The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 562

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Chapter 562 – Relations.h.i.+p Crisis (8)

Unable to cut through the continued confusion, the most troublesome was feelings.

Beichen Ying saw Su Luo’s ambiguous manner, and he couldn’t help but have a moment of silence in tribute for Nangong Liuyun.

One was pursuing relentlessly to strike, one was cool and collected, it was doomed to walk a bending, rugged mountain road with eighteen turns and nine bends.

Beichen Ying decided to fight for a shortcut for Nangong Liuyun.

He earnestly gazed at Su Luo, slowly opening his mouth to ask: “Do you know how much Nangong cherishes you?”

Su Luo suddenly raised her head, and met his black, bright and clear gaze.

Beichen Ying slowly told Su Luo: “Do you know, Nangong actually gave a lifetime’s worth of warmth that he wanted, but couldn’t obtain, all of it, to you.”

Beichen Ying’s words were like a thunderstrike.

Su Luo’s heart, was unprecedentedly shaken.

A warmth he wished for, but couldn’t obtain? Su Luo vigilantly discovered, there was certainly a story behind this.

“As for the story behind this, I cannot say. Perhaps, after you truly give your heart to him, he will tell you the whole story. But, I will warn you in advance, that story, is extraordinarily tragic.”

Su Luo’s curiosity was immediately hooked.

However, Beichen Ying was well-versed in the art of conversation, after hooking Su Luo’s curiosity, he immediately changed the subject: “Actually, last night’s matter was also quite tragic.”

What happened?” Su Luo frowned slightly.

“Last night, I don’t know how you provoked him, after instructing a few things, he directly left. Then, he didn’t return for the entire night.”

Beichen Ying watched Su Luo, “Only until this morning did he return, limping and covered in blood from head to toe.”

Covered in blood from head to toe and limping? Su Luo’s eyes suddenly tensed up, “The injuries on his body still haven’t healed, how could he so recklessly use his martial arts?”

Beichen Ying spread out both hands: “Only afterwards did we find out, originally, last night, he directly went to attack Yun Lu mountain.”

“Yun Lu Mountain?” Su Luo inquired.

“Yun Lu Mountain is the Long Hu stronghold, according to our investigation of many days. We discovered that this was the Dragon Gang of the Eastern Sea’s behind the scene supporter on dry land. The imperial court had already begun to deploy forces, who knew Nangong……” Beichen Ying ma.s.saged his temples.

“The news we received this morning was that the one thousand three hundred named Long Hu stronghold gang members, were all thoroughly killed. Four law enforcers of the gang were all nailed to the wall by a person. That stronghold master’s death was the most cruel, he was actually crushed to death by source stones!”

Therefore, a man in the midst of frantic emotion was truly very frightening.

Fortunately, the Dragon Gang of the Eastern Sea was already completely destroyed, otherwise, how would they bear this man’s rage?

Long Hu gang was merely a behind-the-scenes supporter of the Dragon Gang of the Eastern Sea. How could they know that they would become Nangong Liuyun’s target to vent his fury. Very likely, that stronghold’s master, in the end, wasn’t clear why the opponent would crush him to death with source stones.

Su Luo opened her mouth, but found herself trying but unable to speak a word.

Beichen Ying patted Su Luo’s shoulder: “Be at ease, you are the sole person he wants warmth from, he will only cherish you to the utmost, towards the rest of us……he can kill without blinking an eye……”

Su Luo: “……”

Beichen Ying brought Su Luo to the Prince Jin’s Royal Manor.

They stopped at the doorway of Nangong Liuyun’s wing.

He solemnly coaxed Su Luo: “Nangong is now suffering from some serious injuries, if you aren’t careful, it’s very likely to leave behind residual effects.”

Residual effects? She recalled Nangong Liuyun’s monthly pain in his legs, and Su Luo solemnly nodded.

Beichen Ying once again patiently and systematically guided her: “Therefore, this time, you absolutely cannot stir up his anger again, understand?”

That was, let him get everything he wanted? Su Luo’s long, shapely brows knitted slightly, such a request could be a little difficult, who knows, if Nangong Liuyun would……act like a rogue?

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 562

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