The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 826

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Chapter 826 – Variant Red Acacia Tree (2)

This Dark Forest hid the sky and covered the earth with thriving vegetation. In a blink of an eye, a person would disappear. But she was hoping Su Luo could bring her out.

Zi Yan was suspended far in the rear. She used her last inner strength but still could not catch up. For a moment, she could not help but feel somewhat discouraged.

The little divine dragon was running very fast at the front.

Fortunately, Su Luo had a spirit contract with him and could feel his position. Otherwise, she would definitely have gotten lost while following him.

When Su Luo arrived, she just so happened to see the little divine dragon stand on a weirdly-shaped tree. He was standing on tiptoe with his little b.u.t.t sticking out as he picked at a fruit.

This was a tree that was as tall as a person. Its entire body was red throughout, with its branches and leaves shaped as stripes, floating and shaking in the wind, similar to a willow tree’s leaves.

On its body, there were five huge fruits. Every one of them was as big as an infant’s fist.

Seeing that scarlet red fruit, Su Luo’s eyes turned, and a touch of fascinated radiance flashed across them.

“This… could it be the legendary Red Acacia Seeds?”

A panting Zi Yan appeared behind Su Luo.

“Heavens, this… what is this thing? Red Acacia Seeds? It doesn’t look like it…” Zi Yan cried out in surprise, ran up a few steps to it and clicked her tongue in amazement.

“You also feel that it doesn’t look like it?” Su Luo stood beside her with her gaze staring fixedly at that plump, glistening, scarlet red fruit.

“Mm, I’ve seen Red Acacia Seeds before. They’re only the size of a fingernail. How could it be so big? Simply… It’s simply too mystical!” Although Zi Yan was talking to Su Luo, her pair of eyes was still staring fixedly at that fruit tree.

Su Luo frowned slightly.

She had never seen the real Red Acadia Seeds before, having only seen them before in books.

Thus, she was somewhat uncertain about this thing.

“Hey, could it be a variant of an Acacia tree?” A miraculous light flashed in Zi Yan’s mind. Suddenly, she quivered and grabbed Su Luo’s hand.

“A variant Acacia tree?” A light flashed on in Su Luo’s mind.

A variant Acacia tree. Compared to the ones with no variations, wasn’t the value tenfold higher?

For a moment, the two people exchanged a look. Neither of them were able to say anything.

Just at this strangely tranquil moment, suddenly, the sound of the little divine dragon ‘awoo awoo’-ing rang out.

“Little foolish dragon, what’s wrong with you?” Su Luo asked impatiently.

At the start, she’d seen him sticking out his little b.u.t.t to pluck that variant Red Acacia Seed. But she did not see him come down after he had plucked it for a long time.

“Awoo, awoo…” It bit me!

The little guy felt very wronged. He flattened his little mouth and there were tears in his pitch-black and limpid eyes. He looked extremely pitiful.

Unable to bear it, Su Luo looked over at his finger. As expected, she saw a smear of scarlet bloodstain.

And at this moment, the little divine dragon’s claw was still being held by that fruit.

Could it be that this variant Red Acacia Seeds could even suck blood?

“Does the bite hurt? Then release it, we will find another way.” Su Luo said softly.

“Awoo, awoo…” It bit me and won’t let my paw go!

The little divine dragon was very innocent and also very bewildered. A pair of huge eyes wept and wanted to sob.

Seeing this scene, Su Luo and Zi Yan’s hearts all grew soft.

Although Zi Yan could not make sense of what the little divine dragon was wailing about, however, seeing his aggrieved little appearance, her heart just became unbearably soft.

“Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid. Big sister will come save you!” Zi Yan quickly stepped forward and reached out her hand towards that huge Red Acadia Seed to remove it.

However, before she even touched the Red Acacia Seed, those willow branch-like vines on the Acacia tree suddenly whipped towards Zi Yan!

Its speed was astonis.h.i.+ngly quick, practically in the blink of an eye!

Zi Yan’s heart was greatly alarmed and withdrew her hand with flying speed.

However, the back of her hand had still gained a scarlet stripe.

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 826

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