The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 529

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Chapter 529 – Interrogation (5)

They saw their family fifth Miss’s faintly discernible, snow-white, delicate, gracefully arced back… and all momentarily became imbeciles!

Feeling the faintly discernible, boiling hot gazes shooting towards her from all directions, instantly, Su Xi was full of pain, fury and anxiety. Her tears flowed down in torrents: “Su Luo! I will kill you! Kill you!”

While waving her whip, wanting to kill Su Luo, she also had to cover up her snow-white back and b.u.t.tocks, so she was also very busy.

Su Jingyu endured the pain in his neck, pulled off his outer robe, and in a fl.u.s.tered manner, draped it over Su Xi’s body. If his actions were slightly slower, Su Xi’s nearly naked body would have been seen by all the servants.

Su Luo looked down from high up, contemptuously looking at Su Xi who half-sat on the ground. Smiling coldly, with her voice like solid ice, she said: “You alone? You think you are worthy of that?”

Su Xi was immediately choked off, her complexion was bright red, unwaveringly staring at Su Luo. She was itching to throw herself up and tear Su Luo into pieces.

Hateful! Too hateful!

At this moment, Su Xi had an unprecedented regret.

Still recalling half a year ago, she was still a good-for-nothing, while she was a little genius that everyone welcomed and envied.

But now, Su Luo could step on her, look at her with contempt and mock her!

If time could start over again, Su Xi absolutely would immediately choke Su Luo to death! She absolutely would!

But now, she could only look on helplessly with clenched fists as Su Luo’s face spread into a loathsome smile.

Su Luo cast them an imaginary smile: “Didn’t you want to kill me? I am waiting for you guys to come and challenge me at any time. One-on-one or a group fight, as long as you guys don’t feel it’s humiliating, I am indifferent to the choice.”

The present Su Luo, no matter what aspect was being considered, absolutely had the strength to say these words.

Leaving this sentence behind, Su Luo agilely turned around and walked away. That rear view had an indescribable confidence and ease.

Those servants, watching this formerly good-for-nothing, utterly useless fourth Miss, for a moment, one after another, was rueful…The fourth Miss’s change was simply too great.

This kind of her had an indescribable heroic spirit, making the people’s heart admire her once they saw it.

Su Luo stepped on the cobblestoned alley, unhurriedly walking to her own courtyard.

She inwardly frowned. Having left the manor for a number of days, she didn’t know if Lu Luo had lived well, if she was bullied by anyone.

Just now, she punished Su Jingyu and Su Xi siblings as an example to others, and now, no one would dare to underestimate her. This way, Lu Luo should also receive less suffering from idle people.

Along the way, no one dared to point to her again, and no one dared to secretly whisper about her. Seeing her walk over, each and every one of them was respectful, deferential and humble to the point of touching the ground.

Su Luo extended a hand, seeing her fair, jade-like and delicate hand clenched into a fist, she silently laughed.

As expected, in this world that respected strength, only a hard fist had the best reason.

Su Luo haven’t arrived at the doorway of her courtyard before Lu Luo rushed towards her. Her little face was flushed.

“Miss! Miss, you’ve finally returned. I heard you went missing on the island, Lu Luo was worried to death about you.” Lu Luo’s entire face moved as she looked at Su Luo, her eyes had countless things to say.

Su Luo secretly guessed in her heart, where did Lu Luo hear about her being missing on the island? Lifting an eyebrow at Ling Feng who stood erect, holding a sword not far away, Su Luo smiled in understanding.

Lu Luo followed behind Su Luo and chattered on, talking non-stop: “Miss, in the future, won’t it be better if you don’t go out? Every time you do, you can scare a person to death!”

The Miss, in total, went out twice, but every time, she would meet with severe crises and unending thrills, making one extremely worried.

Su Luo smiled lightly: “How can opportunities come by if I don’t go out? If I hadn’t traveled to the Amethyst Thorned Island, I, your Miss, would already have been beaten flat by Su Qing.”

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 529

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