The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 649

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Chapter 649 – Dispute in a love triangle (14)

Half a year ago, this fifth Miss Su was still strutting around in front of Su Luo and showing off. If she really had wanted to poison her, even Su Luo might not have been able to avoid it back then.

But now, she already could not do nothing to Su Luo. Not only this, now, she couldn’t even get close to Su Luo.

In the end, Su Xi could only hatefully glare at Su Luo, leaving behind some fierce words: “Su Luo, just you wait, you will not have a good ending!”

Following Su Xi’s exit, that group of people also left grandiosely. The tranquility was again restored to Wisteria courtyard.

“Miss——”Lu Luo looked at her family’s Miss with concern.

“This is merely the beginning.” Su Luo’s bleak, ancient well-like pair of eyes had a threatening cold air, her lips were slightly bent at the corners.

Lu Luo followed behind Su Luo, frowning while saying in criticism: “Miss, say, why is the Jade Lake’s fairy so shameless like this? Even though His Highness Prince Jin does not want her, she still uses various kinds of methods to coerce Miss. Where is there any of that rumored kind-hearted and gentle person who is a pure, ice beauty?”

Su Luo smiled hiding the thread of chilliness in the depths of her eyes.

Li Yaoyao never had that kind of kind-hearted, gentle temper. It was even more difficult, knowing where to start discussing how ice-like and pure she was.

Through the opened window, Su Luo looked at the pink, delicate lotus outside while holding the little divine dragon.

On that day in Sunset Mountain Range, just because Nangong Liuyun got close to her, without the slightest hesitation, she immediately sent to eliminate her, Su Luo.

If you really want to discuss this, to describe her as narrow-minded, uses vicious means, takes arrogant and willful rash actions, would not be too excessive in describing her.

“Miss……”Lu Luo somewhat worriedly looked at Su Luo’s back.

After all, behind the Jade Lake’s fairy back, stood the entire Jade Lake’s Li family. This kind of powerful background, was not one the Miss was capable of contending against by herself.

Moreover, on the Miss’s side, the master would definitely not support the Miss. Not only would he not support her, on the contrary, very likely, he would deliberately make things difficult……Sigh, why was Miss’s life so bitter and full of hards.h.i.+p like this.

Lu Luo wanted to say something, but hesitantly gazed at her family’s Mistress. She was very anxious for Su Luo in her heart.

“As for the Jade Lake’s Li family’s…”Su Luo mumbled to herself.

If behind her also existed a powerful background, this matter would be simple. But unfortunately, in connection with her lot in life, she was not at all able to touch it nor understand clearly.

Nangong Liuyun’s schemes were so meticulous, as long as she acted in concert to him, then it would be fine.

Before, Lu Luo had praised the Jade Lake’s fairy to the heavens, but after this had happened, wasn’t she also able to see clearly? It seemed that on this earth, there were still more people who were smart.

Hehe, Li Yaoyao, I really wish that you would move against me even more, so that this young lady can personally rip away that beautiful facade of yours! To let the people in the entire world see clearly through your beautiful outward appearance to your snake and scorpion-like heart.

“Miss, The young Master’s injury……” Lu Luo looked uneasy, wearing a worried expression.

If young Master was really to die because of the Miss. Then in the future, it certainly would be difficult for the Miss in the manor.

Su Luo and Lu Luo’s focus on this point was different.

Su Luo needed Su Jingyu alive, because only with him alive, would he be able to give evidence against the Jade Lake’s fairy.

Therefore, it was a matter of vital importance to cure Su Jingyu. By all means, she must not let him just die like this.

Su Luo made a sound with her fingers, and immediately, a black-clothed person noiselessly appeared behind her.

“Go check on the address of a person.” Su Luo then softly said two words, “Apothecary Leng.”

The black-clothed person accepted the order and very quickly disappeared in mid-air.

Su Luo carried the little divine dragon, her mouth hooking into a smiling expression.

Nangong Liuyun actually had some foresight, after leaving the imperial palace that day, he dispatched black-clothed people to protect her in secret and publicly.

These several days, they had already buried several batches of who came to kill her.

Su Luo innocently touched her nose, her personal conduct was not that bad. Why was it that there were so many people that wanted to kill her?

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 649

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