The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 740-741

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Chapter 740 – Su Luo’s Death (10)

Being so extravagant, was something only Su Luo, this nouveau riche person, could do.

One could see her holding up that wash bowl, to splash it all over the Jade Lake’s fairy’s face–

Jade Lake’s fairy had initially thought that the demon soldiers would stall Su Luo, and also thought that Su Luo would not dare do anything to her.

However, she really underestimated Su Luo.

So, the Jade Lake’s fairy, who was wholeheartedly digging for Fire Source Stones and too busy to attend to her, was splashed with water on her entire body from head to toe.

Her entire body was covered with high grade Celestial Spirit Water!

The Jade Lake’s fairy, who was drenched until she looked like a drowned rat, couldn’t react for quite a while!

There was actually someone who would pour water over her!

“Su Luo! You’re courting death!!!” The Jade Lake’s fairy bellowed vengefully!

However, the only thing left behind in the air was the sound of Su Luo’s bell-like happy laughter: “Those demon soldiers, enjoy them well, hahaha–”

One must know, Su Luo’s was actually high grade Celestial Spirit Water. It was much better in comparison to the Jade Lake’s fairy’s low grade Celestial Spirit Water.

Not to mention, currently, the Jade Lake’s fairy’s entire body, from head to toe, had been poured on. Her entire body was exuding the sweet scent of spirit aura.

Those demon soldiers who, originally, had stubbornly targeted Su Luo, not letting go, immediately turned their heads and threw themselves towards the Jade Lake’s fairy.

Seeing countless demon soldiers rus.h.i.+ng towards her, immediately, Li Yaoyao was scared to the point of turning pale and nearly shrieked.

“Su Luo! I want to kill! I will definitely kill you!!!” Li Yaoyao furiously brandished her fists, both her eyes bursting out with red light.

But, no matter how furious she was, if she wanted to take revenge, she must first get rid of the demon soldiers in front of her eyes.

She already had no time to ponder over where Su Luo got the Celestial Spirit Water from. Now, her complete attention was placed on the bodies of the five demon soldier kings and the approximately five hundred demon soldiers in front of her eyes!

Every demon soldier king, at worst, had strength at the fifth rank, and the more powerful ones were at the sixth rank.

The Jade Lake’s fairy was merely at the peak of the sixth rank, how could she be a match for so many?

The gazes of every one of these demon soldier kings were bursting with a burning radiance. They stared fixedly at Li Yaoyao’s body, with gazes that were greedy and intense.

Li Yaoyao was watching the four demon soldier kings in front of her who were hindering her. There was one final demon soldier king leftover.

He was clearly the most intelligent one, taking advantage of Li Yaoyao being unguarded to lick her neck.

His clammy tongue slid across, immediately getting a mouthful of the sweet scent! This demon soldier king released light from both of his eyes. He was itching to hold Li Yaoyao and lick her entire body.

Seeing the final demon soldier king enjoy it like that, the remaining four were also unwilling to give up.

Each and every one of them stretched out their tongues towards Li Yaoyao’s body, pouncing towards her.

They didn’t actually have any desire towards Li Yaoyao. What attracted them was the Celestial Spirit Water that Li Yaoyao had been drenched with.

Confronted with their vulgar actions, Li Yaoyao was frightened until she nearly fainted!

She frantically brandished the spirit strength in her palm, all the spirit power in her entire body exploded out, releasing an inexhaustible killing power.

Suddenly, within the distance of ten meters from Li Yaoyao, all the demon soldiers fell down in place.

However, the demon soldiers still rushed towards Li Yaoyao like the tide.

If these were numerous ordinary soldiers, perhaps they would be timid. However, these were demon soldiers. They were not human, with no hearts, why would they be scared?

With regards to the attraction of the Celestial Spirit Water, this stemmed from instinct.

As a result, each and every one of the demon soldiers were insanely starved wolves, fiercely throwing themselves towards Li Yaoyao.

It was just like slicing off chives after they had been cut, another would pop up, throwing themselves at her.

They advanced wave upon wave, incomparably valiant.

Even Su Luo, who was hiding at one side watching this, could not help but gasp in surprise.

Confronted with the demon soldiers who were like wolves and tigers, and were untiring and unafraid to sacrifice their lives, the Jade Lake’s fairy, at this moment, was already pale by comparison. She almost couldn’t withstand it anymore.

The movement her hands made, acc.u.mulated boundless spirit strength, bursting and exploding out unceasingly.

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Chapter 741 – Su Luo’s Death (11)

Confronted with her vicious attack, even though the demon soldiers were not afraid of dying, they also could not get close to her body.

However, the Jade Lake’s fairy’s condition was quite bad.

Because of the attraction of the high grade Celestial Spirit Water, more and more demon soldiers gathered together towards her.

At a glance, she was able to see the densely-packed demon soldiers surge up violently like a tide, continuous and unending.

A burst of fear appeared inside the Jade Lake’s fairy’s heart. At the same time, she also possessed an endless amount of fury!

At this time, she was itching to dismember Su Luo’s body into ten thousand pieces!

However, she could kill Su Luo at any time, right now, saving her own life was most urgent.

Again, the Jade Lake’s fairy had no time to deal with anything else. Her hand suddenly tugged. Immediately, that white-colored outer dress, that was spry and lively like an immortal, tore with a ripping sound.

Jade Lake’s fairy grinded her teeth and threw this white-colored outer dress towards the most concentrated place within the demon soldiers.

Weren’t these demon soldiers throwing themselves at her in order to lick the Celestial Spirit Water on her body? This white-coloured outer dress was moistened with a lot of Celestial Spirit Water, just let them fight over it as much as they want!

At this time, dressed in only a piece of white slip, the Jade Lake’s fairy’s complexion was a sheet of haze.

Seeing that crowd of demon soldiers rip that white-colored outer dress into pieces, a trace of a very dark fierceness flashed across her eyes.

If she didn’t go now, then when would she wait until!

Jade Lake’s fairy turned around, then flew over them and left.

However, her head was splashed with the most amount of Celestial Spirit Water. This simply could not be concealed from the several demon soldier kings.

As a result, the five demon soldier kings instantly got up and followed behind the Jade Lake’s fairy!

Li Yaoyao was nearly angered half to death.

She really wanted to turn her head back and tell them. In fact, the Celestial Spirit Water was poured by Su Luo, if they wanted to find it, they should go find her.

However, with regards to these demon soldiers that were spiritless and had the wisdom of three-year-old kids, what use would these words have? It was like preaching to the deaf!

Up ahead, was a gate.

Li Yaoyao’s heart was moved and a hint of ecstasy flashed across her face.

As long as she entered through this black, iron gate and closed it afterwards, then these several demon soldier kings would not be able to chase after her.

Thinking of this, Li Yaoyao immediately sped up.

She gathered all of her spiritual strength beneath her feet, hoping she could rush inside within the shortest amount of time!

However, just right at this critical moment——

Just when Li Yaoyao was on the verge of flying through the panels of the gate.

Suddenly, a bucket on top of the gate emptied over.

The splas.h.i.+ng sounds of water almost scared Li Yaoyao half to death!

However, the moment she smelled that scent, immediately, her heart was greatly shaken!

“Su Luo, you must not be allowed an easy death! You better get the f.u.c.k out here! Get the f.u.c.k out here!”

Li Yaoyao touched the top of her head. Her entire person was drenched.

She never thought that Su Luo would actually install a trap at this gate’s entrance. Waiting for her to enter, and then the Celestial Spirit Water would once again be poured all over her body!

There wasn’t actually that much Celestial Spirit Water in the bucket. It only poured onto the Jade Lake’s fairy’s body while not much was spilled on the ground.

The eyes of the five demon soldier kings behind her immediately lit up!

Each and every one of their eyes were naked and red as they stared at the Jade Lake’s fairy, itching to pull off all the clothes on her body!

Of course, what they wanted were the clothes and not the person.

How fragrant, it’s too fragrant——

The five demon soldier kings excitedly wagged their tongues and sped up to chase after Li Yaoyao!

Just at this moment, a figure burst forth rapidly from behind and swept towards them.

When those five demon solder kings saw the person who had just arrived, suddenly, their hearts were frightened. Each and every one of them bowed respectfully and knelt down.

“Venerable demon boss.”

This demon boss was dressed all in black, only, those facial features were… both eyes were sticking out, a collapsed nose with lips flipped out, he was so ugly as to be extremely tragic, especially the skin on his face.

It was black and white patches with constant movement. It looked like there were countless worms wriggling on top of it. It appeared to be extremely disgusting.

At this time, he was standing upright proudly, his entire body exuding a gloomy and cold aura.

He was looking at Li Yaoyao with a dark and fierce gaze, it was sharp and direct: “You will strip it off yourself, or shall this king help you strip it off?”

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 740-741

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