The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 850

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Chapter 850 – Convergence of experts (1)

“Domain!” A cold light shot forth from Su Luo’s eyes. She then unconsciously cast her gaze towards Luo Shengtian.

Elder Luo made his move.

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth raised into an indifferent sneer.

What Zi Yan said was not wrong, the Luo Family was truly famous under the heavens for covering up errors. They would even interfere with the disputes among the younger generation.

Su Luo welcomed Elder Luo’s gaze, with a cold voice, she said: “Senior, what is your intention?”

Elder Luo’s eyes swept by Su Luo with a total lack of regard. His eyes had no ripple, nor did it swell. Clearly, he completely did not attach any importance to Su Luo.

However, it was true, in the eyes of such an expert at the top, a small fifth rank was truly not significant to look at.

Luo Dieyi proudly sneered: “This is our Luo family’s stuff, little thief, you dare to steal it? Delusional!”

A faint anger started to well up in Su luo’s heart.

“These treasures were found by my family’s spirit pet in these mountains, how could it be your Luo family’s? Could it be that this entire area of the Dark Forest belongs to your Luo family?”

Luo Dieyi relied on their own family’s elder being here, in this s.p.a.ce between heaven and earth, he held supremacy. As a result, her words didn’t even contain a bit of politeness.

“If it was not for my grandfather lending a hand, how could your spirit pet have found the treasures? If it were not for our spirit pinball, you guys would have died earlier. Then, how would you guys still be standing here?” Luo Dieyi arrogantly cast sidelong glances at the Su Luo pair.

Zi Yan’s expression was unexpected: “If it was not for you guys waking up the Diamond Ape King, how could such a situation have occurred? We haven’t even sought you guys to calculate this account, yet you are arrogantly resting on your laurels!”

Hearing what was said, Luo Dieyi’s complexion blushed deep red. After that, she flew into a rage from humiliation and fl.u.s.teredly pointed at Zi Yan: “What? Not repaying the favor of being saved and still want to question this kindness? Your Purgatory City is truly too arrogant!”

During the time when the younger generations were quarreling, Elder Luo stood with his hands folded behind his back. His eyes gazed fixedly at that glossy, jade-like wall. His sleeves fluttered about in a posture of an immortal to his bones.

Hearing Purgatory City, these two words, from the corner of his eyes, he faintly swept Zi Yan a glance.

With regards to such a strong expert’s point of view, able to even look at the younger generation like this, was already rare.

Zi Yan merely continued to smile coldly, “Luo Dieyi, in the end, who is being the arrogant one? Fine, you continue to be arrogant, let’s see how the injury on your face will be healed!”

Zi Yan knew that Su Luo had the Rebirth of Flesh Pills on her body. A similar kind of antidote refined from Primeval Pill Recipies was always from one family, with no other branch stores.

Luo Dieyi still dared to be so arrogant, then let her face wait till it’s destroyed!

However, Luo Dieyi completely did not know that her appearance was already in the control of other people’s hand. She continued to be despotic and insufferably arrogant.

She sneered a few times: “The injury on my face, why should it concern you? Big Brother naturally will help me get the Rebirth of Flesh Pills.”

Even if Brother could not get it, then Grandfather would help her ask for it!

Su Luo smiled coldly and cast her a glance: “My Senior Brother has already vowed to never refine another Rebirth of Flesh Pill. Miss Luo, it would be best if you do not have too much hope for it.”

Su Luo knew that if she didn’t reveal her ident.i.ty, then the little divine dragon would suffer some grievances.

However, the Luo family might merely treat her as a weed and would not believe her.

Sure enough, once Su Luo said these words, Luo Haochen only sneered a few times.

Luo family belonged to the influential families of Apothecaries, so they were well-versed in news about refining medicinal recipes.

The matter of Leng Yan refining the Rebirth of Flesh Pills, the Luo family was already very clear about it. Moreover, they had sent a core disciple in the family’s younger generation to negotiate with Leng Yan, in an attempt to exchange for the Primeval Pill recipes.

But unexpectedly, Leng Yan directly refused. He said that he would not exchange it even if you killed him. This made the Luo family’s core disciple so mad that he flung his sleeves and directly left.

Luo Dieyi only knew that the Rebirth of Flesh Pills came from Apothecary Leng. However, she did not know about Apothecary Leng and Su Luo’s relations.h.i.+p.

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 850

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