The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 832

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Chapter 832 – Variant Red Acacia Tree (8)

Su Luo was running when suddenly, her eyebrows wrinkled.

Allowing Luo Haochen to follow like this was a bit disadvantageous to her.

He still didn’t know the existence of the little divine dragon right now. But once he noticed, at that time, his rage at the Red Acacia Tree would s.h.i.+ft onto her body.

In order to avoid this absurd disaster, Su Luo started thinking of ways.

In a blink of an eye, she came up with a plan.

Dark Forest didn’t have any pathways, and the Red Acadia Tree had already vanished from sight.

If it weren’t for the senses from Su Luo and the little divine dragon’s contract, she would have lost the tree a long time ago.

Su Luo secretly strengthened the arm she used to pull Zi Yan along with, when Zi Yan looked at her, she glanced to the right.

The two people had similar temperament, so they easily understood each other. As a result, Zi Yan immediately understood what Su Luo had in mind.

One, two, three!

On three, the two of them both darted forward to the right!

Losing the two figures before him, Luo Haochen’s eyes brightened immediately, however, unconsciously, he followed after those two people’s back.

But very quickly, it dawned on him.

“Where are you guys going!” Luo Haochen knit his eyebrows.

There were obviously no paths over there, why would they keep running over there?

Su Luo didn’t look back, but Zi Yan did, and she beckoned with her hand towards Luo Haochen: “Going over here is a shortcut.”

Luo Haochen scrunched his eyebrows even more.

Did they think he was blind? The Red Acacia Tree obviously went left, but they ran to the right side, this simply was an act that defeated their purpose.

Could it be that… they deliberately did it to muddle the waters?

“Second Young Master.” All the experts following Luo Haochen stopped, they looked at him, waiting for his decision.

Luo Haochen’s eyes narrowed slightly, his hand gesturing forward: “Go!”

From beginning to end, he felt that Su Luo and Zi Yan were deliberately muddling the waters.

Therefore, the only thing he believed in was his own eyes.

Then, what were the real facts?

Su Luo and the little divine dragon could sense each other, and little divine dragon was now hanging onto the Red Acacia Tree. From this, it proved, that the path Su Luo took was the correct one.

It’s a pity just like this, Luo Haochen got separated.

Now, speaking of the little divine dragon.

Along the way, the mad Red Acadia Tree had wanted to throw the little divine dragon away.

But the little divine dragon was like a sticky caramelized sweet, his four little claws hanging on to the branches, holding on tightly. There was no way it could shake off the little divine dragon.

The Red Acacia Tree was enraged half to death, and tried to use its willow-like twigs to bind up the little divine dragon.

Because it was the most proud of its twigs’ attack.

However, before it could finish tying up the little divine dragon, on one end, he had bitten off the branch at the other end.

Ultimately, the Red Acacia Tree had no better option!

The tree decisively gave up since the jar had already broken before being dropped, without looking back, it ran towards the place it thought was the safest.

The little divine dragon noticed that the tree was resigned to its fate and not hara.s.sing him anymore. He stuck his little red tongue out, a little embarra.s.sed.

Afterwards, he secretly pulled something out from his chest pocket.

Golden Silkworm’s silver threaded gloves.

Before, Luo Dieyi had tried to take the Red Acadia Seeds from the Red Acadia Tree by wearing these gloves.

A pity, the tragic girl got kicked away by the little divine dragon before she could pick it.

However, when the little divine dragon was kicking her away, he was still very rational. He had secretly peeled these Golden Silkworm’s silver threaded gloves off of her hands.

The little divine dragon slid his claw into the glove out of curiosity.

But, these gloves were made for human hands, with regards to him, it was like a loose skirt around his claw.

The little divine dragon twisted this way and that way, but couldn’t find any way to put them on.

The Red Acacia Tree was running and running… didn’t know for how long it ran.

Finally, a pitch-black cave appeared up ahead.

The Red Acacia Tree didn’t even have to think and directly ran inside.

As soon as it entered, the little divine dragon couldn’t help but s.h.i.+ver.

The Red Acacia Tree continued to run forward… finally stopping at a place where it could hide in the cave. However, it didn’t know, that the little divine dragon had already stretched out his evil claws.…

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 832

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