The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 849

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Chapter 849 – Moment between life and death (5)

Didn’t expect, at that time, in Su Manor’s treasure storage pavilion, in pa.s.sing, she had grabbed a map that would give her a worth of ten purple-colored crystal stones.

Wasn’t the advantage she took too great?

However, Su Luo was very curious, why didn’t Su Manor go exchange it for the ten purple-colored crystal stones? Su Zian, holding it, he couldn’t even use it.

“How is it that I have never heard of this exchange for ten purple-colored crystal stones?” Su Luo muttered to herself.

Zi Yan couldn’t help but laugh: “This news was spread among the strong experts, how could you have possibly heard of it?”

So it was like this! Su Luo secretly exclaimed in her heart.

So it was because Su Manor’s position was too low, they simply hadn’t heard of such news. Even Su Zian might not have known that it was a fragment of the Secluded Necropolis of the G.o.ds’s map.

Otherwise, according to Su Zian’s standards, he would even be endlessly excited over a green-colored crystal stone. How could he possibly not exploit such a good opportunity?

Even if he had no use for a purple-colored crystal stone, the ten purple-colored crystal stones could be exchanged for ten top-notch experts. Then, Su Manor would have directly sprang up.

Fortunately, Su Zian wasn’t aware of this path, thus giving her this advantage.

After having reasoned it through, Su Luo secretly rejoiced and was pleased with herself.

While the two were talking, Elder Luo’s body that was like an immortal to the bone, unhurriedly landed.

“Grandfather!” Luo Dieyi excitedly threw herself over to him, in her eyes was the desire to cry.

Elder Luo merely glanced at her faintly, his brows knotted slightly: “I ordered you to properly cultivate, all you know is to play all the time. Now you know to be afraid?”

“Yes yes yes, Grandfather is the best. If it weren’t for Grandfather appearing just in time, we would have already died here.” Luo Dieyi covered her chest, having lingering fear.

Elder Luo nodded, his indifferent gaze sweeping by Su Luo and Zi Yan. His eyes didn’t have a trace of a ripple, as if looking at two insignificant ants.

Just at this moment, the little divine dragon rushed back, like an arrow, he flew towards Su Luo.

The little divine dragon’s original speed was very quick, but now, he was a lot slower.

The first glimpse Su Luo caught of the little divine dragon, she had to do her utmost to restrain from giving voice to laughing in spite of herself.

At this moment, the little divine dragon was carrying on his back, slung over his shoulder, holding in his mouth……

In any case, any place that could carry things were all weighed down heavily.

“Heavens!” When Luo Dieyi saw the little divine dragon, she let out a burst of alarmed shouts.

“Isn’t this a triangle prism? What kind of bow is that? Also, is that Dropping Cloth Gra.s.s?” Luo Dieyi’s eyes had almost gone cross eyed from looking.

Dropping Cloth Gra.s.s, was very similar to her name. She must obtain it!

Every one of those things were priceless treasures ah. How could the little dragon just wantonly carry them back?

The little divine dragon, carrying these stuff, and wanted to run into Su Luo’s embrace, however——

Just when he was only three meters’ distance from Su Luo, Luo Haochen’s body dodged and blocked in front of the little divine dragon.

“Stop! Leave behind the treasures!”

Luo Haochen didn’t think the little divine dragon was worthy, he directly extended his hand to lift him by the nape!

The little divine dragon’s temper was usually docile, as long as you don’t p.i.s.s him off.

Able to p.i.s.s him off, it was often two circ.u.mstances.

The first was his treasures; the second was his little master.

Now, Luo Haochen wanted to block his path and coveted his treasure, and also separated him from his little master.

As a result, the little divine dragon was angered!

In the course of running, his pair of legs was very strong. One could only see him bounce up and two sharp claws suddenly slice towards Luo Haochen’s neck!

The little divine dragon’s strength was originally already out of the ordinary, in a rage, his strength was even more something that Luo Haochen couldn’t be compare to.

His pair of sharp claws glittered like frost and snow, just when it was about to scratch Luo Haochen, the little divine dragon’s body floated in the air, motionless. It was as if someone had hit his acupuncture points and stopped him.

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 849

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