The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 519

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Chapter 519 – The little divine dragon shows off his prestige (8)

But, how clever was the little divine dragon? He clenched his paw into a fist, with his fist directly roaring towards Su Qing’s mouth.

A loud ‘bang’ sounded and the corner of Su Qing’s mouth was smashed to crooked angle by him. She looked completely disheveled and wretched.

Originally, Su Qing was spotless, pure and cold like a lotus, but now, she was beaten into a pig-head by the little divine dragon.

Su Luo, with a ghost of a smile, raised her eyebrows and laughed: “Why ask me to call it back?”

“This is unfair! Unfair!” Su Qing’s voice had a lisp, constantly whining!

She had originally prepared so many trump cards, and took them out repeatedly, but they were all suppressed by Su Luo. At this moment, Su Qing truly did not have another trump card!

“Then, to be a little fairer, you order your spirit pet to get my spirit pet to rebel too.” Su Luo had a very friendly, let’s-discuss-this tone, “Rest a.s.sured, as long as you can get my pet to rebel, I would have completely no problem with it over here.”

Su Luo really needed a good spanking. If Su Qing’s Lindworm could get Su Luo’s little puppy to rebel, how could the little puppy instigate the Lindworm’s rebellion?

“You——” Su Qing glared at Su Luo with extreme anger, she was so infuriated by Su Luo that she almost vomited blood.

However, Su Qing knew that at this moment, she must stay cool-headed! Consequently, she shouted loudly towards the three judges: “Time-out, I request a time-out of this match!”

The referee looked at the three judges, and the three judges also felt helpless.

They had lived for so many years, yet this was the first time they had seen such a strange scenario.

But, speaking of being unfair…… it really didn’t exist.

Just like what Su Luo had said, if you have the ability, you could also order your spirit pet to get her spirit pet to rebel, this was also a part of strength.

As a result, the three judges unanimously shook their heads.

The referee stepped forward, indifferently swept Su Qing a glance, and announced the verdict to her: “A life-and-death duel, everyone’s life is in fate’s hand. The three judges unanimously affirmed, this duel is absolutely fair, please continue the fight.”

“No!” This is not true——This is not true!” Su Qing shouted loudly in despair.

If there was no time-out in this match, she could truly die!

Until arriving at this moment, Su Qing finally realized, so death was actually this close to her.

She was originally confident a hundred of times over that the person to die would certainly be Su Luo. Therefore, she simply couldn’t have imagined that she herself would die.

Su Qing wrapped herself in a thick layer of ice, wrapping herself tightly with it so it was airtight.

The little divine dragon frowned, walking around this ice sculpture in circles.

The Su Qing inside a layer of ice was also very anxious.

Even though these two spirit pets couldn’t hurt her temporarily, however, the strategy of hiding in a layer of ice also wasn’t a long-term plan.

Yet, before she could come up with an idea, the little divine dragon had already thought of a plan.

They could only see him cleverly sit next to Su Qing’s calf, and just when everyone was at a total loss towards his action, they saw him open his small mouth.

A dragon breath with the fire attributed directly puffed towards Su Qing’s right calf.

The little divine dragon’s fire attribute was not just an ordinary kind of fire attribute. Rather, it was the higher cla.s.s, a third type of true fire.

Thus, after a mouthful of dragon’s breath, Su Qing’s right calf that was wrapped in a layer of ice, exposed a chunk of white flesh.

Su Qing reacted and her heart immediately jumped from fright. She hastily released her spirit force, letting it hurriedly freeze over her calf.

However, it was already too late——

The little divine dragon’s reaction was unusually fast. They could only see him open his little mouth, directly biting into Su Qing’s right calf!

How sharp were the little divine dragon’s teeth? Even the ice-cold, mysterious black iron was a cinch, to say nothing of the fair, soft and tender human flesh.

They could only hear a snapping sound.

“Ah——!!!” Su Qing immediately burst into a fit of shrieks that startled the heavens and broke through the clouds!

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 519

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