The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 680-681

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Chapter 680 – Breaking through to advance a rank (5)

However, before Lan Xuan could rush forward, two blue-clothed people had already stepped out to block Lan Xuan’s way.

“F*ck off!” Lan Xuan was so angry that he threw his fist towards them.

However, the two blue-clothed people were also not weak. They directly tied up Lan Xuan, not giving him an opportunity to get away.

After Lan Xuan left, the pressure on Beichen Ying suddenly increased. Facing Li Aoqiong’s pressure closing in step by step, Beichen Ying could only barely ward him off. He was unable to be distracted into doing other things such as helping.

Li Yaoxiang gazed at Su Luo who was immersed in cultivating. The corner of his mouth raised into a strangely cold smile.

No matter how much of a genius you are, since you do not have a strong and solid family background, in the end, you will still fall down before you become formidable.

People that dared to become the Jade Lake’s Li family’s enemy, there was always just one word, and that was: death!

Li Yaoxiang’s hand that was raised, with strength, waved down!

Just at this critical time of life and death——


A figure appeared unexpectedly, dropping from the sky. A white ripple with Su Luo at its center spread in all directions, blocking all the surrounding blue-clothed people outside.

Li Yaoxiang’s eyes flashed with deep anger, and in an ice-cold manner, stared fixedly at the person who came.

“Third Uncle!” Beichen Ying immediately shouted out loud from being pleasantly surprised.

The person who came was precisely Beichen Ying’s third uncle, Elder Beichen. Before, he had agreed to Beichen Ying’s request to be one of the judges for Su Luo and Su Qing’s life-and-death duel.

Behind Elder Beichen, Anye Ming’s figure slowly appeared.

Beichen Ying sent Anye Ming a gesture of approval. Anye Ming’s forehead was filled with tiny beads of sweat, and he complacently raised his brows.

Previously, Beichen Ying and Lan Xuan had discovered that the atmosphere here was different, so they quickly rushed over. For the purpose of having insurance, he went to find Elder Beichen. He didn’t expect that it would truly came in handy at a critical moment.

When Li Yaoxiang saw Elder Beichen, his complexion immediately became very ugly. His eyes flashed an even deeper hazy black color.

Elder Beichen looked at Li Yaoxiang and inevitably gave voice to his derision: “You are also at such an age, why should you bother about a little girl? Isn’t this throwing away your dignity and status?”

Li Yaoxiang’s pair of hands was folded at his back. He arrogantly and coldly snorted: “You old fart, I advise you not to meddle in other people’s business, so as to avoid inviting trouble for yourself.”

Elder Beichen’s smile was calm and collected as the wind. His clothes were blown by the wind, giving off crackling sounds. He seemed to possess a hint of having an immortal flavor in his bones.

He cast Li Yaoxiang a glance and secretly sighed a few times: “Don’t tell me that you truly wish to make Jade Lake’s Li Family disappear from this continent in ten years’ time? Li family’s Second Elder, you must think clearly about this.”

Having heard these words, Li Yaoxiang’s anger, in a moment, started to spread from his chest.

What did this old fart mean? Was he hinting that Nangong Liuyun would exterminate the Jade Lake’s Li family because of this loathsome girl? First, not mentioning whether Nangong Liuyun would do this or not, but just speaking of exterminating the Jade Lake’s Palace, he still didn’t have this ability!

“Speak less nonsense, if you have the ability, then hand-to-hand combat will do the choosing!” Li Yaoxiang never got along with Elder Beichen. Now, he was even angrier because he had come to disturb them, as a result, he made his move without leaving the other party any sentiments nor face.

Elder Beichen was also not someone who was easy to deal with.

Able to oversee the country’s Mercenary Union, how could he be a simple character?

As a result, the two people came and went, the battle exceptionally intense.

Spiritual energy exploded forth. In the air, the spiritual energy fluctuated violently and shook.

Slowly, the two people’s battlefield moved to mid-air, and flew to another mountain top to continue fighting for three hundred rounds.

These two people’s strengths were inherently equally matched, in addition, these years of fighting each other, they have already clearly felt out the opponent’s strategies. Therefore, even though the fight was intense, they could not injure each other. Neither was one able to suppress the other.

Very likely, they would fight for three days and three nights before determining the outcome.

After these two experts had left the battlefield, the place quieted down for a second.

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Chapter 681 – Breaking through to advance a rank (6)

Afterwards, those blue-clothed people regained their senses and instantly flocked towards Su Luo!

Anye Ming made his move, but he could only block two blue-clothed people.

Lan Xuan, similarly, could also only hold back two blue-clothed people.

The remaining six blue-clothed people raised their falchion swords and rushed towards Su Luo. Seeing the tip of the blade was chopping down over Su Luo’s head——

Just at this extremely urgent juncture, Su Luo still remained seated cross-legged on top of the spirit altar. Her pair of eyes was closed tightly, sunk deep in cultivation, as if unaware of everything that was happening around her, completely unaware of the danger that was about to descend.

At this moment, the deep cold edge of the blades shot down from high up in the sky——

Just as the blades were about to chop down, one could only see a white light shoot out from Su Luo’s sleeves.

Just at this extremely urgent second, the little divine dragon shot out, his little claws swiping towards the blades with lightning speed.


A violent explosive noise echoed in the air.

How sharp were the little divine dragon’s claws, one could see that where his claws moved past, the blades immediately shattered into pieces.

The six blue-clothed were all looking with disbelief at this white puppy. Then, they looked at each other in dismay.

When did a white puppy’s strength become so heaven-defying?

Those blades they used were no ordinary weapons. They were high grade weapons refined by the Jade Lake’s Li family’s Advance rank blacksmith. However, these weapons were actually shattered into pieces by a white puppy’s claws?

This simply overturned their prior knowledge.

Since that day after entering the Royal Treasure Storage Pavilion, because he took in excessive amount of spirit energy, the little divine dragon had continuously slept without waking up.

Today, Su Luo had the faint sign of breaking through. This state disturbed the little divine dragon in her s.p.a.ce and startled him awake.

After waking up, he was drowsy and noticed that he had grown by three centimeters. Also, he was promoted from the previous level of fifth rank to sixth rank.

Su Luo had disturbed him, thus letting him be promoted first.

The little divine dragon looked at his little paws and excitedly laughed. He was just preparing to go out and find Little Master to be praised. However, unexpectedly, just at this moment, a thick killing intent directly attacked towards Little Master.

The little divine dragon’s foolishly adorable pair of limpid eyes flashed with a blank expression. He subconsciously charged out, his sharp little claws clawing at those dangerous weapons.

This was his instinctive reaction.

However, his actions caused a scene that startled and shocked people.

The six blue-clothed people mutually glanced at each other and simultaneously abandoned their weapons. Their eyes tightly closed and they begun muttering to themselves.

They were standing in a circle. Very quickly, they condensed out large fireb.a.l.l.s which directly smashed towards Su Luo and the little divine dragon!

The little divine dragon, seeing each and every one of these large fireb.a.l.l.s, an innocent expression flashed through his eyes.

He stood motionlessly on Su Luo’s shoulder. His eyes had a strange and puzzled expression as he swept these blue-clothed people a glance.

Not knowing why, once those blue-clothed people were swept by the little divine dragon’s eyes, they unexpectedly felt embarra.s.sed and at a complete loss. After studying the cause, they still didn’t know why.

But very quickly, the little divine dragon gave them an answer.

Just when these large fireb.a.l.l.s flew about a hand’s width in front of Su Luo, the little divine dragon suddenly opened his mouth. Abruptly, from his little mouth, shot out six small fireb.a.l.l.s.

These six small fireb.a.l.l.s accurately attacked towards the six huge fireb.a.l.l.s.

The small fireb.a.l.l.s were dark red in color.

Whereas the large fireb.a.l.l.s were crimson red in color.

Just as the small fireb.a.l.l.s were about to hit the large fireb.a.l.l.s, the six blue-clothed people coldly laughed.

The small fireb.a.l.l.s were only at the fifth rank, actually daring to fight against their large fireb.a.l.l.s?

Fire could be suppressed by water.

This was common sense!

However, using fire to fight fire!

As expected, a magical beast’s brain does not think well.

However, before the cold smile at the corner of the six blue-clothed people’s mouths could disappear, instead, it froze on their lips.

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 680-681

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