The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 536

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Chapter 536 – Falling from the sky (2)

“Good, very good!” Li Yaoxiang slapped the armrest, his expression ice-cold.

Su Luo helplessly sighed, putting forth a probable hypothesis: “Only the heavens know where the second Young Master Li went. Maybe on his journey, he met a remarkable woman and was afraid that people at home wouldn’t agree. Consequently, he might have eloped with the woman to travel the world?”

“Simply absurd! Clearly it is you who had harmed him!”

Su Luo finally spread her hands open: “If you want to condemn me using some pretext, consider that my strength is completely unable to be compared to the second Young Master Li’s. Elder, you should be able to distinguish right from wrong with acuity.”

Li Yaoxiang reclined on the imperial-style chair, his eyes narrowed dangerously with a profoundly mysterious aura. Other people had no way of guessing his thoughts.

All of a sudden, the surroundings became quiet.

These several sentences pa.s.sed by Su Zian in scattered fragments, and he slowly pieced the sequence of events together. Once he linked the facts together, it made his heart shake violently from shock!

Su Luo, this loathsome girl, had actually followed His Highness Prince Jin to the Amethyst Thorned Island and was so lucky as to actually encounter the Amethyst Fish Palace this year!

Also, she was somewhat related with the disappearance of the second young master in the Li family!

Such an important matter, she didn’t even tell him this, father of hers, fart. He simply didn’t exist in her eyes, it really was that her wings had grown strong and she wanted to fly away! Su Zian added another layer of dislike to his regard of Su Luo.

Once Su Zian saw Su Luo’s cold, distant and indifferent manner, his heart, for no reason at all, once again gave off a kind of rage.

Who was this person in front of his eyes? This was the Jade Lake Palace Li family’s outstanding person of talent in their second generation. He was at the summit of eighth rank in strength. If he wanted to kill Su Luo, he could just negligently extend a fingertip to press her to death.

Such a formidable existence, not even a touch a reverence could be found on this loathsome girl’s body, who was staring at her own death.

Su Zian was just about to step forward and press down on Su Luo to kneel and beg for Li Yaoxiang’s forgiveness. However, before he could approach her, he discovered that the mood in the hall suddenly stiffened.

A kind of invisible power pressure from an expert spread throughout the hall, moreover, it was getting stronger and more powerful.

Su Zian’s complexion suddenly changed, a reverent thought flas.h.i.+ng through his heart. He immediately stopped his footsteps and took the initiative to retreat two steps.

When the earth-shattering, powerful pressure from an expert attacked, Su Luo’s heart sank slightly.

Beichen’s a.s.sessment of this Li Yaoxiang’s conduct was arrogant, unbridled, petty and most likely to cover up his mistakes. Now, it seemed his a.s.sessment really not false.

Not even saying a few words of warning, he completely disregarded the scruples of his status. Was he directly going to attack her?

At this moment, Li Yaoxiang’s terrifying aura as an eighth rank expert exploded out, like an enormous wave rus.h.i.+ng to the sky, making it difficult for people to breathe.


Under that berserk, tyrannical pressure of his power, Su Luo’s clothing seemed to be struck by a gale-strength wind. Her outer robe was directly torn into tatters, flying by fast and landing on the ground.

Not waiting for her to return to her senses, another powerful force smashed down over her head.

Su Luo’s upright back suddenly started to bend like an eighty-year-old woman with a hunchback.

Was this his attempt to bend her unyielding character, forcing her to acknowledge his strength?

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth hooked into a sneer, and she suddenly concentrated all her spirit power into her back.

The bent back once again became rigidly straight.

A disdainful expression appeared between Li Yaoxiang’s brows and gave a cold snort: “Don’t overestimate your abilities.”

With just a casual snort by him, the tyrannical force was once again increased twofold.

This time, it was not all focused on her back, but rather on her knees.

Her perfectly straight pair of legs, it was as if she was kicked in the back of her knees, suddenly, they bent down.

So painful! Su Luo, in the next moment, was about to kneel down!

Both of Su Luo’s eyes became red. She circulated the spirit force in her entire body, forcibly contending against that tyrannical pressure.

However, Su Luo’ strength differed too much from Li Yaoxiang’s. Now, the bones in her entire body echoed with cracking sounds. Naturally, it was because her body could not bear such heavy pressure.

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 536

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