from laughter, were currently all staring foolishly at this dramatic scene on the stage. Their necks were stiff, with a dull expression, and they looked completely at a loss.

What’s going on? Just now, what just happened? Wasn’t it just the little puppy wailing loudly a few times? So, could acting cute kill people?

On top of everyone’s forehead were these few word, in addition to a huge question mark.

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 514

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