The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 629

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Chapter 629 – Treasure Storage Pavilion (3)

And his inherited memory had told him, just place your hand on the wall and you could enter…how could it not have worked? Where was the problem? The little divine dragon patted his own head, no matter how much he thought, he could not understand.

Su Luo’s forehead knotted slightly, with a heavy expression, she sank into deep thought.

She started to ponder from problem of opening a path from the beginning, bit by bit, recalling everything inside the Treasure Storage Pavilion, trying to find the trick within.

In the beginning, she first stood within the transparent diagram, having been delivered inside this room….

Huh, the transparent diagram, teleportation array!

Suddenly, a light flashed through Su Luo’s brain, and her eyes shone abruptly.

How could she have forgotten?

At that time, the Elder Ancestor that established the Nangong family, he was one of the rare s.p.a.ce mage on this continent.

This wall created by that legendary s.p.a.ce mage was definitely not easily found by a person, perhaps… inside, there was the power of s.p.a.ce.

Su Luo finally felt that her own mind was opened wide.

Anyway, no matter whether it will work or not, she’ll know if she give it a try.

Su Luo thought about it, then used large strides to walk to the front of the wall and pressed her palm against that bright and clean wall. Then, she applied her s.p.a.ce powers.

In the beginning, the wall was still as undisturbed as before.

However, with the pa.s.sing of the time, with more and more spirit force, the s.p.a.ce powers became more and more full. Finally, all of a sudden, a buzzing sound resounded….


A happy expression flashed through Su Luo’s eyes.

Suddenly, a bright white light appeared around Su Luo’s body, just at this critical moment, the little divine dragon, with one leap, jumped up. His two little paws grabbed hold of Su Luo’s thigh.

Just when he grabbed hold of Su Luo, her figure disappeared in a flash from within this room.

Su Luo felt a burst of dizziness and her vision blurred, when she opened her eyes again, the surrounding scene had changed greatly once again.

Was this the place behind the wall?

Su Luo originally thought she would be met with danger, she had even taken a fighting position. But, in front of eyes, was completely empty with nothing here.

She dropped her fighting position, and started to size up this place that she had been mistakenly transferred to and accidentally entered.

This was a cave.

Compared to the room outside, this place was much bigger.

The surroundings were completely empty without a single shelf, thus, it was even less likely to see the spirit treasures on the shelves.

In fact, Su Luo didn’t know, this inner room was the place where the most precious treasures were stored that had been collected over the years from the Empire.

Emperor Jing would never have imagined that Su Luo would be able to enter the inner room of the Treasure Storage Pavilion. Because, this place was very much a secret, even Emperor Jing himself had only heard of the existence of this treasure storage room through legends. However, he could not enter because he didn’t have s.p.a.ce powers.

Just when Su Luo was staring blankly, from up in front came the sound of the little divine dragon barking ‘awoo’.

Su Luo looked and immediately laughed.

Didn’t know what mechanism the little divine dragon had set off, but now, in mid-air, little cloud-like spheres had appeared. Moreover, the little cloud-like spheres were wrapped around spirit treasures that people would yearn for even in their dreams.

The brilliant, dazzling rays of light on the spirit treasures now seemed extremely gorgeous.

At this moment, the little divine dragon had pounced up to a little cloud-like sphere and was barking loudly at the thing inside.

Su Luo diverted power to her foot, borrowing its strength to jump up. After seeing clearly the stuff inside, even she exclaimed in astonishment.

It was a dagger.

Through the transparent cloud-like sphere, Su Luo could clearly see the two words carved onto the handle of the dagger: Yan Hua (1)

Yan Hua? This name…Su Luo felt it was somewhat familiar, but couldn’t recall where she might have seen it before.

But seeing the little divine dragon’s impatient apparence, Su Luo just knew, this dagger was certainly a treasure.

Su Luo’s original dagger was destroyed when she tried to kill Li Aotian on the barren island with deserted mountains. Nowadays, she was only using an ordinary dagger.

1) Yan Hua – The chinese words for beautiful and splendid/flowery.

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 629

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