The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 607

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Chapter 607 – Lighting up fires and looting (1)

As to which industries the Crown Prince held in his hand, and who helped the Crown Prince take care of it, to Nangong Liuyun’s intelligence network, that was simply too easy.

In one afternoon’s time, the industries that the Crown Prince owned sustained heavy damage.

Even more stores that were not actually under the Crown Prince’s name but acted on his behalf were all ransacked or looted.

First, were those auction houses located at the city’s center, these places were the first to suffer a calamity.

The auction house was packed with people, when the hammer was just about to land, a group of people grandiosely rushed in.

Everyone in the auction house was struck dumb, what were they doing?

But before they could react, they discovered that the stuff being auctioned were all carried away, even the trays they were on.

“Hey! Who are you guys? Do you know who is behind this auction house? People come, stop them!”

The boss of the auction house loudly yelled.

However, he had just spoken when he discovered that the crowd of people had rushed up. They madly beat him up, issuing slapping and punching sounds!

“Stop, stay your hands, stop!” The auction house’s boss angrily shouted.

But the Crown Prince’s name, they simply had no fear of it.

There were about fifty people that came, each and every one of them was aggressive and fiendish. In broad daylight, they grabbed stuff and still left behind some fierce words: “Want the stuff back, tell Nangong Liujue to come and get it himself!”

This arrogant and despotic manner, directly shocked the boss of the auction house, freezing him to the spot.

Boss Ren very quickly returned to his senses, “What nonsense are you guys saying? Our auction house doesn’t have even a bit of relations.h.i.+p to the Crown Prince.” His Highness the Crown Prince had instructed before, his investment must not be leaked out. As a result, the boss of the auction house hurriedly denied it.

“Whether there is or isn’t a relations.h.i.+p, your words don’t count!” This captain of the looting team directly waved his hand: “Brothers, carry away everything in this auction house. Anything that cannot be moved, smash it!”

Consequently, the group of grandiose people very quickly flocked towards the auction house’s underground warehouse.

The people from the auction house were completely unable to stop them. Whenever they stepped forward to stop them, they would be knocked out from being hit by a club.

The situation was overwhelmingly one-sided.

Now, a group of people sitting in the hall looked at each other in dismay. Their hearts were somewhat terrified and were all panic-stricken about whether the sky was about to change in the imperial capital.

The captain of the first looting team stood on top of the stage, heroically waving his hand. A huge number of folded papers dropped out of the sky, spilling amongst the crowd.

This captain of the first squadron had ample imposing manner: “Everyone, don’t panic. Because the Crown Prince Nangong Liujue owed His Highness Prince Jin a huge debt and refused to pay it back, we were forced and with no other choice but to come personally to take it back. This has nothing to do with everyone. Everybody, keep calm and don’t get excited. With everyone going their own way, then nothing will happen to them. If anyone dares to take advantage of this confusion for personal gain, then don’t blame us from Prince Jin’s Royal Manor for being impolite!”

This kind of speech was powerful, combined with kindness, it gave his words substance, placating every heart that was uneasy and agitated.

Originally, some really did have thoughts of profiting from others’ misfortune through looting. But when this captain brought out the name Prince Jin’s Royal Manor, all of them would not dare to move.

Immortal G.o.ds come to blows, being able to watch from the side was fine with them. If they were to mix in and partic.i.p.ated, then they would just end up being cannon fodder.

This captain of the looting squadron was very satisfied with everyone’s behavior. With both hands linked behind his back, he unhurriedly examined each of the auction items. It was packed into boxes and he ordered people to carry it away.

After emptying out this auction house, the group of people once again grandiosely charged into the next auction house.

And matters that were similar to this were staged again and again in the districts of the bustling imperial capital. There was even a huge group of gossiping people that directly followed behind the looting squadron to watch this play.

The first to suffer a calamity was the auction house. The second to suffer a calamity were those dozen or so manors and courtyards under the Crown Prince’s name.

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 607

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