The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 531

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Chapter 531 – Interrogation (7)

Su Luo gave a quiet cough, pushed open the study’s door and steadily walked in.

The study was an important place, an unconcerned person was prevented from entering.

Therefore, the always-regarded-as-an-unconcerned-person Su Luo, from the onset, had never come to the study before; this was her first time.

The doors and windows were closed tightly, the light in the study was somewhat dim, just like Su Zian’s complexion right now.

Su Zian sat on the circular chair behind the dark, long table, a golden hat was on his head, and he was wearing a purple brocade robe. His gaze was as sharp as the edge of a knife and ice-cold, thrusting towards Su Luo.

He never imagined that today, the person who won was changed to her. If someone said this to him a day ago, he was sure to sneer at them disdainfully.

But now, this was nevertheless an undeniable fact.

Su Zian’s thunderous, imposing and penetrating gaze, stared at Su Luo motionlessly. He carefully took measure of her.

No matter how much he thought, he couldn’t understand. In his mind, he had always regarded her as a good-for-nothing, how could she soar to the sky in such a short time? Like the wind, surpa.s.sing his treasured Qing’er in one move.

He stared at Su Luo, carefully watching, looking left then right, but still couldn’t make out anything.

After quite a while, Su Zian’s cold eyes cast sidelong glances at her: “Who gave you the courage to teach Yu’er a lesson? Also, who lent you courage to injure Xi’er? Huh?”

Su Zian’s voice was like the howling wind of a torrential rain that suddenly arrived, causing one’s hair to stand erect from fright.

The atmosphere in the room momentarily became stiff, so stuffy that a person couldn’t breathe.

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth moved slightly: “Honorable father, since you know Su Xi and them were wounded, then you must certainly know that it was her who first provoked me, alright?”

Su Zian was indeed full of an imposing manner, if this was before going to the Amethyst Thorned Island, this imposing manner of his would indeed have a very strong deterrent strength against her.

But, a very regretful matter was that when she traveled to Amethyst Thorned Island, and was promoted to the fourth rank, after the duel with Su Qing, Su Luo was again promoted to the peak of the fourth rank. Therefore, Su Zian’s threat to her wasn’t very great right now.

“Su Luo! Your courage is not small, to dare make excuses!” Su Zian was furious from having his honor as a parent being offended.

“Honorable father, these are not excuses, rather,they are the facts.” Su Luo’s figure was motionless. The arc at the corner of her mouth was also unchanging, “If Honorable father insists on hearing what he only wants to hear, then this daughter will have nothing more to say.”

Su Luo spread out both hands, expressing how very helpless she was.

Su Zian’s anger was instantly tied up.

When he was in a rage, Su Xi and them would all tremble with fear and be on tenterhooks, but Su Luo’s expression was still as calm as before. There was no change in her expression, this made it difficult for him to know how to start punis.h.i.+ng her.

In fact, Su Zian was merely using this as a pretext to make a fuss. What truly made him mad was Su Qing’s loss.

Taking a few deep breaths, Su Zian stabilized his mood, his apathetic tone restored: “This matter, Xi’er is also wrong, but she was worried about Qing’er, her concern made her confused. As her older sister, what’s the harm in letting her off a little?”

Seeing Su Luo about to make more excuses, Su Zian impatiently waved his hand: “Enough, for the time being, I’ll let you go for Xi’er’s matter, but as for Qing’er…”

Su Zian grinded his teeth and coldly humphed a few times: “You are really heartless, pressuring her until she was disfigured and lost a leg, must believe yourself to be truly amazing.”

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth hooked into a sneering arc: “Honorable father, from the moment Su Qing proposed the life-and-death agreement, you should have antic.i.p.ated this day. Perhaps, at that time, you felt… indifferent to the matter of this utterly useless daugher who will suffer a crus.h.i.+ng defeat?”

Su Luo’s words could be said to have slapped his face red.

Sure enough, Su Zian’s complexion, in an instant, became red! Exceptionally ugly!

“I order you to shut up! You really think you are ready to spread your wings and dare fly out?!” Su Zian flew into a rage out of humiliation, suddenly slapping the table, which then heavily gave off a violent hitting sound. For a moment, he was exceedingly imposing.

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 531

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