The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 537

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Chapter 537 – Falling from the sky (3)

Not only this, the pure white, jade-like skin on her body, at this moment, was swollen and very red. It was a horribly shocking sight for people to see.

Moreover, there was still her pair of eyes, which was bloodshot like a sheet of scarlet.

But even so, she still remained standing there indifferently, her back was straight with both legs bolted upright, not even a trace of a curve could be seen.

“Humph, having reached this stage yet still unwilling to kneel, Su Zian, you actually raised such a good daughter!” The chill in Li Yaoxiang’s eyes became even deeper, extremely displeased.

Su Zian’s heart became anxious, he shouted explosively towards Su Luo: “Why haven’t you still quickly knelt!”

Su Luo’s forehead was covered with perspiration, however, her complexion did not change. Her voice was cold but strong: “Will not yield to any kind of evil forces, is the path my heart takes!”

The path that exists required a tenacious nature, then, your cultivation could have rapid progress.

This kind of cultivation, not only did it cultivate the body, but also resulted in a strong heart.

Li Yaoxiang mockingly looked at this stubborn, loathsome girl in front of him.

Being able to remain standing and not kneel under his powerful pressure, truly having somewhat of a lofty and unyielding character. But, he hated the most this kind of lofty and unyielding character.

A killing intent flashed through Li Yaoxiang’s eyes, that kind of oppressive, powerful pressure of an expert became more and more intense, with Su Luo in the center, spreading throughout the entire hall.

Under this tyrannical, oppressive pressure, Su Zian’s legs trembled, as if he, in the next instant, would kneel down. He took advantage of Li Yaoxiang not paying any attention to him, and step by step, he moved back. Gradually, he moved far away from the center of the pressure.

Su Jingyu, however, did not have his father’s strength. One could only hear a ‘thump’ sound, and the him that was standing very far away immediately kneeled down on both knees.

Originally, with regards to Li Yaoxiang’s kind of expert, he should have an expert’s dignity and not lower himself to the level of Su Luo from the younger generation.

However, Li Yaoxiang this pitiful type of person, really could not be evaluated using common sense.

Su Jingyu was already kneeling, Su Zian also almost kneeled. But, this loathsome girl in front of him still remained standing upright. This was an unforgivable crime with regards to Li Yaoxiang.

He felt that his honor as an expert was offended.

Suddenly, Li Yaoxiang waved his hand and released the final twenty percent of his oppressive pressure as an expert. His entire oppressive might was completely released!

In an instant, the atmosphere inside the hall started to freeze.

“Bang——” Su Zian, who had retreated a little distance away with great difficulty, could not withstand it anymore. He immediately kneeled down on the ground.

The corner of Li Yaoxiang’s mouth curled up into a cold smile.

Her father had already kneeled, how could this loathsome girl also not kneel?

However, what was beyond expectation his expectations, this loathsome girl unexpectedly still stood straight.

The flooring beneath her feet had already shattered to pieces, both feet had already sunk one third of a meter into the ground. But even so, her back still was unbending and straight, not to mention she still haven’t kneeled down.

Li Yaoxiang’s complexion immediately became extremely ugly.

Although Su Luo maintained her unbending body from before but only she herself knew, how much she was suffering at this moment.

The cold sweat on her forehead congealed to form beads which tumbled down drop by drop.

Her eyes were scarlet red, as it would rupture at any moment.

The skin that was white as jade, was now dry and splitting like a spider’s web, seeping out wisps of blood, making it unbearable for people to watch.

The spiritual power inside Su Luo’s body continued to circulate frantically, the Great Dimensional Imprint orbited on top of her head, tenaciously resisting the oppressive pressure of an expert.

The more she resisted, the more she understood the gap between her and a true expert. Also, the more she understood that between every level, how insurmountable a gap it was.

Originally, Su Luo had calculated that there was a ten percent chance she could successfully resist. However now, she helplessly understood, she didn’t even have half a percentage chance of succeeding.

Li Yaoxiang, at eighth rank, was too powerful, definitely not someone she could resist right now.

What to do?

A trace of worry flashed through Su Luo’s heart, a string of sweat hanging from her forehead and flowing into her eyes, stinging her eyes extremely painfully, but she still did not blink.

Loathsome girl, still so stubborn! Li Yaoxiang coldly snorted, it seemed that without giving her a taste of his strength, she would never lower her head.

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 537

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