The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 618

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Chapter 618 – Nangong flipped out (1)

Side palace hall.

When Su Luo entered, the Empress had just sat upright in the seat of honor, watching her with a tranquil gaze.

Su Luo did not pay her respects, the corner of her mouth merely rose slightly, not showing any weakness as she welcomed the Empress’s gaze.

The Empress held the fragrant tea, carelessly tasting it and giving Su Luo the cold shoulder.

But unlike her appearance, in her mind, she was not this inattentive. On the contrary, with regards to this Su Luo, she was somewhat suspicious.

The Empress couldn’t remember the last time she had seen Su Luo, but in her impression, the previously Su Luo was stupid, timid, and couldn’t be brought out in public.

However, the Su Luo right now calmly stood there, because of the backlighting, her entire figure seemed blurred and hazy.

So unperturbed, unhurried and calm, that temperament and atmosphere, was more n.o.ble and steady than a princess raised by the Royal Family.

When the Empress was sizing up Su Luo, Su Luo was also inwardly pondering.

This Empress appeared gentle and harmless on the surface, but that pair of eyes flashed with a sharp coldness from time to time, was seen through by Su Luo.

Su Luo understood very clearly that the Empress did not like her. The Empress calling her out alone was definitely to deliberately make things difficult for her. But, why would she be worried? In any case, she also didn’t like the Empress.

If she was to be polite, then fine, but if she deliberately made it difficult for her, then Su Luo was not a pushover that could easily be pinched as the hostess wished.

The Empress saw Su Luo staying calm, and she couldn’t help but feel somewhat smothered in her heart, becoming increasingly unhappy with Su Luo.

“Sit.” Under the gazing eyes that were opened wide to stare narrowly at her, in the end, it was still the Empress who spoke first to break the silence.

“Thank the Empress for granting a seat.” Su Luo, neither servile nor obsequious, made her salutations, and then she sat down as if it was her right.

Afterwards, naturally, it was a face-to-face with the Empress, silent staring contest.

The Empress’s long, shapely eyebrows wrinkled slightly.

This loathsome girl that didn’t know what was good for her, actually thought she was someone of importance. She actually went so far as to learn Nangong Liuyun’s mannerism.

Although the Empress was annoyed in her heart, but she had to request something from her, so she couldn’t embarra.s.s the person too much. One could only see her lightly glance at Su Luo: “I heard that the Crown Prince owes you a lot of green-colored crystal stones?”

“Yes.” Su Luo replied concisely.

“You have a lot of guts ah, daring to challenge the Crown Prince. Even if your father came, he also doesn’t have this much guts.” The corner of the Empress’s mouth held onto a faint sneer.

“It’s heaven’s law and only proper to pay back a debt.” Su Luo lazily and directly repeated the words Nangong Liuyun said before.

The Empress’s hand that was concealed by the phoenix robes clenched tightly, a displeased expression pa.s.sing by her face.

She had already hinted so clearly, was this loathsome girl truly so foolish or just acting stupid? Could it be that in her mind, she didn’t know even the basic difference between a ruler and his ministers!

The Empress took a deep breath, and then slowly spoke a sentence: “If this Empress was to ask you to forgive this debt, what do you think?”

A sneer flashed through Su Luo’s heart.

The Empress was also really interesting, she could not deal with Nangong Liuyun, but chose to attack her, instead. Could it be that she, Su Luo, seemed like such a pushover?

Acting like a pushover, Su Luo raised her eyes. Staring at the Empress in an astonished manner, because she was too surprised, so her voice was quite loud: “Empress Mother-in-law, you want me to renounce these one thousand five hundred green-colored crystal stones for nothing?”

Such a loud tone that also contained Su Luo’s strong spirit force, therefore, her voice was sent out especially far.

The few males in the Imperial Study could hear it very clearly.

Su Luo absolutely did this on purpose.

Nangong Liuyun very satisfiedly sat on the round, yellow rosewood chair, the corner of his mouth rising unrestrainedly into a cynical smile. His dark eyes were pitch-black as the night as they gazed at the Crown Prince with a ghost of a smile, while lifting a sharp swordlike eyebrow.

The Crown Prince’s face flashed with a blush of shame, awkwardly, he directly turned his face away.

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 618

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