The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 739

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Chapter 739 – Su Luo’s Death (9)

Within a moment, the two groups of demon soldiers a.s.sembled together to chase after Su Luo.

Su Luo’s feet used the Spirit Dance Steps, travelling nimbly and quickly back and forth within the main hall.

Although for the time being they had not caught up, Su Luo’s heart was somewhat bewildered.

Beichen Ying had told her, there was one characteristic of the demon soldiers and that was to form a large group.

Now, two groups had joined together to kill her. If she was seen by other groups of demon soldiers, they would definitely unite together to deal with outsiders!

At that time, not mentioning two, three groups of troops, there was a possibility that all of the demon soldiers inside the cave would chase after her to kill her.

They chased closely behind her but Su Luo also escaped very quickly.

While she was fleeing, she was also pondering countermeasures to this situation.

How could she shake off these demon soldiers’ pursuit?

Su Luo’s eyes narrowed slightly. Actually, the most important point was that she ought to figure out why the demon soldiers would pursue her so closely and not let her go.

She really needed to get to the heart of this matter. It seemed as if it was only after the Jade Lake’s fairy had left that these demon soldiers had arrived.

Then, in the end, what did Li Yaoyao do?

At that time, she had been sitting on the handcrafted swing, floating back and forth. It didn’t seem like she did anything….

Su Luo turned her head back to look at these demon soldiers who nipped at her heels, refusing to let go. Suddenly, her mind flashed with a bright idea.

Because she had unexpectedly seen when she walked pa.s.sed that there were several demon soldiers who rushed to the wall which had her footprints, shouting anxiously. Furthermore, they even wanted to isolate that area.

How could she have left behind footprints?

It was only now that Su Luo suddenly recalled it——

When she saw the Jade Lake’s fairy, she was not paying attention to the ground.

It may be a.s.sumed that she stepped on a wet spot at that time.

If it was an ordinary wet spot, how was it possible that these demon soldiers pursued her so tightly without letting her go?

Su Luo took off her own little shoes, sniffed them a little and she immediately understood!

Li Yaoyao, was this you trying to compete with me using Celestial Spirit Water? Truly interesting!

Now, Su Luo understood at last!

The reason why these demon soldiers followed her without letting her go was because she had unintentionally stepped into a trap set up by Li Yaoyao.

And that trap was precisely the Celestial Spirit Water from Jade Lake’s Li family.

Since the Jade Lake’s Li family had a map of the entire Demon Cave, they must have known the demon soldiers’ characteristics and preferences. Then, this would have been inevitable and expected.

It was no wonder! It was no wonder that in the compet.i.tion this time the Jade Lake’s fairy seemed to have trump cards up her sleeves! So, it turned out she wanted to borrow the hands of these demon soldiers to kill her.

Such a pity… With regards to Celestial Spirit Water, who could be compared to Su Luo?

It took the Jade Lake’s Li family three years to get one bottle but she had so much Celestial Spirit Water that it was enough to give the little divine dragon to bath in. Li Yaoyao could have used anything else to compete with her, yet she insisted on using Celestial Spirit Water to compete with her!

Thinking up to here, the corner of Su Luo’s mouth hooked into a ridiculing sneer.

Since Li Yaoyao had given her such a huge gift, if she doesn’t return it, wouldn’t it seemed discourteous of her?

Su Luo was running around in the huge hall, circling it for who knows how long, until she finally made a loop within the hall.

And now, following behind her were at least five groups of demon soldiers.

Up ahead, the Jade Lake’s fairy was crouching down, earnestly digging for Fire Source Stones.

She threw the demon soldiers to Su Luo, while she, herself, went digging for Fire Source Stones?

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth hooked into a cold sneer.

She approached noiselessly, flying to a place directly above the Jade Lake’s fairy.

In fact, the Jade Lake’s fairy had sensed Su Luo approaching but she, who was always proud, never attached any importance to Su Luo.

Therefore, she was currently still wholeheartedly devoted to digging out that Fire Source Stone.

With one more, she would have three pieces!

And just at this second!

Su Luo, who had flown right above her, took out a washbasin’s worth of Celestial Spirit Water from her s.p.a.ce!

This was all high grade Celestial Spirit Water! It was so much better than the low grade Celestial Spirit Water from Jade Lake’s Li family!

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 739

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