The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 639

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Chapter 639 – Dispute in a love triangle (4)

Their speed was just right for being graceful. Their slender waists were so supple, making it seem as if they were boneless. They danced in the breeze like fairies walking on waves, in an otherworldly manner that was extraordinary and refined.

“Oh heavens, these women……” With regards to their appearance, every one of them, if they were to walk out, would not be lacking when compared to a daughter from a rich family.

Moreover, in just this one appearance, there were ten of them.

“These are the Jade Lake’s fairy’s servant girls!” Someone made a fist full of certainty.

“Even the Jade Lake’s fairy’s servant girls are all this beautiful, one can well imagine how devastatingly beautiful she herself is! It is truly something to look forward to!”

For a moment, everyone’s tongues were wagging spiritedly, numerous flattering words were piled up on the Jade Lake’s fairy’s body, with regards to her, they had deep expectations.

Under the escort of the numerous women, the Jade Lake’s fairy’s imperial chariot arrived elegantly.

That was a flying imperial chariot being pulled by a brightly-colored phoenix, the surroundings of the imperial chariot were filled full with fresh flowers, with the petals flowing around, romantic and aesthetically pleasing.

Sitting in the imperial chariot was a woman dressed in white, pure and holy like snow. Her body was delicate and elegant, seemingly dancing in the wind carefreely, her facial features faintly discernible.

But that short glance, was already sufficient to make everyone’s eyes vertical——

“So beautiful……”

“Beauty that has vanished from the earthly world……”

“Exceptional and matchless……”

“In the heavens and on earth, so unique ah……”

“This kind of woman, how could His Highness Prince Jin’s heart not be moved?”

“That love-struck fool from the Su family. when compared to the Jade Lake’s fairy, that is simply……”

“Hey, is there something wrong with you ah, how could you bring up anyone to be compared to the Jade Lake’s fairy? How could these inferior people even be compared together?”

The people in the crowd nearly started to quarrel again.

All eyes were opened wide, looking at that pure and holy Jade Lake’s fairy,like a fairy descending to earth from the ninth layer of heaven. Everyone had become foolish from looking, as if having an out of body experience.

Not long after, the brightly-colored phoenix slowly stopped.

The Jade Lake’s fairy slowly emerged from the imperial chariot.

They saw her exquisite and perfect facial features with which you couldn’t find a single fault. Her ink-like eyes were slightly misty like liquid fog. Her red lips glistened with a sparkling and translucent l.u.s.ter, her skin smooth and fair with jade-like bones. She had exquisite curves.

More importantly, her temperament was like a serene orchid in an unoccupied valley, with a kind of serene, pure and cold beauty. Just gazing at her made a person feel inferior.

In the split second that she appeared, practically everyone that cared held their breath. Their dazed gazes foolishly stared at her.

They had a very surreal feeling.

Wasn’t this exactly like a live fairy descending to the mundane world from the ninth layer of the heavens? She was simply perfect without a fault and so pure, as if even the sunlight was diminished because of her.

In front of the Jade Lake’s fairy, stood a man.

He was dressed in a soft, black, silk robe with gold and silver threads drawing the outline of the claw of a dragon with scales which were fierce and imposing.

His fine, ink-like, black hair was carelessly tied up by red silk, the ta.s.sels of his jade belt lightly fluttered in the wind, also making him appear even more elegant.

At this moment, he jumped down from the Dragon Scaled horse, to stand in front of the Jade Lake’s fairy. He had a gentle, lazy expression on his matchless handsome face. The corner of his mouth was hooked in a demonically charming smile.

“Third senior brother, did you come to welcome me?” Seeing the man that commanded her soul and leading it as if in a dream, even the often serene Jade Lake’s fairy, was also unable to suppress her excitement.

“His Highness Prince Jin! That is His Highness Prince Jin!”

Now, everyone had recognized, the man that came down from the horse was the male lead of the rumors.

Perhaps some people might not recognize His Highness Prince Jin, but that respectable and insufferably arrogant Dragon Scaled horse was known to everyone.

At this moment, the male and female lead of the rumors stood face-to-face.

The male was incomparably handsome with an unrestrained shallow and gentle smile at the corner of his mouth.

The female was beautiful and elegant, with intoxicating, tender sentiments flas.h.i.+ng through the depths of her eyes.

In a split second, everyone, without exception, became impa.s.sioned.

The gossiping trait in their body ignited into a flame, that then spread throughout their whole body, appearing prominently on their faces.

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 639

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