The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 638

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Chapter 638 – Dispute in a love triangle (3)

“That’s right, that’s right. If I can really see her once, then in this life, I will have no regret.”

“Eh, wasn’t it said that His Highness Prince Jin and that fourth Miss from Su Manor are together and very close? What, now he is linked to the little princess from the Jade Lake Palace?”

“The fourth Miss from Su Manor? Humph, are you talking about that good-for-nothing Su Luo? You really value her too high, how could His Highness Prince Jin fancy that kind of woman? Stop joking.”

“That certainly is not right. His Highness Prince Jin truly treats Su Luo, Miss Su, really well. I heard before that him destroying the Crown Princess’s businesses was also to help Su Luo to demand repayment of a debt from the Crown Prince….”

“Ha, that Su Luo first stole her older sister’s fiancee, afterwards, she forced her older sister to the degree of making her handicapped. Now, whether she is alive or dead is unknown, this kind of malicious woman, how could His Highness Prince take a fancy to? Are you guys regarding His Highness Prince Jin as a collector of trash?”

“Besides, I ask you, if you were to pick between the Jade Lake’s fairy or that Su Luo, who will you choose?”

“Naturally, I will choose the Jade Lake’s fairy! Does this even require thinking?”

“Then, how many hundreds of times smarter is His Highness Prince Jin compared to us? Could he choose wrongly? Therefore ah, we should not worry about this for no reason. This Princess Jin is absolutely the Jade Lake’s fairy, no escaping it!”

A group of people that originally had some hesitations in their hearts, after hearing the words of this person, they all nodded their heads in agreement, showing approval that what he said was reasonable.

Private room.

The private room was only separated by a curtain, the quality of soundproofing was extremely poor. As a result, this dialogue was clearly transmitted to the ears of the master and servant pair inside.

Lu Luo’s complexion was flushed from anger, her hand that carried the teapot trembled slightly, the tea water flowing out.

Too insulting! What was known as ‘His Highness Prince Jin was collecting trash’? Her family’s Miss was the best and smartest Miss under the heavens! Obviously, His Highness Prince Jin, in order to get closer to her family’s Miss, had personally delivered breakfast for her. How could you say that His Highness Prince Jin was collecting trash ah! It was simply absurd!

With a ‘bang’ sound, she directly slammed down the teapot heavily. Looking shrewish with both hands at her hips, she was just about to go out and argue with those people.

Su Luo slanted her a faint glance.

With just this glance, she was able to make Lu Luo stand still.

“Miss, you are just going to allow these people to talk rubbish?” Lu Luo was infuriated until her entire body was trembling.

Obviously, it was His Highness Prince Jin who incessantly chased after the Miss, why was it that when these people said it, it was completely the opposite? This was not fair!

Lu Luo indignantly glared at those gossipy people outside. She secretly thought in her heart, wait until a chance to encounter His Highness Prince Jin, she must tell His Highness what was said and let him hear it. Let him give the Miss some justice!

Now, all of a sudden, the sound of surprised yells came from outside: “ Quickly look, the Jade Lake’s fairy has arrived!”

Momentarily, everyone’s eyes gazed towards the street.

Their movements were uniformed and orderly, falling as one. It seemed as if they had practiced it countless times before.

The people sitting near the window were fortunate, those that were not close to the window, for a moment, all of them, without exception, rushed to the window.

“Hey, don’t squeeze in you guys, stand properly, stand properly.”

“Hey, hey hey, I am still eating the dish on the table. You guys don’t step on it!”

“Hey, don’t crawl up my back, ouch, hey, too heavy, I’m about to die!”

Outside was a huge area of noise.

All of it was because of one person, she was called: the Jade Lake’s fairy.

Su Luo weighted the teacup in her hand, her gaze carelessly looking there accordingly.

From the distant sky, came the sound of skillful heavenly music.

About ten women dressed in plain white gowns came along. Their hands carried wicker baskets and were constantly tossing out flower petals.

The flower petals fluttered about flowingly, making them appear extremely graceful and agile in mid-air.

Their facial features were pretty, although they were not matchless beauties. However, every one of them was quite pretty, beautiful and elegant.

To say nothing of the fact that every one of them knew martial arts.

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 638

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