The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 651

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Chapter 651 – Crafty plots and machinations (2)

Apothecary Leng’s old face immediately turned red, his face betraying an embarra.s.sed expression.

This piece of Primeval Pill recipe was originally bestowed as a gift from Su girl to him. Now that he had refined the Rebirth of Flesh pill, he had used it to cure her enemy. Wasn’t this a slap to Su Luo’s face? As for mentioning this matter, it really was him not being conscientious.

Apothecary Leng gave a dry cough: “Cough, cough, you, this girl’s, luck is pretty bad ah, moreover, your enemies seem to be widespread. The steward randomly brought two people over and they turned out to be your enemy.”

“That’s right, they already said, Apothecary Leng and the Liu family’s relations.h.i.+p is very close. You are the behind-the-scenes supporter of the Liu family, and they also mentioned you. They said if I dare to bully them, they will go complain to you. Hey, I’m really scared.” Su Luo’s tone was very lazy.

“Nonsense!” Apothecary Leng suddenly stood up, full of indignation and rage, “They were merely random people that my steward found, who knew who they were. They dared to use this old man’s good reputation to brag everywhere, simply hateful! This old man will immediately go cut off their arms!”

Su Luo gave him a shallow glance: “There really is no close relations.h.i.+p?”

“This old man doesn’t even know the direction to the Liu residence, how could there be any close relations.h.i.+p? Simply absurd!” Apothecary Leng slapped the table in extreme anger, “They still dared to use this old man’s name to bully you, they are tired of living!”

Su Luo rubbed her chin, giving a contemplating appearance.

Apothecary Leng was really interested in Su Luo’s Primeval Pill recipes, his only thoughts were to curry favor with Su Luo, coax her to be happy.

Thinking about this matter, his heart felt extreme guilt towards Su Luo. He turned around and said: “How about this old man send people to chop off their hands?” There was only this way to remedy the situation.

Su Luo dry coughed twice, if it was to go and chop off their hand….this really was something that a person with Apothecary Leng’s temperament would do.

But, since destiny determined that those two siblings’ hands would be restored, then it was really no good to go again and chop them off.

Of course, if they were still unable to discern good from bad, Su Luo could chop off their hands at any time.

For the time being, let them take care of those hands, let them continue growing on their bodies.

“No need to cut off their hands, only, this matter made this Miss eat a little loss….” Su Luo leaned back into the chair and unhurriedly said.

The recliner rocked back and forth, giving off squeaking noises, but Su Luo merely closed her eyes in enjoyment.

The Su Luo here was more relaxed and natural than at home.

Apothecary Leng was able to understand with just this little hint: “If there is something, Miss should just say it. If it is something this old man can do, this man will naturally do it at all costs.”

Apothecary Leng would only grant Su Luo whatever she wished, with regards to others, he naturally was arrogantly aloof, with nose high up towards the sky.

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth was raised in a light, careless smile. She muttered to herself for quite a while before unhurriedly saying, “I heard that Su Manor had just sent people to invite Apothecary Leng to treat the young Master in Su Manor.

“Su Manor? Which Su Manor?” Apothecary Leng’s face was full of bewilderment.

Apothecary Leng had spent his entire life immersed in refining drugs, with regards to the mortal worldly matters, he didn’t understand. He also wasn’t interested in understanding it. So, what Liu Manor, Su Manor, without exception, he did not know. Now, even if you were to ask him what direction the imperial palace’s gate was, presumably, he also wouldn’t know.

Su Luo pointed to herself: “This Miss’s surname is Su.”

Only now did Apothecary Leng suddenly become enlightened, “So it turned out to be your manor? This is not a problem, we will go right now. Other people will not do, but Su girl’s face, this old man will nevertheless give it. You should feel a.s.sured, if your older brother is not dead, then this old man will think of a way…”

This was the first time Apothecary Leng was so enthusiastic about a disease.

Because he was very clear, Su Luo would not owe people favors.

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 651

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