The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 810

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Chapter 810 – Dark Forest (9)

“Have I been unconscious for long?” She lifted her head, and with a burning gaze, stared at Su Luo.

Su Luo thought about it, “Close to a day.”

“One day?!” This young woman suddenly jumped up, and stared fixedly at Su Luo. “A day’s time and my wounds would get better to this degree?”

Fine, the results of her treatment were too good, sure enough, this was also troublesome.

Su Luo shrugged her shoulders and declined to comment.

“Is it you who saved me?” She took a quick glance and sized up Su Luo from top to bottom. A doubtful expression flashed through her eyes.

In the Dark Forest, the magical beasts ran amuck, an insignificant fifth rank actually dared to walk inside by herself and also saved her?

“You could say that.” Even though her original intent was not to invite trouble, this was an order by Senior Brother Ice Cube.

This young woman’s eyes narrowed slightly, and she stood up and just started to leave.

A touch of interest slid through the depths of Su Luo’s eyes.

This young woman’s temperament of total lack of regard was similar to hers in the previous life, unwittingly, she had a little appreciation of her.

“A favor like a drop of water will be repaid with a gus.h.i.+ng spring. To say nothing of the favor in saving a life, are you just going to walk away like this?” Su Luo’s tone was mild, but ice-cold.

“This favor I will not forget to repay, in the future, I will repay this favor.” That young woman, with her back straight, walked directly ahead.

She didn’t turn around, but waved her hands confidently and at ease at Su Luo who was behind her, saying her goodbyes.

Su Luo had both arms crossed over as she leaned against an ancient tree, seeing this, she couldn’t help but to smile lightly.

This young woman really did have a personality.

However, originally, she did not want to attract trouble, so she didn’t want to save her.

Originally, she didn’t have any thought that the other party would repay her for the help she gave.

So, her leaving like this, with regards to Su Luo and she herself, was the best choice.

However… She still hadn’t asked her for a name. Su Luo pondered while holding her chin, muttering to herself.

“Senior Brother, in the end, who is she?” Su Luo raised her head and locked onto Zi Yu who was sitting on top of a tree.

Senior Brother Ice Cube didn’t speak for quite a while, just when Su Luo thought he wouldn’t reply, he said a sentence that floated out.

“Purgatory City, Holy Maiden, Zi Yan, seventh rank.”

Worthy of being the laconic Senior Brother Ice Cube, where one word was worth a thousand in gold. A short eight words, nearly had covered all the important information about this young woman.

Her ident.i.ty, position, her family background and origin, name and strength…

However, the Holy Maiden from Purgatory City seemed to have a very powerful status.

Seemed that her age didn’t differ much from her own, but her strength was already at the seventh rank. It could clearly be seen that Purgatory City was a place where strong experts came forth in large numbers.

“Let’s go.” Su Luo had the map tucked in her arms, and walked towards her destination.

The south-east Great Valley, Red Acadia Seed, this was the real purpose of her coming to the Dark Forest.

If she and that Miss Zi Yan was fated, naturally, they would see each other again.

Having walked around two circles in the magical beast forest, Su Luo discovered that she was lost.

“Senior Brother, you are certain there are no problems with this map?” Su Luo’s pair of eyes was staring at that map made of sheepskin. Her complexion appeared as if she was close to blowing her top.

Zi Yu silently glanced at her, then took a quick glance at the sheepskin map, finally, he withdrew his gaze.

“Senior Brother Ice Cube, why don’t you say something, there really isn’t a problem with this map?” Su Luo’s line of sight was glaring fixedly at him.

She had walked according to this map, but after walking and walking, she had discovered that up ahead, it had wandered away from the South-east Great Valley.

Zi Yu silently slanted a glance at her, then silently, his gaze returned to look at the faint place far away: “Map, was given by Master.”

The implication was that if there was a mistake, then that was the problem with Master?

Or maybe Master deliberately gave her an incorrect map?

Thinking up to here, Su Luo’s forehead whipped out.

Was this Beautiful Teacher’s tempo to drive her to her death? Not only did he limit the number of times Senior Brother Ice Cube could help her, he also gave her a fake map?

Where would there be a Master that was so harsh to his disciple!

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 810

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