The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 793

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Chapter 793 – Beautiful Teacher (2)

The most beautiful woman? Su Luo’s gaze couldn’t help but look towards that painting of a beautiful woman on the wall.

From her perspective, no matter how beautiful, it still couldn’t be more beautiful than the person in the painting right?

Beautiful Teacher, with regards to her background, wouldn’t breathe a word of it to anyone. With regards to the beauty in the painting, he cared extremely about her. Just now, he even ordered her to kneel…

Suddenly, a light flashed on in Su Luo’s mind, in the next instant, she unconsciously pointed to that painting: “Could it be she is my…”

However, before Su Luo could finish speaking, she saw Rong Yun’s pair of eyes that gave off a chill stare at her icily.

“Shut up!”

Su Luo was shaken from the bottom of her heart, however, she didn’t ask again.

“Want that foolish boy to live, then you will cease investigating this matter!” Finished speaking this sentence, Rong Yun abandoned her, turned around and left.

The night wind poured in through the door that was not shut, Su Luo s.h.i.+vered from the cold.

That foolish boy Master spoke of was very obviously Nangong Liuyun.

Sure enough!

Sure enough, matters relating to her in the imperial capital, he had observed it all.

He moved to intervene when Nangong Liuyun continued to investigate people, was this really unrelated to Master?

At that time, the plan to place her as a very small infant to be raised in Su Manor, did it really have nothing to do with Master?

However, why won’t he let people investigate? If it was investigated, then what kind of consequences would it have?

Su Luo’s pair of long, delicate and shapely eyebrows pinched slightly.

She could faintly feel that her background was not that simple.

Su Luo, in the small study was blown by the cold wind for a night, and still couldn’t think of a reason why.

As for on Master’s side, it was even harder to ask a word.

Su Luo heaved a helpless sigh.

Master just wouldn’t say it. She also didn’t have a way to pry it from his elder’s mouth.

In a flash, Su Luo had already stayed on Cloud Mist Peak for more than half a year.

This more than half a year’s time, Su Luo was almost completely engrossed in the world of refining medicines.

Half a year earlier, she had already broken through to the Intermediate Apothecary level. And now, she could faintly feel that she was about to break through to Advanced Apothecary.

When she told Zi Ran about this faint feeling, Zi Ran was so shocked by her that the medicinal herbs dropped to the ground with a ‘bang’ sound.

“Little Junior Sister, do you still want another person to live!” Zi Ran heavily rubbed Su Luo’s head.

This simply made a person admire her greatly and be very jealous!

This kind of promotion in levels for refining medicine was simply defying the laws of nature!

When she first got here, she was a young rookie that didn’t understand anything.

Even though she could barely be considered an Elementary Apothecary. At first glance, it could be seen that her hand skills in refining medicine was self-taught. They were so coa.r.s.e that it made a person simply unable to continue watching.

But in less than a year’s time, she actually, actually——

Actually was about to reach the Advance Apothecary level so soon.

If an Apothecary wanted to advance a level, that was extremely, extremely difficult.

Sometimes, they could spend several tens of years’ labor and still might not advance a level.

But this loathsome girl in front of him, would she truly advance two ranks in a row within a year?

“Senior Brother, you look here——” Su Luo handed over the latest Spirit Restoration Pills she had refined to Zi Ran, who was staring at her somewhat foolishly and blankly.

Zi Ran accepted the offered white jade porcelain bottle, and poured out the Spirit Restoration Pill into the center of his palm.

The Spirit Restoration Pill was snow-white as jade, bright, clean and pure, giving off a faintly sweet scent.

Zi Ran merely glanced at it slightly and knew, that this Spirit Restoration Pill was absolutely not an ordinary product.

What this girl did that made a person in the same profession collapse the most was not her promotion speed at refining medicine, rather——

The medicinal pills she refined, the quality was absolutely first cla.s.s, and also, she, as an Intermediate Apothecary, could almost refine a medicinal pill comparable to one in the Advance level.

Now, Su Luo, this girl, was already at the summit of an Intermediate Apothecary. Only a step away from being promoted to Advance Apothecary.

As a result, the medicinal pills she refined could already be compared to the ones made by Zi Ran, this Advance Apothecary.

“Master’s eyesight…really does see and plan far ahead. Really makes other people admire him.” Zi Ran silently sighed, “Compared to you, Li Yaoyao, that bit of talent, is really not worth looking at.”

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 793

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