The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 628

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Chapter 628 – Treasure Storage Pavilion (2)

The corner of Nangong Yu’s mouth evoked into a cold smile: “Loathsome girl, you actually have a little bit of insight. Originally, His Majesty intended for you to choose a few from these outside spirit treasures, letting you take get a small bit of advantage to call it even.”

“However, a thousand, no, ten thousand times you ought not to be so greedy like this. You actually dared to move the most valuable treasures in the inner section. How could that place be somewhere that you, as an insignificant fourth rank, can enter?”

“That sealed door, if it is broken by force, you will suffer from the strong recoil bit left behind by Nangong Elder Ancestor. Unless you know the method to enter or is a s.p.a.ce mage.”

“Therefore, loathsome girl, you should just wait to die!”

Nangong Yu thought up to here, and the corner of his mouth hooked into a sinister smile. His eyes closed a bit as he entered the cultivation state.

Exactly because his eyes were closed slightly, so, he didn’t see the single black dot that was there suddenly change into two.

Within the Treasure Storage Pavilion.

Su Luo was facing this slippery and smooth wall with simply no way out.

“Are there really treasures inside there?” Su Luo crouched down with a powerless expression as she poked the little divine dragon’s head.

She had studied it for a long time, the top of this wall was bare with nothing on it.

However, the little divine dragon still seriously nodded his little head: “There is, there is, there is!”

“Does your inherited memories have information on how to decipher this doorless wall?” Su Luo patiently asked him.

The little divine dragon stood in the original place with his head crooked at an angle as he pondered. His face was perplexed and also very innocent, like a confused little kid. Seeing him like this made a person’s heart soften.

Su Luo had a lot of patience, all along waiting for the little divine dragon’s response. She even told him not to be anxious.

After a long while, the little divine dragon’s eyes suddenly brightened. He animatedly grabbed Su Luo’s hand.

“Oh? You found a way?” Su Luo saw a mystical light flash through the little divine dragon’s eyes, wasn’t this rather a little too fast?”

The little divine dragon nodded excitedly.

One could only see his tiny nimble body jump onto Su Luo’s arm, suddenly grab Su Luo’s forefinger, and use it to press at a particular location on the wall.

Su Luo’s palm was placed against the wall and felt the ice-cold touch the wall gave her, but couldn’t find the slightest bit of usefulness.

“In, input——” The little divine dragon seemed like a little teacher, standing upon Su Luo’s shoulder and directing her.

Input? Input what? Could it be inputting spirit force?

Due to her confidence in the little divine dragon, Su Luo slowly gathered the spirit force in her body together and transmitted it into the wall through the palm of her hand.

Su Luo inputted the spirit force into the wall. When her spirit force ran into the wall, it was like a raindrop falling into the ocean. In a flash, it would disappear without a trace.

Unexpectedly, there was no reaction?

Su Luo felt that this was extremely odd.

She did not believe that this devilishly huge input would not work. But the continuous stream of spirit force she inputted were all absorbed by the wall!

In addition, she could feel that the spirit force the wall needed was far from being met.

Just when Su Luo was being distracted, suddenly, she felt a touch of extremely dangerous aura coming from the depths of the wall.

Su Luo’s heart was shocked from horror, subconsciously, she withdrew the palm of her hand.

“This method doesn’t work.” Su Luo helplessly shook her head towards the little divine dragon.

Her sixth sense had always been accurate, she felt that if she was to continue inputting more spirit force, probably, something very bad would occur.

Since the little divine dragon determined that there were treasures inside, Su Luo naturally believed it one hundred percent.

Merely, that riches and honor were sought amidst danger, how could a treasure be so easily picked up?

Su Luo pondered while supporting her chin and paced around in front of that smooth, glossy wall.

The little divine dragon had his tail raised, his clear, monochrome, huge and limpid eyes watching Su Luo. His pitch-black pupils swayed, following along her movements.

It seemed as if his expression was extremely confused.

The dragon race usually had inherited memories.

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 628

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