The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 733

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Chapter 733 – Su Luo’s Death (3)

Anye Ming touched his nose: “Now you know how biased Grandmaster Rong Yun is towards Li Yaoyao, right? This place was specially chosen for Li Yaoyao.”

Su Luo frowned.

If it was really like what they said, Grandmaster Rong Yun really was very biased towards Li Yaoyao…

However, she always felt there was another reason within. Grandmaster Rong Yun was not such a simple character.

Speaking of the Jade Lake’s Li family.

After leaving the imperial palace, Li Yaoxiang ordered people to return to the Jade Lake Palace at top speed to fetch the map his father drew before.

Li Yaoyao’s complexion was without worry as she sat in a chair made of red sandalwood in the hall, drinking a big mouthful of tea.

Seeing this, Li Aoqiong couldn’t help but to comfort her: “Yaoyao, don’t be anxious. Although the last two rounds, you tied with that loathsome girl, but this last time, you can win over her no matter what you do!”

Li Yaoyao heavily threw away the tea cup and said hatefully: “Tied! Tied! How could I, Li Yaoyao, possibly have tied with that little s.l.u.t! How can she even be mentioned on equal terms with me? What qualifications does she have to be on equal footing with me!”

In Li Yaoyao’s eyes, she was a princess that was up high. Su Luo was unworthy to even be her servant. Yet, it was delusional that she was placed on par with her? This was simply a joke!

In front of her own family, Li Yaoyao was usually spoiled, willful and completely unrestrained. Completely lacking her n.o.ble and virtuous image that she kept in front of outsiders.

Li Yaoxiang slapped his palms down and angrily said: “Just like you said! Even though it’s a tie, we, the Jade Lake’s Li family, have also lost an enormous amount of face!”

“Second Uncle, I can’t swallow this insult!” Li Yaoyao said angrily, “You must help me get revenge!”

“Your second uncle also can’t swallow this insult!” Li Yaoxiang thought of that loathsome girl having stirred up the entire Jade Lake’s Li family until the heavens seemed to have flipped over, and the rage inside his heart rushed upwards.

Elder Brother had only given birth to three kids. Now that Li Aoqiong had become like this, what’s the difference compared to a useless person?

Li Aotian was completely unaccounted for, having disappeared without any news. It seemed as if everything pointed to disaster.

Li Yaoyao’s originally smooth marriage plans were also stirred into complete chaos by that loathsome girl.

Thinking about this, Li Yaoxiang’s hatred for Su Luo was deeply imbedded into his bones.

He slapped his palms down and angrily said: “Let’s first not bother with others, talk about it after we make this loathsome girl look bad!”

Gnas.h.i.+ng her teeth, Li Yaoyao said: “Didn’t you say that she’s not Su Zian’s real daughter?”

This sentence of Li Yaoyao’s, Li Yaoxiang naturally knew what she was suggesting with it.

“Yaoyao, you want to use this hidden trump card now?” Li Yaoxiang stroked his chin as a hint of contemplation flashed across his eyes.

“Of course, not using the hidden card, then once it expires, it will be useless! What’s more, this is the last stage of exams and currently the most crucial time. If, at this time, something were to happen to Su Luo’s person… Humph, humph. I want to see what time and energy she’ll have left to partic.i.p.ate in this last stage of the exam!”

The more Li Yaoyao thought about it, the more pleased she was: “Not to mention, by that time, she won’t even be Su Zian’s daughter. She will be a lowly person of unknown origin, with a status as low as dust. Don’t need to talk about Grandmaster Rong Yun, even on the Emperor’s side… Humph, humph!”

Li Yaoxiang said knowingly: “What Yaoyao said is right. Good, very quickly, you will see the scenario you wish to see!”

Very quickly, the news about Su Luo, that loathsome girl, being driven out of her family will resound throughout the entire imperial capital! At that time, she won’t even be Su family’s daughter by a concubine. Instead, she will be a loathsome girl of unknown origin!

A malicious sneer flashed across Li Yaoxiang’s eyes.

Opposing the Jade Lake’s Li family? She must really be tired of living. Su Luo, you just wait for the Jade Lake’s Li family’s extreme retaliation!

Su Manor.

Li Yaoxiang exerted pressure on Su Zian everyday, pressuring Su Zian until he nearly collapsed.

Could it be that he didn’t want to drive this daughter that was not his biological daughter out of the family?

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 733

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