The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 591

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Chapter 591 – The secret to her background (5)

Tenderly looking at her, Nangong Liuyun consolingly patted her slim shoulder: “You need an opportunity to break through, perhaps, in that moment, you will make a breakthrough. Don’t worry, this matter can’t be rushed.”

“Perhaps three to five years, you won’t be able to break through, right?” Su Luo helplessly glared at him.

“Nonsense. This king’s Luo girl is very clever, how could you drag it on for three to five years? I estimate you can make a breakthrough in just a few days.” Nangong Liuyun tapped her snow-white, exquisite nose.

Su Luo unhappily rolled her eyes at Nangong Liuyun. Saying it would take her several days, really as if she was an immortal.

Su Luo ultimately still sighed faintly: “But, I just am not able to break through it, what must I do? Completely without a lead.”

Nangong Liuyun thought about it and he said: “We have stayed at Southern Mountain for some time, after a few days, let’s go down the mountain.”

Sometimes, the mind just lacked a little inspiration. When inspiration arrived, a person would automatically break through.

“Yes, that’s also good.” Su Luo expressed her approval.

There were not much left of her crystal stones because of her diligent cultivation. She must think of a way to get some more.

Recalling those crystal stones the crown prince owed her, Su Luo’s eyes suddenly brightened.

A thousand five hundred green-colored crystal stones, it could supply her cultivation for a long time.

“Let’s go down the mountain and collect a debt. He he, don’t know if His Highness the crown prince has prepared those crystal stones.” The more Su Luo thought about it, the happier she became.

The second day, Nangong Liuyun accompanied Su Luo together to go down the mountain.

The Dragon Scaled Horse, because he wanted to show off in front of Su Luo, its two front forelegs galloped very quickly. The most difficult places were very smooth, giving a person the feeling that their shoes were on leveled land.

“Having a Dragon Scaled Horse is just a blessing, fast and steady, traveling on long journeys is essentially not long.” Su Luo praised.

Nangong Liuyun was somewhat embarrased.

He had thought to give her one, nicely surprising her and making her happy. But if this happened, later, he won’t be able to sit in the same carriage with her. This gain does not make up for the losses.

Therefore, His Highness Prince Jin indicated giving her other things he had but the Dragon Scaled Horse, he did not have.

Just at the moment, Nangong Liuyun was mentally thinking, one could see Su Luo pull at his hand. Both of her eyes lit up, flicking with the brilliance of a gossiping lights: “Oh, up ahead seems to have an accident.”

If it was in the past, Nangong Liuyun basically wouldn’t glance sideways with regards to these trifles. But since his Luo girl was interested, he would glance at it, doing this with some reluctance.

Nangong Liuyun looked out through the carriage curtain that Su Luo had lifted up.

Now, the Dragon Scaled Horse had already arrived at the city gate.

Because this was the peak hour in the morning, outside, there were many commoners carrying goods on their shoulders, waiting to enter the city.

In addition to this, there were many horse carriages stopped at the roadside, lined up according to a sequence, proceeding to enter.

Everything seemed neat and orderly, even though there were a lot of people, the speed of this process was not slow.

But, this tranquil scene was smashed by a whip.

One could see a horse carriage rush towards the city gate at high speed. The groom formidably waved his whip, furiously shouting to both sides: “Get lost, get lost, all of you roll away further. Don’t you see we are from the Crown Prince’s Manor? Go away without delay! Otherwise, I will whip you all dead!”

That att.i.tude was unbridled and insufferably arrogant! Really worthy of incurring hatred.

However, when people raised their head, seeing the head of the carriage with the eight imperial dragons dancing in the breeze, immediately, each and every one of them was scared until their face turned ashen. Subconsciously, they retreated.

From the Crown Prince’s Manor, who dared to provoke? Must avoid without delay, so as not to invite trouble.

However, there were many people and also many horse carriages, how could the rows of horses be more agile than people?

Momentarily, it seemed like the turmoil and chaos of war, the entire line immediately became a complete ma.s.s of confusion. A countless number of shrieks were mixed together, very dangerous.

Those with agile bodies had already dodged far away earlier, but there inevitably would be some who withdrew too late and were immediately trampled on by a startled horse.

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 591

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