The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 599

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Chapter 599 – The Crown Prince suffers a calamity (7)

Only, the fact that out of all the people the Crown Prince could owe a debt to, he unfortunately owed His Highness Prince Jin……….Could he really escape?

Sure enough, Liangdi Meng’s worries came true.

Not long after, she could see the Crown Prince walk back, spitting in anger, taking large steps to charge into the hall.

Liangdi Meng’s body that had just steadily sat down was immediately lifted up, with both legs hanging in the air.

Liangdi Meng had never seen this rough side of the Crown Prince, for a moment, her heart was extremely shocked.

“You s.l.u.t! It’s all your fault! There are many people outside, and all of them are Nangong Liuyun’s people!” HIs Highness Crown Prince ruthlessly threw her on the floor, angrily sat on the chair, picked up the wine and directly poured it down his throat.

He, as the magnificent and stately Crown Prince, this was the first time he was forced by others into such a difficult situation.

Nangong Liuyun had actually sent experts to guard the Crown Prince Manor. The entire Crown Prince Manor was tightly monitored, simply impossible for him to escape, even if he grew wings.

Just now, when he rushed outside spitting with anger, at that time, a person stopped him with implied sarcasm in his eyes and said: “Your Highness Crown Prince, His Highness Prince Jin has ordered, before you have paid the debt, it would be best if you do not run around everywhere indiscriminately.”

Just recalling that even such a small-time guard dared to look down upon him, the wine cup in the Crown Prince’s hands ruthlessly smashed into the wall.

Who was he? He was the the grand and stately His Highness the Crown Prince! Even Nangong Liuyun was only His Highness Prince Jin, but he was the stately His Highness the Crown Prince! A small-time guard of that person actually dared to treat him like this!

His Highness the Crown Prince’s heart was furious!

Liangdi Meng, who had crawled back up with great difficulty, was. .h.i.t in the face by the shards from the wine cup that was smashed to pieces.

She let out a miserable shriek, covering her face that was flowing with fresh blood. Her heart was anxious and also afraid, both hands covered her lips and her tears poured down densely, but she dared not utter a peep of weeping sound.

Even so, the Crown Prince looked at her and was still twitching badly.

“Get lost, get lost, get lost! I order you to roll out and take a hike!” The more the Crown Prince looked at Liangdi Meng, the more angry his heart became. If not for this loathsome woman, then that debt could have a high possibility of being settled by leaving it unsettled.

This woman, unable to accomplish anything but liable to spoil everything, only knows how to stir up trouble! His Highness Crown Prince was extremely angry, he lifted up one leg and kicked towards Liangdi Meng who was crying sadly and mournfully.

One could only hear a ‘bang’ sound, and Liangdi Meng was kicked flying into a parabola shape towards the outside hall. Afterwards, she fell heavily on the ground. Then, not a trace of sound of movement could be heard.

At this moment, the entire Crown Prince’s Manor was quiet and noiseless.

The servants were staring blankly at the devastation that had happened, each and every one’s face was colorless, looking at each other in dismay. Their hearts had been frightened very badly.

The Crown Prince could even beat up Liangdi Meng who he normally favored the most, wouldn’t they, as servants, become even more of a cannon fodder?

In a moment, every servant scattered like the birds and beasts, all of them escaping until no one was left. n.o.body dared to get close to the hall, also, n.o.body dared to go enrage the Crown Prince even more at this time.

At this moment, His Highness Crown Prince was left inside the room alone, he didn’t know who to find and tell the depression in his heart.

Whenever the Crown Prince thought about Nangong Liuyun coming tomorrow to press for the payment of his debt, only thinking about that total of three thousand green-colored crystal stones, his entire head would become big from aching.

Three thousand green-colored crystal stones…… many, even if he was to sacrifice everything that he had, and then ran to find the empress for the rest, it was still not enough!

What to do, what should I do?

Close to the dead of the night, His Highness Crown Prince still remained inside the room, pacing around anxiously. The sweat on his face flowed like a river, again and again.

Suddenly, his line of sight stopped on the treasure pavilion made of yellow rosewood——

Looks like, in the end, he could only use that method……A happy expression flashed across His Highness the Crown Prince’s eyes.

The second day, the sun rose three poles high, only then did Su Luo languidly rise up from the covers.

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 599

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