The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 578-579

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Chapter 578 Traveling to the Southern Mountains (1)

Su Luo had originally planned to leave on the second day.

But, how could she resist Nangong Liuyun’s all kinds of acting shamelessly cute and pretending to be pitiful?

One must know that when it came to Nangong Liuyun’s two-faced side, he had incomparable potential. In front of him, Su Luo could only surrender.

As a result, it kept dragging on and on until it reached the seventh day.

“I will really need to go now. Having left for so many days, my dad probably already has gone crazy. I want to avoid other things from happening.” Su Luo helplessly said, “Of course, if I were to move out to live, then I would have more freedom.”

Only then did Nangong Liuyun leisurely toss a single sentence at her: “If you want to leave, it is possible, you must accompany this king to the Southern Mountains.”

Originally, they had already agreed to go to the Southern Mountains, only, with the appearance of Nangong Liuyun’s situation, it then got delayed.

Su Luo was disdainful of the foul atmosphere at Su Manor.

Nangong Liuyun was disdainful of Su Manor’s irksome presence.

Therefore, the two people were in agreement, and immediately decided to head towards the Southern Mountains. If it was good, Su Luo would search for an opportunity, as fast as possible, to quickly move out.

It was because she was already fed up with Su Manor and Su Zian. After she moved out, then what the eyes don’t see, the heart won’t grieve over.

The Dragon Scaled Horse’s speed had always been fast. Adding the spirit spring water as a reward to increase the speed, the entire journey was as fast as lightning. It was so fast as if they were about to fly.

Not long after, the Dragon Scaled Horse had brought Su Luo and Nangong Liuyun to the summit of the Southern Mountains.

Southern Mountains, these two words’ reputation were well-known to a lot of people. However, only a few people had the opportunity to enter the Southern Mountains, because this place was His Highness Prince Jin’s exclusive private property.

At the most conspicuous place at the summit, there stood a gold and jade palace in glorious splendor.

Standing in front of the imposing, lofty and large palace gates, Su Luo was slightly shocked.

This luxurious atmosphere and incomparably gorgeous building, was countless times more exquisite than the imperial palace. Was this truly Nangong Liuyun’s? Was he not afraid of his own father’s envy and shunning?

Su Luo turned around, staring at Nangong Liuyun: “Is this the little courtyard you told me about?”

Before, Su Luo had really believed it was going to be a small courtyard, at most, it would be as big as Su Manor…………….who could have imagined that it was actually this huge.

Nangong Liuyun very innocently nodded his head, and even gestured: “Is this not a small courtyard? It is only this miniscule in size.”

Su Luo was speechless, she rolled her eyes towards the sky.

Between the two of them, there was indeed a deep divide like the Marianas Trench.

How could this even be called a courtyard? This was obviously a luxurious and grand palace, okay? Also, compared to the imperial palace, this was several times more exquisite and gorgeous. The s.p.a.ce it occupied was also several times that of a normal palace…….She only wanted a place for one person to live.

Not knowing what kind of evil tastes Nangong Liuyun’s also had, to actually use gold bricks to cover it and white jade as stairs. It was extremely extravagant.

The most important thing, was that this courtyard occupied a third of the Southern Mountains, and he actually still said it was a small courtyard…………..

“Come, this king will give you a tour. Once you see it, you will definitely like it.” Nangong Liuyun skillfully pulled Su Luo’s delicate and soft hands, and walked towards the interior.

On the two sides of the great hall, there were two rows of servants who waited respectfully.

Although these people were servants, however, every one of them had pretty features, with a tough and stocky build. Their bodies were tall and straight, full of energy, as energetic as a dragon with a tiger’s ferocity. Every person was picked from one in ten thousand, not a single one was simple.

Su Luo secretly raised an eyebrow.

It was only a courtyard that he occasionally visited, these servants might not even see Nangong once a year. However, all of them were carefully selected, there wasn’t the slightest bit of carelessness.

It could clearly be seen how high Nangong Liuyun’s standards were normally.

Now, all of them respectfully stood there submissively under Nangong Liuyun’s pressure and due to the respect of an expert’s might that came from his entire body. They did not even dare to breathe, let alone lift their eyes up.

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Chapter 579 Traveling to the Southern Mountains (2)

The servants stood in two rows, between them, a thick and soft pure woolen carpet was spread out. Nangong Liuyun pulled Su Luo along and walked as if n.o.body else was present.

It was truly luxurious and imposing, giving people an elated feeling for no reason at all.

The courtyard was huge.

Pavilions and kiosks were arranged in picturesque disorder, the small rivers murmured continuously in the rock garden.

Su Luo looked while walking, when she neared the waterfall of the rock garden, suddenly, she had a kind of peculiar feeling.

“This place…..” Su Luo stopped her footsteps, raised her eyes and looked at Nangong Liuyun, “as if it’s not the same.”

“How is it different?” Nangong Liuyun’s handsome, bright face, beamingly looked at her.

“Spiritual energy.” Su Luo nodded her head with certainty, “The Southern Mountains’ spiritual energy was originally very rich. However, this place, the spiritual energy, compared to its surroundings, is much richer. In all likelihood, cultivating here will certainly be half the work and twice the effect.”

Nangong Liuyun, having heard what was said, his face held a smile, and he lovingly and indulgently patted Su Luo’s head: “Worthy of being the girl this king fancies, sensitivity level is really high. At one glance, you are able to see the crucial point.

“I hit the mark?” Su Luo looked at him, pleasantly surprised.

“Right.” Nangong Liuyun pulled Su Luo to sit on the yellow rosewood chair on one side, “The spiritual energy here is indeed a little more concentrated than other places, from now on, you can cultivate here, your progress will absolutely be lightning fast.”

“I still haven’t decided if I want it or not.” Su Luo indifferently said a sentence.

This kind of grand and imposing palace, occupying a third of the entire Southern Mountains area, she certainly cannot afford it.

Nangong Liuyun’s pair of bright, diamond-like eyes, smilingly looked at Su Luo. It seemed as if he could see through to Su Luo’s inner thoughts, as he smilingly said, “I am not selling it to you, just take it as a gift from this king, okay?”


The grand and stately His Highness Prince Jin, always did it his own way. He had always used an a.s.sertive, certain and commanding tone, and never considered other’s ‘thoughts, and had never asked other people ‘Okay’.

Only Su Luo could have this kind of special treatment.

“This is even more not okay.” Su Luo resolutely refused, straightforwardly speaking the truth, “Such a precious gift, if we were to break up in the future, wouldn’t I have to return it? This is too inconvenient, better not to have it.”

Once these words were out, Nangong Liuyun’s face that originally was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with a glittering smile, immediately turned black. His pair of star-like eyes very fiercely stared at Su Luo, the flame of fury beginning to spread.

“Cough cough ——” Su Luo knew she was wrong, quietly coughed a few times, and pulled at Nangong Liuyun’s sleeves to apologize, “It was only a figure of speech, how could you have taken it seriously? I was just joking.”

Nangong Liuyun snorted, his wide palm turned and gripped Su Luo’s delicate and soft hands, clenching them very tightly. His strength was so great that Su Luo sucked in a mouthful of cold air.

“Joking?” Nangong Liuyun’s eyes dangerously narrowed, “These kind of matters, never ever joke about it!”

“Oh……understood, quickly let go, it hurts.” Su Luo’s eyebrows wrinkled from the pain.

“Know it’s painful?” Nangong Liuyun’s eyes were distant with implied fury, “Only with pain will you learn your lesson.”

“I know, I know, I will remember it as if it was carved into my heart, extremely deep. Quickly let me go, being pinched by you, it really hurts to death.” Su Luo admitted her mistakes very quickly.

However, she rolled her eyes in her heart.

Now, she merely made an a.n.a.logy, and he became this furious. Then, if they truly broke up in the future, then he would………

Su Luo cast him a glance that contained lingering fear, who knew that Nangong Liuyun’s line of sight also turned to here, and the two of them met head-on.

Due to Su Luo having a guilty conscience, her gaze rapidly moved away, but Nangong Liuyun’s hand was even faster than her moving gaze.

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 578-579

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