The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 870

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Chapter 870 – Fairy Yan Xia (2)

Su Luo’s eyes narrowed slightly, a bright idea flas.h.i.+ng through her mind.

Zi Yan was still on the mountain, as long as she left behind a signal to get her to notify Beautiful Teacher, then it would be an opportunity…

Thinking up till this point, Su Luo’s expression matched by pretending to be present, in fact, she had carefully entered her s.p.a.ce to make something to leave as a signal.

She searched for a long time inside her s.p.a.ce, but discovered that the things inside were so few as to be pitiful.

However, there was some gra.s.s, but if she tossed down some gra.s.s with one blow from the wind, it would be blown away. When the time came and it led to the wrong direction, then it would be really bad.

Finally, in a corner, Su Luo found a sack of rice that hadn’t been opened.

This sack of rice was placed inside in preparation for unforeseen circ.u.mstances, and now, at this critical moment, then everything would depend on it.

Taking advantage that Fairy Yan Xia had her guard down, Su Luo sneakily grabbed a handful of rice and occasionally would toss down one to two grains.

The path down the mountain was craggy, however, with regards to Fairy Yan Xia’s kind of expert, it was no problems at all.

Waiting until they reached a wide road, Fairy Yan Xia’s mouth hooked into a sneer: “Oh, you are such a clever girl.”

Su Luo’s heart immediately s.h.i.+vered. Unconsciously, she was about to toss the half a handful of rice remaining into her s.p.a.ce.

Afterwards, her hand was grabbed as if by iron clamps, unable to move the slightest bit.

Fairy Yan Xia stretched out her hand to grab Su Luo’s right hand.

Su Luo’s skin was usually thick, seeing she was about to be discovered, there was no sign of embarra.s.sment on her face.

She shallowly smiled and instead, in an inviting manner, said: “Predecessor, are you hungry yet? Should this junior cook for you?”

Fairy Yan Xia really didn’t expect Su Luo’s response would be so shameless.

Her eyes wrinkled slightly, her cold pupils watching Su Luo attentively.

That woman was how n.o.ble, virtuous and icily arrogant, could this girl really be her daughter?

Her appearance and character was not a bit similar… could it be that she was mistaken?

Fairy Yan Xia pondered while holding her chin and was silent, unspeaking.

Suddenly, the corner of Fairy Yan Xia’s mouth hooked up: “How could Ci Ning be so easy to chase? Your master leaving this time, if he wanted to return, it would take more than half a year, at the least. So, if you wanted your master to come save you, then you better save the effort!”

Hearing this, Su Luo’s heart rightfully s.h.i.+vered.

If Master didn’t come, then it would be really hard for her to escape this old witch’s clutches.

Only, how could this old witch understand so much so clearly? Moreover, why didn’t she chase after them?

When Su Luo was just about to ask these questions, Fairy Yan Xia suddenly burst out in loud laughter.

Su Luo suddenly understood: “You have already known about the secret in that wall from earlier?”

Fairy Yan Xia also did not conceal it: “Naturally.”

“That was a trap you deliberately set up?” Su Luo’s eyes narrowed.

If it was really like this, then that proved that this matter was carefully set up by the old witch and was not a scheme devised on the spot.

Even the four top experts were fooled by her. It could clearly be seen what degree this person’s wisdom had reached.

Fairy Yan Xia icily arrogantly sneered: “So what?”

The more Su Luo asked, the more her heart sank.

This old witch took a lot of trouble to divert her master away. Could it all be for Fairy Yan Xia to catch her?

If it was truly like this, then… the matter could be very troublesome.

It was not limited to only her, Zi Yan could also be implicated.

Su Luo’s heart was nervous. But, her face remained calm as before and indifferently smiled: “Does Predecessor not fear that my master would know, and an ill feeling will be born in his heart toward you?”

Su Luo was probing for Zi Yan’s safety, only, she made a huge circle.

Fairy Yan Xia seemed to like other people discussing Grandmaster Rong Yun with her.

One could only see her give a light snort: “So what if there will be ill feelings? In any case, he had gotten angry at me for so many years, what is the harm in adding a bit more? And what’s more, the angrier he gets at me, then the more he will think about me. Even if I cannot become his darling, then I will become the mosquito sucking the blood from his heart!”

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 870

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