The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 79

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Chapter 79 ­- To subdue a foolish, adorable, pampered spirit (6)

The rumbling echoes of tumbling rocks seemed to grow, and the trees that were blocking the path were immediately transformed into ashes by Dragon’s Breath.

After a long chase it was still unable to catch up. The divine dragon was so infuriated, that both its eyes were red with anger. However it was still afraid of injuring the little divine dragon, so it won’t dare to fire off a Dragon’s Breath.

The large divine dragon’s eyes continued to burn with flames of fury. The huge dragon tail resembled a chain of thickly linked iron swinging dangerously around. In one spot it had swept, it snapped all the forest trees within ten meters of its body.

Flying leaves swirled in the air as a giant cloud of dust rose.

Although Su Luo was not swept up by the dragon tail, she was. .h.i.t by flying fragments of wood.

A piece of broken wood ruthlessly knocked against her back. When it did, Su Luo felt as if her back was about to split wide open. She felt as if a huge boulder had been pressing down on her chest, so heavily that made it nearly impossible for her to breath.

She felt that the qi and blood in her entire body rolled over in waves. A sweet coppery taste materialized in her throat. Unable to keep it in, she sprayed out a stream of blood.

“Phoo——” The soles of Su Luo’s feet swayed, almost unable to stand.

Just at this time, a sense of an impending crisis rushed through her mind.

This was caused by the divine dragon behind her, who was unexpectedly preparing to unleash Dragon’s Breath. An awe-inspiring radiance streaked by, and the brilliant rays were like sharp swords launched toward Su Luo.

Su Luo’s complexion had immediately undergone a major change.

She spared no effort (1) in rus.h.i.+ng towards the tilting thorns, her speed was so quick that only an incomplete shadow was left behind.

That slash of intense radiance was like the tip of a double-edged sword, that directly turned the trees within a hundred meters ahead of it into ashes. Even the ground was completely split open leaving a terrifying large fissure in the earth. The soil and mud were also turned into fine dust.

Su Luo dangerously avoided this killing move. Yet an icy chill emerged from her heart, and her forehead was instantly covered in cold sweat.

She was almost at the end of her rope and was barely hanging in by a thread.

But fortunately, at this time the fire phoenix had already caught up with the divine dragon.

Consequently, these two divine beasts’ blood feud resumed. This provided Su Luo with a little opportunity that she could take advantage of.

If the divine dragon did not fear of trouble in the rear (2), Su Luo knew she simply would not have been its opponent. Very likely she would have already been slashed to death by the divine dragon’s claws without being able to run for more than several hundred meters.

However in the recent past Su Luo seemed to be cared for by the G.o.ddess of fortune.

Against all expectations, on the back heels of this divine dragon, the fire phoenix followed up and continued its battle with the dragon. Moreover, this fire phoenix had narrow-mindlessly (3) taken advantage of its difficulties. As a result the divine dragon had no other alternative than to face Su Luo with hateful regret while gnas.h.i.+ng its teeth (4).

Whenever the divine dragon was about to kill off Su Luo, the fire phoenix that had been following close behind would come out and cause a disturbance. This kind of situation repeated itself again and again, enraging the divine dragon until it nearly spat out blood.

But now, even Su Luo also had a kind of urge to spit out blood.

It’s over!

When Su Luo saw the barren cliffs and the precipitous rock faces ahead, she immediately wanted to start to cry but lacked the tears to begin.

At this time, all three directions moving forward were blocked by an overhanging cliff and behind her the mother dragon pursued feverishly, unwilling to let go. Now she basically had nowhere to escape!

What to do? Could it be that her hands were practically tied and set to be captured?

Out of the question! Even if she was to return the adorable little dragon now, the divine dragon will absolutely not let her get away.

At present she still had not arrived at the dead-end road, so surely there was still another chance to save herself.

Sure enough, heaven never barred one’s way (5).

Su Luo’s sharp eyes saw a perfectly straight dark green creeper vine hanging down the cliff.

Su Luo gave it a few tugs and found that this rope-like creeper vine was apparently frequently used by people before her. She need not worry about the firmness aspect of the vine.

It seems as if the Heavens really don’t want me to die!

Su Luo’s heart immediately rejoiced.

She tucked the adorable little dragon into her bosom, afterwards she used her hands to nimbly grab the creeper vine. She used both her hands and feet to rapidly climb up the tall overhanging cliff. It took her less than a quarter of the hour to reach the top.

On top of the cliff was a flat plane covered by a meadow. A gentle breeze pa.s.sed by and rustled a tidy area of the field into a rising and falling motion, like a jade green wave that rippled. This sight gave her the sensation of an untroubled heart, pleased spirit (6).

Standing on top of the precipice and gazing into the distance. Su Luo could clearly see the feverish fight between the divine dragon and the fire phoenix not far way.

It was as if they had claimed an area of heaven and earth for themselves. Fiery ocean patches spread endlessly, with soaring flames boiling over like lava.

1) spared no effort – idiom: to do one’s utmost

2) fears of trouble in the rear – idiom: family worries (obstructing freedom of action); worries about the future consequences; often in negative expressions, meaning “no worries about anything”

3) narrow-mindlessly – idiom: petty; ungenerous

4) gnas.h.i.+ng its teeth – idiom: displaying extreme anger; fuming with rage between gritted teeth

5) heaven never barred one’s way – idiom: don’t despair and you will find a way through; never give up hope; never say die.

6) untroubled heart, pleased spirit – idiom: carefree and relaxed.

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 79

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