The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 819

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Chapter 819 – in the forest (9)

Really good tasting snake soup! Zi Yan once again scooped out a bowl of soup for herself. This time, she was not as impatient as before, but tasted it sip by sip.

“s.p.a.ce bag…just appeared this year?” Su Lou’s eyes narrowed slightly.

“Uh, but don’t know why, there hasn’t been any for many years before. But just appeared within this year. The s.p.a.ce bag suddenly appeared.” Zi Yan shook her head, “However, the auction price was very expensive, normal people certainly could not win the auction for it.”

“However, only a s.p.a.ce mage can make a s.p.a.ce bag, but s.p.a.ce mages are now nearly extinct on the continent. Being expensive is also normal.” Zi Yan nodding her head as if it was only right.

Only a s.p.a.ce mage can create a s.p.a.ce bag, and s.p.a.ce mages were nearly extinct on this continent…..

Su Lou narrowed her eyes slightly and a light flashed on in her mind…

Beautiful Teacher was a s.p.a.ce mage. With his ability, creating a s.p.a.ce bag would be no effort at all.

Plus, the s.p.a.ce bags only appeared within this year…..

Perhaps, this was done by Beautiful Teacher? To hide the fact that she was a s.p.a.ce mage?

Just when Su Lou was guessing at this, Zi Yan slowly said, “Which big family did you come from? Spirit Restoration Pills eaten like candy, with s.p.a.ce bag in your possession. Don’t you think your family’s elder spoils you too much? Aren’t they afraid that you, at the fifth rank, would get everything stolen?”

Su Lou rolled her eyes at her in displeasure: “Aren’t you a seventh rank? You have the ability to steal these from me?”

Zi Yan immediately had no words to say.

In fact, don’t know which powerful family taught this evildoer of a girl. Her fifth rank was definitely placed out there to deceive people.

She was certain that this girl definitely had no match among the fifth rank.

Fifty percent odds that she could defeat a sixth rank.

Also, some odds she could kill a seventh rank.

“No idea which old monster had taught you into a little monster, but once you mature, ha ha ha, the Jade Lake’s Li family will have a lot of troubles.” Zi Yan clearly remembered. Su Luo once had said that she wanted to exterminate the Jade Lake’s Li family.

“That’s right! Your cup, take it out and let’s have a look.” Zi Yan’s words reminded Su Luo.

Didn’t Zi Yan just steal a cup from the Jade Lake’s Li family? The result was her being chased like a homeless dog?

Zi Yan casually took out the cup from her dress pocket and placed it on the table for Su Luo to enjoy.

Su Lou stared at it with concentration.

This cup’s entire body was made from white porcelain, translucent and crystal-like, emitting radiance like the l.u.s.ter of gems.

At this moment, there was a thick layer of water droplets on the wall of the cup.

Su Luo looked at it carefully and discovered that it was as Senior Brother had once said, this was low grade Celestial Spirit Water.

Based on this condensation speed, it could only produce three drops a day.

Zi Yan proudly raised the cup up, made a toasting gesture and tilted her head back. She then poured these three droplets of low grade Celestial Spirit Water into her mouth.

“It is really the most delicious thing on earth.” Zi Yan satisfiedly licked her lips and saw how Su Lou kept staring at her without blinking. She felt a bit embarra.s.sed and stuck out her tongue, “You can drink the condensed out ones tomorrow.”

Respect the person who gave you food and not bite their hand. Zi Yan had just drank Su Lou’s snake soup, but she just drank the three droplets of Celestial Spirit Water alone. It was somewhat impolite.

Finished speaking, Zi Yan was just about to put the cup away.

Just at this moment, an unforeseen incident suddenly occured!

One could only see a little white dragon flew out from Su Luo’s sleeves with a speed that would astonish people.

Nearly in the blink of an eye, his small body attacked towards that cup.

When Zi Yan returned to her senses, she was suddenly alarmed: “Where is my Celestial Spirit Cup?!”

This was the precious treasure of the Jade Lake’s Li family had handed down the Celestial Spirit Cup ah!

But where was this Celestial Spirit Cup right now?

Of course, it was in the little divine dragon’s arms.

But, where was the little divine dragon right now?

Naturally, the little divine dragon had retreated back into Su Luo’s sleeves.

Seeing the little dragon tightly holding the Celestial Spirit Cup in his arms with a death grip made Su Lou somewhat frustratedly place her hand on her forehead.

Why did this little rotten child always steal other people’s treasure that he saw?

Who spoiling taught him this bad habit?

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 819

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