The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 585

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Chapter 585 – The deed to Southern Mountain (3)

Liu Ruahua stared at Steward w.a.n.g in shock, subconsciously taking a few steps back. The normally fiendish steward, his manner towards Su Luo was so good?

Then, after she heard the Steward’s words, her entire person didn’t feel so good…

How was this possible?! Absolutely impossible! It must be because she absorbed too much spirit force, and thus had a dizzy spell, creating a hallucination.

Liu Ruohua pinched her own thigh. So painful! Now, she became aware, as it turned out, everything was not a hallucination. All of this really was happening.

Consequently, her gaze once again was cast towards Su Luo.

Su Luo sat up high on the wall and waved her hand carelessly towards Steward w.a.n.g. “Nothing, you first go back in, if I have anything, I’ll yell for you.”

“Yes, if you have anything, just instruct me, this old servant will wait by the side of the door.” Steward w.a.n.g, smiling obsequiously, said.

Liu Ruohua stared blankly as Steward w.a.n.g quickly walked to the side of the door, then respectfully and sincerely waited there.

Steward w.a.n.g, on this Southern Mountain, was a big shot. He was one that said one thing and meant just that. Even them, as children of influential family, must treat Steward w.a.n.g with respect.

But now, he was so respectful and sincere to Su Luo…

In the end, what problem occurred between this period? His Highness Prince Jin was really spoiling and indulgent towards Su Luo to this degree?

Could it be His Highness Prince Jin’s treatment towards Su Luo was not as simple as merely toying with her?

Su Luo smiled tauntingly towards Liu Ruohua: “The matter you just promised, you are not thinking of backing off now, right?”

Liu Ruohua indeed wanted to go back on the promise, but that also depended on if she had the guts.

Under Steward w.a.n.g’s attention, with his glare of a tiger watching his prey, Liu Ruohua squeezed out a stiff, forced smile from the corner of her mouth: “How are you going to prove it?”

If she was really able to enter this courtyard to cultivate, then, she had earned a profit in the end.

Su Luo’s such meticulous planning and careful accounting temper, how could she let her take some small advantages? One could only see her take out that deed from her sleeves, and directly tossed it on Liu Ruohua’s face.

“What is this stuff, you dare——” Before she could finish speaking, Liu Ruohua and Liu Chengfeng saw clearly the words on it, and at once, both of their faces had shocked expressions.

The deed for the entire Southern Mountain?


Liu Ruohua was dumbstruck and looked at the deed in her hand with disbelief, for a long time, she couldn’t return to her senses.

Southern Mountain, this was not merely a famous mountain.

Exactly because the spirit force here was so concentrated, so over the years, everyone was paying attention to it. Every influential family fell over themselves to forcibly take it, until later, it ended up in His Highness Prince Jin’s hand, then, the unrest stopped.

It was said that the crown prince wanted to build a courtyard on Southern Mountain, merely a small courtyard only that wouldn’t take up too much s.p.a.ce. However, His Highness Prince Jin didn’t even raise his eyes before directly refusing. The refusal was direct and efficient.

At the time, the crown prince nearly went insane from fury.

Now, on top of Southern Mountain, besides His Highness Prince Jin’s residence, the rest of the few families had spent a huge amount to rent it from His Highness Prince Jin.

That rent was so high as to be beyond reasonable limits, but everyone still scrabbled madly for it.

But now, this whole Southern Mountain, had ended up in Su Luo, this loathsome girl’s, hand. This was impossible…

Liu Ruohua thought about it left and right, no matter how she thought about it, she couldn’t understand. Granted, even if His Highness Prince Jin spoiled Su Luo, it was still impossible for him to give the entire Southern Mountain to Su Luo, right? This was the entire Southern Mountain ah!

If Liu Ruohua knew, that His Highness Prince Jin had cheaply sold off the entire Southern Mountain for forty nine green-colored crystal stones, don’t know if she would faint from the shock.

Su Luo stood in front of her, both hands crossed over her arms and lifted an eyebrow with a smile that was not quite a smile: “What? Don’t recognize words? Can’t understand it?”

“How did you accomplish this?!” Liu Ruohua glowered at her with wide open eyes unwaveringly fixed upon Su Luo.

“Naturally, I bought it, now, it’s my turn to ask you.” Su Luo smilingly leaned close to her and muttered something into her ear.

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 585

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