The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 530

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Chapter 530 – Interrogation (6)

Once she mentioned this matter, Lu Luo’s entire little face become rosy red, pitch black eyes sparkling with starlight and br.i.m.m.i.n.g with endless adoration: “Miss! You are too great! You actually defeated second Miss!”

With regards to Su Luo, whose soul had only arrived here half a year ago, Lu Luo’s understanding of Su Qing’s fame and reputation was even deeper, and more profound.

For so many years, Su Qing had always been the pride of Su Manor. Everyone would express approval when mentioning Su Manor’s second Miss, with various kinds of wors.h.i.+p, adoration and reverence. Everyone said, aside from Jade Lake’s Fairy, there wasn’t another woman that would surpa.s.s the second Miss from Su Manor by much.


This legend, was firmly pinched out by Su Luo today.

The good-for-nothing fourth Miss in everyone’s mouth, in one move, forced the genius second Miss to be disfigured, had a leg broken off, and nearly commit suicide. This news seemed to have grown legs and spread about wildly, now, everyone in the entire Imperial Capital knew; naturally, Lu Luo also knew as well.

Lu Luo’s palms were placed together in greeting, with eyes flickering like the stars: “Miss, how did you suddenly become so awesome, so shocking! Up until now, this servant feels like she is still dreaming.”

Before, she was bullied miserably, and now, she suddenly came back with a counterattack. Su Luo completely understood Lu Luo’s kind of suddenly-unreal-and-as-if-in-a-dream feeling.

“Previously, are there still others who have come to bully you? Do those other servants deserve some discipline?” Su Luo unhurriedly asked.

“No… no problem.” Lu Luo very seriously shook her head non-stop.

But, what kind of eyesight did Su Luo have? In one glance, she could see that Lu Luo was doing her best to cover up something.

“d.a.m.ned girl, you think that saying nothing, then nothing really happened? When I’m not present, how could Su Xi let you go?” Su Luo had both hands over her chest and gave a cold snort.

“Eh…” Lu Luo’s pupil dropped down, weakly pinching her sleeves. It was better to avoid unnecessary trouble, she didn’t want to cause trouble for the Miss.

“Lu Luo.” Su Luo barked with a touch of an awe-inspiring tone.

“Your servant is present.” Lu Luo abruptly raised her head. She felt a dignity only a person in a high position would give off come from her Miss’s body… such a terrifying manner.

“Raise your head, straighten up your chest and squeeze your b.u.t.tocks together. Raise your chin, have a proud expression, yes, just like that. From now on, don’t give me the slouching, no self-confidence posture. Carry out this imposing manner for this Miss.” Su Luo reprimanded augustly, “Even if confronted with Su Xi, you must also carry yourself like this!”

“…Yes!” Lu Luo hesitated for a long time, her expression then slowly brightened and she finally replied in a loud voice.

“Now this is correct.” Since she had already revealed her brilliance in such a high-profile fas.h.i.+on, this posture must also follow along and change some.

Just at this moment, a faint silhouette appeared outside her courtyard.

“Fourth Miss, the great general requests your presence.” The capable chamberlain Zi Xi, who worked at Su Zian’s, side noiselessly appeared at Su Luo’s back.

Zi Xi’s expression was motionless, just as before, he was indifferent and coldly distant, as if he always had one expression.

“Got it, I’ll go with you.” Su Luo’s tone was equally cold.

“Carefully prepare something to eat, your Miss has been starving for a long time.” Finished instructing Lu Luo, Su Luo turned around and left after Zi Xi.

Zi Xi brought Su Luo to the doorway of the study: “The great general is inside, fourth Miss, please go in by yourself.”

Finished speaking, Zi Xi automatically stood perfectly straight by the side of the doorway,standing face-to-face with his partner, Zi Mo. They looked like two stone door, G.o.ds.

Su Luo knocked on the door in segments, with a steady voice, she said: “Venerable father, your child, Su Luo, has come to pay her respects.”

For a long time, there was no sound from inside.

Quite a while later, came the sound of an indifferent sentence: “Come in.”

It seemed that Su Zian’s mood wasn’t that good, only, it should be like this. It would be strange if he was able to be happy about this matter after having invested countless heart’s blood to nurture a treasure that was ruthlessly destroyed by another in the end.

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 530

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