The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 864-865

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Chapter 864 – A glimmer of hope (5)

Su Luo saw that the little divine dragon was also at wits’ end. Her brows knitted: “Just wait a minute, I keep feeling——”

Then, right at this moment, the little divine dragon’s expression suddenly changed.

The little divine dragon suddenly threw himself at Zi Yan.

Zi Yan was immediately overwhelmed somewhat by such favor.

This little guy had always been cold and indifferent towards her. At present, it was a rare thing for him to voluntarily enter into her lap.

Zi Yan’s mood immediately became very good: “Come, come over to Big Sister’s side…”

Before she finished speaking, the little divine dragon had brushed past her. His finger was pointing straight at the target – that stone Zi Yan was sitting on.

“Really doesn’t give one face ah….” Zi Yan poked at the little divine dragon’s head and also rubbed her own head.

However, compared to Zi Yan, Su Luo had a much better understanding of the little divine dragon’s temperament.

Able to make the little divine dragon’s pair of eyes s.h.i.+ne brightly like that, he had definitely seen a treasure!

At this moment, the little divine dragon had just extended his two sharp claws. He was scratching at the stone beneath Zi Yan.

Immediately, stone fragments swirled in the air, filling the whole sky.

Zi Yan hurriedly jumped up, because if she hadn’t jumped up, the little divine dragon might have also scratched apart her b.u.t.t.

Seeing the little divine dragon so excited, a bright light immediately flashed through Su Luo’s eyes. Could it be that the treasure was hidden inside these ordinary stones?

Su Luo carefully looked at that stone. All of a sudden, she let out an ‘oh’ sound of surprise. Her eyes suddenly lit up.

Oh! Just a moment ago, she really was almost fooled. These stones had an outward appearance that made them seem like ordinary stones. However, in fact, these stones had great origins!

“Zi Yan, quickly come and see!” Su Luo pulled Zi Yan up with one hand and pointed at that stone.

“What are you doing? What’s so good about this stone… I say, is it because your family’s little divine dragon has nothing better to do? To unexpectedly run over to shave a stone?” Zi Yan had an expression full of doubt.

She simply didn’t know that the little divine dragon had a special treasure hunting ability. Therefore, she was very puzzled by his behavior.

“Your luck truly isn’t bad, the moment you sat down, you sat on a treasure.” Su Luo said in annoyance.

Zi Yan was really… Even the little divine dragon was helping her dig out the treasure. Unexpectedly, she still didn’t know… Could this be the legendary a fool’s luck?

“Treasure? Where?” Zi Yan had an expression full of disbelief.

Su Luo’s gaze was looking at that stone.

It seemed as if Zi Yan was choking. She pointed at that stone, “You’re saying this one?”

Su Luo nodded her head in a deadly earnest manner.

Zi Yan with a ‘pfft’ sound, laughed out loud: “Too funny, how could a treasure be inside this stone? I really don’t believe it.”

Su Luo was all smiles as she responded: “Since you don’t believe it, then if a treasure really emerges from inside, then you must gift it to me.”

Zi Yan slapped her chest, vouching for it: “Sure, if a treasure really emerges from inside, I won’t raise any objections and immediately——”

Zi Yan saw that curve hooking up in the corner of Su Luo’s mouth and those eyes still containing a smile as before. In a split second, she quivered!

Not right!

Su Luo was as cunning as a little fox, maybe something would really come from inside. She must not be deceived by Su Luo, this cunning little fox!

Consequently, with the words at the tip of her tongue, Zi Yan forcibly changed it: “If a treasure really emerges from inside, I, without demur, will keep it for myself!”

Su Luo let out a ‘pfft’ sound of laugher: “You miser, at least you turned around quickly. Otherwise, you certainly wouldn’t have a share in this treasure. Do you know what this stone is?”

“What?” Wasn’t it just a s.h.i.+ning white stone? Not much different from those stones in the surrounding mountains. It was basically, exactly the same.

“We have been deceived by the external appearance of this stone. I tell you, in fact, this stone’s external appearance only looks like a stone.”

Chapter 865 – A glimmer of hope (6)

“In fact, this is actually a crystal stone’s source stone.“ Su Luo shook her head slowly, her expression carrying a trace of astonishment, “If it weren’t for the zealousness the little divine dragon displayed, before this, I really hadn’t taken notice of it.“

“A crystal stone’s source stone?” Zi Yan, having heard what was said, was startled. Afterwards, she carefully sized up that stone, “I’ve seen a crystal stone’s source stone before, but this doesn’t look like it.”

“So that’s to say, this is an even higher grade, sealed source stone.” There was a trace of graveness in Su Luo’s expression, “Reportedly, what’s sealed inside isn’t a crystal stone, but something else.”

“Eh?” Zi Yan found it hard to believe. She hadn’t even heard of something like it before.

“Therefore, let’s take a look, in the end, what would appear from inside of it.” Su Luo stooped to crouch down in front of that sealed stone that was over fifty kilograms in weight.

Su Luo raised her head and was all smiles as she looked at Zi Yan, waving her palm: “This hand of mine is the famous Little Black Hand, are you certain you want me to break it open? At that time, when a hideous messy thing comes out, you better not blame me.”

“Little Black Hand (1)? Isn’t this hand of yours the famous Little Red Hand (2)?” Zi Yan firmly did not believe it.

“Who did you hear that from.”

To ask unintentionally versus to ask with intent. A trace of unnaturalness flashed across Zi Yan’s complexion. She compelled herself to act normal: “If your luck was bad, how could you have paid your respects under Grandmaster Rong Yun’s door?”

Hearing that, Su Luo thought for a bit and also felt that this was right.

That matter of her becoming a formal disciple, was all carried out in public. The twists and turns of the road with many crooks and bends. In the end, she really did manage to pay her respects to him.

This matter had been spread extremely wide. It wasn’t difficult for Zi Yan to also know it.

“Then alright, I open it, then I’ll open it.” An excited radiance flashed across Su Luo’s eyes.

She had never opened a sealed source stone before.

Su Luo took out that “Yan Hua” dagger and took the sealed source stone’s measure in front of it.

Zi Yan nervously crouched on the other side and unblinkingly watched the sealed stone, afraid to miss a little bit of news.

After Su Luo finished taking its measure to find a position, holding her breath with rapt attention, she raised her hand and brought the blade down.


The dagger directly cut down.

A piece of s.h.i.+ning white stone fell to the floor.

“Nothing.” Zi Yan said in disappointment.

Su Luo’s expression was still as calm as water. She raised the dagger and sliced down once again.

“There’s still nothing.” Zi Yan spread out both hands.

Su Luo’s expression carried an even more bit of graveness.

Because in the wake of having sliced off two pieces of waste material, it was now already getting closer and closer to the core.

Starting from now, every cut had to be done gently and cautiously. There could not be a little bit of a mistake.

The dagger then peeled with three consecutive cuts.

In a blink of an eye, only one third of the original size of that huge, sealed source stone remained.

Just at this time, a strong scent came out from inside the source stone.

“As expected, there is something!” Zi Yan’s eyes suddenly lit up. She urged Su Luo, “Quickly, quickly, quickly.”

“I can’t hurry it up anymore.” At this moment, Su Luo’s forehead was already covered in a layer of fine beaded sweat. Her pair of eyes was as bright as stars, as she concentrated all her attention on that rock.

The final cut…

Su Luo took a deep breath, then she opened her eyes again. Her eyes were a sheet of pure cold and quiet.

Just at this moment, the dagger in Su Luo’s hands cut horizontally across.

“Slide——” A sound rang.

The two thumbs thick of source stone was evenly sliced across.

The cut was tidy.

Like slicing tofu.

A happy expression flashed through Zi Yan’s eyes. Not waiting for Su Luo to speak, she grabbed and tore open the stone that was cut: “I really want to see, just what exactly is concealed inside this sealed source stone.”

The source stone was torn open and a cavity appeared in it.

And inside the cavity, a blue, fat and plump living creature was laying there.

One could only see its pair of eyes were tightly closed, and its two chubby little hands, clenched into fists, were placed on its own chest.

1) Little Black Hand… very bad luck,
2) Little Red Hand… very lucky.

The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 864-865

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