The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 816

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Chapter 816 – in the forest (6)

Normally, besides Nangong’s several childhood friends, she still hadn’t made some sincere friends.

Today’s unintended interference, had allowed her to encounter someone with a similar temperament. This greatly improved her mood.

Su Luo’s feet made full use of Spirit Dance Steps, momentarily, her dress flew upwards like an elegant fairy, the thin silk waving cleverly. No dirt touched her shoes, going like stepping on a wave.

Very quickly, she chased after Zi Yan.

The two of them went side by side, their speeds were equally matched.

One could only hear the sound of the wind blowing at their ear, the two rows of ancient trees continuously retreating back.

“Su Luo, the paper crane’s speed is about to soar, you better not get lost from following.”

Zi Yan smiled happily, once more sending more strength into her foot. Her speed rapidly rose, her speed was faster than before by a fold.

She was already a seventh rank, with Su Luo, there was a huge gap, so in an instant, she had Su Luo behind her.

Even though Su Luo was only fifth rank, but she had many fortuitous meetings, so she held many hidden trump cards.

One could only see her grab a handful of advanced Spirit Restoration Pills and tossed them into her mouth. She once again put more strength into her feet, and once again, she was side by side with Zi Yan.

Zi Yan’s head slanted to the side, and seeing those Advanced Spirit Restoration Pills in Su Luo’s hand, she nearly tripped and fell down.

This Su Luo was simply….too extravagant, okay?

Those were Advanced Spirit Restoration Pills!

At an auction, they would have sold for a very high price.

But this girl would just grab handful after a handful, like eating candy, tossing them one by one into her mouth.

This was simply too d.a.m.ned, bullying to the point of being intolerable. Really makes a person jealous, okay!

This child’s family’s elder must be a super difficult-to-deal-with Apothecary. Able to supply her with so much to waste extravagantly, Zi Yan completed her evaluation in her heart.

However, she completely did not expect that these advanced Spirit Restoration Pills were made by Su Luo’s own hand.

If Zi Yan knew that Su Luo still had a huge pile of this that she had made during practice, even with her ident.i.ty as an expert from Purgatory City, very likely, both of her eyes would stare blankly.

Zi Yan, in her heart, howled in grief. A pair of clever eyes tossed a jealous and envious glance at Su Luo. She used more strength on her feet, using one hundred percent of her strength and once again raised her speed by a lot.

This time, it was somewhat difficult for Su Luo.

Just now, Su Luo had already raised her Spirit Dance Steps to its highest speed, now, no matter what, she could not speed up even more.

Spirit Restoration Pills could only restore spirit energy, and could not increase her speed.

Su Luo’s eyes narrowed slightly, both eyes staring fixedly at Zi Yan upfront and her pair of slim, jade-like legs.

Those fast-as-lightning jade legs, because the speed was simply too fast, therefore gave off double images, one after another.

Seeing it made Su Luo’s eyes dizzy.

Though her eyes became dizzy, but her brain became even more nimble.

Suddenly, a light flashed through Su Luo’s brain.

“Teleport!” If she could teleport, then her speed would absolutely not be slower than Zi Yan.

“Not stupid.” A voice without restraint sounded in Su Luo’s mind.

Little Rotten Child? An opinion flashed through Su Luo’s mind.

“You are not allowed to call Little Grandpa, Little Rotten Child! Little Grandpa’s age is older than your grandfather’s grandfather’s and countless number of grandfathers!” The little rotten child coldly snorted in displeasure.

But his voice was really too cute and young. Even though he tried to maintain a deadly seriousness, but as before, he could not continuously conceal that cute, sticky rice-like, soft little voice.

By visual a.s.sessment, this child was no more than seven years old.

But this little guy’s temper was very bad, so Su Luo decided to follow along and not to lower herself to his level.

“Then fine, you pick a name for yourself.”

“Is this little grandpa’s name something that someone like you can know?” The little rotten child became arrogant and proud.

Su Luo suddenly fell, lacking in strength: “Then, you say, what should I call you?”

“Call me Little Grandpa.” The little guy pig-headedly persisted.

“Little Grandpa, your little sister!” Su Luo darkly snorted.

“You boorish woman, really don’t have any manners!”

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 816

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