The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 861

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Chapter 861 – A glimmer of hope (2)

Now, Luo Haochen didn’t have the strength to protect her. If she stayed, it would be Luo Dieyi protecting Luo Haochen. Luo Dieyi couldn’t even protect herself now, how could she handle the burden of protecting Luo Haochen!

“Go die!” Luo Haochen clenched his fists tightly.

Now, several more huge boulders suddenly smashed towards Luo Haochen.

The pitiful Luo Haochen, like this, was pressed underneath those pieces of boulders.

Fortunately, there were gaps between the boulders, and didn’t completely pin him under, that would have destroyed him.

However, because his legs were pinned under the rocks, he absolutely had no way of escaping. He could only take deep breaths, with cold sweat flowing out continuously due to pain.

Luo Dieyi hadn’t run too far, before she realized that she had landed in a huge predicament.

Front, back, left and right, except for her alone, there wasn’t another human figure. Su Luo and Zi Yan had already run far away earlier, such that not even a shadow was visible anymore.

Nervous, worried, afraid, anxious… for a moment, they all rushed into her mind.

No no no, she didn’t want to die. She was so beautiful, so lovely, so young. She still hadn’t lived enough of the beautiful life, how could she be willing to die?

What to do? What to do? Luo Dieyi was so anxious that she ran around in circles.


A torrent of huge rocks and mud rushed down from the two peaks, swirling up like a smoke signal for danger!

A countless number of magical beasts rushed out in large groups.

“Bang——“ A group of sixth ranked Flaming Rhinoceroses approached her from the distance, sprinting until they arrived!

Wherever they went, yellow sand would swirl up, the neat sound of the Flaming Rhinoceroses’ footsteps seemed as if the whole world had fallen.

Seeing this herd of violently charging Flaming Rhinoceroses approaching nearer from a distance, Luo Dieyi’s face suddenly changed dramatically!

Because of the mud and rockslide, the valley was already very narrow. She simply could not avoid them.

What to do?

Luo Dieyi was entirely out of ideas, her only way out was to use all her strength to run forward. Run faster than the Flaming Rhinoceroses, only like this could she avoid losing her life under the hooves of those monstrous Flaming Rhinoceroses!

Run run run!

Luo Dieyi was in such a hurry that she didn’t even have time to wipe away her sweat!

She exerted all of her strength, and she could indeed maintain a certain distance between herself and the Flaming Rhinoceroses.

However, she didn’t have anymore Spirit Restoration Pills on her.

On top of that, people only had two legs, how could one outrun the Flaming Rhinoceroses running on all fours?

So, in the end, Luo Dieyi was eventually overtaken!

The large herd of Flaming Rhinoceroses exploded past, giving off boisterous rumbling sounds of iron hooves. .h.i.tting the ground.

Luo Dieyi was jostled around in the herd of Flaming Rhinoceroses, and was dizzy from all the collisions.

Luo Dieyi clenched her fists and forced herself not to fall down.

Because in this situation, the only outcome of falling down on the ground was to be trampled to death by iron hooves.

However, Luo Dieyi could only pay attention to her legs, but could not take care of her upper part.

Each and every one of the Flaming Rhinoceroses was fleeing with all their strength, unfortunately, a human insisted on staggering along here, blocking their line of sight.

Therefore, several Flaming Rhinoceroses, who couldn’t put up with it any longer, heavily pierced Luo Dieyi with their horns——

“No——Save me——“

Being pierced and raised high, Luo Dieyi was scared until her face turned pale. She started to screech in a loud voice.

The Flaming Rhinoceroses originally wanted to toss her far away, but the nervous Luo Dieyi strained herself to turn, and tightly held onto the Flaming Rhinoceros’s nose!

“Awoo——“ The Flaming Rhinoceros was enraged half to death, it took a deep breath, then followed directly by blowing a mouthful of flames towards Luo Dieyi’s body.

The raging blaze immediately ignited the clothes on Luo Dieyi’s body!

Luo Dieyi’s hand released, and she suddenly fell down towards the ground.

For a moment, a countless number of Flaming Rhinoceroses were prepared to trample over her body to pa.s.s with rumbling sounds.

But, in this situation between life and death, Luo Dieyi’s mind suddenly flashed with a bright idea.

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 861

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