The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 800

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Chapter 800 – On the road down the mountain (7)

This Senior Brother Ice Cube was really savage.

Before Su Luo could finish silently cursing him, Senior Brother Ice Cube’s ice-cold, heartless pair of black eyes had already shot towards Su Luo: “Still not going over?”

“Obviously, Senior Brother could kill him in the time it takes to lift a finger!” Su Luo said in a blaming tone while humphing twice.

“Don’t forget the purpose of you coming out this time.” Zi Yu motionlessly slanted a glance towards Su Luo.

When Su Luo looked again, his figure had already disappeared from the place where he stood.

This Senior Brother Ice Cube was really too much!

Su Luo grudgingly gave a sigh.

Fine, Su Luo admitted that what Senior Brother Ice Cube reminded her was correct. The purpose of going down the mountain this time was to give her training through real fights, to enrich her battle experience.

This was also the reason why Senior Brother Ice Cube disappeared in the beginning and afterwards, would appear at the critical moment. Then, he beat Li Yaoxiang half to death before leaving it to her, and his reason for continuing to disappear afterwards.

Only, did he have to be so stimulating? The first one to come was the eighth-ranked Li Yaoxiang, Li family’s second eldest!

Now, because of the intense pain, Li Yaoxiang had howled and shouted, until he suddenly stopped.

He lifted his eyes, the scarlet pair of pupils searching all over the place for Zi Yu.

But now, how could there still be Zi Yu’s silhouette?

As a result, his pair of eyes, as if dipped in poison, stared fixedly at Su Luo. Black clouds of hatred gathered in them.

If it was not for chasing to kill this loathsome girl, how could his arm be snapped off?

Li Yaoxiang’s pair of eyes burst out with intense hatred.

“Go die!!!” Li Yaoxiang’s figure was like electricity, not caring about anything else, he rushed towards Su Luo.

The momentum of his rus.h.i.+ng was like a tumultuous black cloud covering overhead.

“Bang, bang, bang!” Li Yaoxiang sent out a continuous stream of palm attacks towards Su Luo, as if nothing else mattered.

Now, Li Yaoxiang had sustained some serious injuries and also lost his right arm. His strength was not as terrifying as before.

But a camel that was starving to death was still bigger than a horse, Su Luo was still pressured until she repeatedly retreated back.

While Su Luo was retreating, her mind was also quickly revolving.

What to do?

It looked like in this situation, Senior Brother Ice Cube wouldn’t appear again, everything would depend on herself.

Li Yaoxiang’s wind palm strikes were hard and violent, fierce and tyrannical!

If she was to face it head on, she would absolutely lose.

Since she could not match the enemy in strength, then she could only outsmart him.

Su Luo, in her mind, rapidly tried to figure out a plan to outsmart him.

“Go die! Go die!” Li Yaoxiang saw himself come up empty, and his jittery mood was close to going insane.

While moving and dodging, suddenly, Su Luo’s eyes lit up.

After she drank some Celestial Spirit Water and advance grade Spirit Restoration Pills, the Nothingness of s.p.a.ce that was shattered from before could once again be condensed out.

As a result, just as Li Yaoxiang was chasing her to kill her, Su Luo, in front, dodged left then right, making him follow her in circles.

The arm Li Yaoxiang lost, gushed out with fresh blood.

But he completely ignored it, his scarlet crazed eyes were fixed on Su Luo.

Now, killing Su Luo was his only goal!

Up ahead was a fork in the road, in a flash, Su Luo’s figure had entered the towering forest.

Li Yaoxiang had chased her up to here and had already lost Su Luo’s figure.

“Loathsome girl, this daddy orders you to come out! Come the f.u.c.k out!” Li Yaoxiang clamored loudly with fury.

Just when he was howling in fury, Su Luo, who had originally hid in the underbrush, slowly stole towards Li Yaoxiang’s back.

Due to the instinct from being an in the previous world, her footsteps were as light and graceful as a b.u.t.terfly. Her breathing was controlled to the point of being nothing.

Consequently, Su Luo would noiselessly get nearer to Li Yaoxiang like this.

The dagger hidden in her sleeves suddenly appeared.

Even though Li Yaoxiang was seriously injured, he was still an eighth-ranked expert. With regards to his keen sense for danger, it was simply something Su Luo couldn’t compare to.

In fact, when Su Luo got within a distance of three meters from his back, he had already sensed her approaching.

But, he still stood with his back to Su Luo, his mouth hooking into a mocking and sinister smile.

Loathsome girl, this was you delivering yourself to my door!

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 800

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