The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 854

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Chapter 854 – Convergence of Experts (5)

“Who knew? The Luo family… isn’t it just wielding their strength to rob openly and without fear? These super strong experts… Humph.”

Don’t a.s.sume just because Elder Beichen was several hundred years old, that his hearing was something that the younger generation absolutely could be compared to.

“What? Luo Shengtian, you old fart. You actually robbed things from the younger generation? Do you still want your pride or not?” Having found a point of attack with great difficulty, Elder Beichen almost pointed at Elder Luo’s nose to curse him.

Elder Luo’s face was so submerged in darkness that water nearly dripped out. Panting with rage, he scoffed coldly and turned his back!

However, just because Elder Luo remained silent, didn’t mean that Elder Beichen had no plans to let him off just like this.

“You old fart. You really are this shameless, to do this sort of thing? I say, how can you be this shameless? How could you go so low? How can you bring shame upon people of our stature? Huh? I say, you——” Elder Beichen, with an angered appearance, chased after Elder Luo and while jumping, pointed at his nose, chewing him out.

“Beichen Lin, I’ve tolerated you for a very long time!” Elder Luo was also not a paper tiger and furiously shouted loudly! His pair of eyes was staring at Elder Beichen, containing a raging inferno.

No matter who got pointed at in the nose and was cursed out like this, all of them would not be happy.

Frankly speaking, Elder Beichen’s temper and Beichen Ying’s were very similar. Both people would similarly flaunt, being shrewd after getting an advantage.

Hearing what was said, Elder Beichen immediately rolled up his sleeves: “Come, who’s scared of who? Who doesn’t dare to fight is a puppy!”

At such an old age, even when their grandson could birth a great-grandson, yet they were still so childis.h.!.+ Elder Luo was at the end of his patience. Very fiercely, he glared at Elder Beichen. Panting with rage, he threw his sleeve and turned his back.

To stand abreast with this sort of person, was truly pulling down his standing.

However, Elder Beichen’s sleeve had already been rolled up very high, he jabbed at Elder Luo’s chest: “Come, come on, let’s fight oh.”

Elder Luo was itching to slap him, but at present, the timing was off. He was still a person who was very concerned with the general appearance of a situation.

Su Luo and Zi Yan were simply struck dumb by this strange scene before their eyes.

Su Luo felt that her concept of the world had been completely written anew. Henceforth, another door had been opened for her.

So….so, as it turned out, among super strong experts, they were not all like her Beautiful Teacher, who transcended external affairs, living a simple life without strife.

There were also some like Elder Beichen who would act shamelessly, like Elder Luo who was narrow-minded that covered up their own greed.

Under the blank stares of the younger generations, Elder Beichen still circled around Elder Luo.

Unfortunately, the latter was really fed up with him, his complexion extremely unsightly.

“Come on, come on, let’s fight. Whoever doesn’t dare to take up this challenge, then that person is the other’s d.a.m.ned grandson.” Elder Beichen’s desire to fight was very strong.

Just at this moment, slowly, a cool breeze came through the sky. The horizon was originally a deep blue, almost the color of coastal waters.

The deep blue sky seemed as thin as paper. A person easily ripped out a corner of the sky.

Just who was this expert? To actually be this powerful?

For a moment, everyone raised their heads to look towards the sky——

A beautiful man in a Chinese-style gown that was the same color as the sky, appeared in mid-air.

One could see that his face was incomparably handsome, his entire person was like a completely pure white jade, faintly discernable like mist.

He calmly and serenely stood in mid-air for a long time. He stood with his hands at his back and an expression so tranquil that it could not be more tranquil. He was so indifferent, as could not be anymore indifferent…

Having seen the person that arrived, Su Luo’s eyes instantly lit up.

“Master!” Su Luo took a step forward, with a smile in her eyes.

Before, she still guessed at this.

Following the appearance of each and every one of these important people on the scene, presumably, her beautiful teacher would also come over.

Just as expected, Beautiful Teacher really appeared!

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 854

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