The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 84

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Chapter 84 – You have been abandoned (3)

“What nonsense are you saying?” Su Luo feigned anger and glared at her with eyes full of hatred.

“What I said was nonsense? Ha, ha, ha, I’m laughing to death. I’m really dieing of laughter!” Liu Ruohua laughed until tears came out. In her heart, her crazy envy of Su Luo completely dispersed into haze due to Su Luo having been discarded.

Only Liu Ruohua’s taunting laugh could be heard. She then sneered, “how about you tell me. Didn’t his highness Prince Jin go looking for the Jade Lake’s fairy?”

Su Luo smiled coldly.

Liu Ruohua’s guess wasn’t wrong. Didn’t Nangong Liuyun really leave to go look for the Jade Lake’s fairy?

He deserted her, left her in the small wooden house. Wasn’t it precisely because he wanted to look for the Jade Lake’s fairy?

Seeing the complicated mood on Su Luo’s face, Liu Ruohua was happy to the extreme. She covered her belly while laughing heartily. She was laughing so hard that she could barely breathe. “Su Luo, ah, Su Luo. Here I was under the impression that you had a lot of skills. After all, his highness Prince Jin was so loving towards you. You probably didn’t expect that you being favored would last for a mere two days. Ha, ha, ha——”

Su Luo only watched her laugh quietly, a secretive light appearing in her eyes. However it wasn’t possible to see any changes on her face as it remained inscrutable.

Liu Ruohua had enough of laughing, turned towards Liu Weiming and said. “The Wild Serpent’s inner core is still on her body. Shouldn’t we take it back?”

Liu Weiming frowned slightly, a trace of hesitance flickering across his eyes. After awhile, he finally said, “Didn’t she already swallow it?”

Liu Ruohua’s face showed contempt for his idiocy while her eyes glared at Liu Weiming. “Are you stupid?! How can the inner core of the Wild Serpent be so easily digested? Maybe it’s still in her digestive track undamaged and intact! Being uncertain, why not just cut open her belly and then we’ll know for sure, right?”

Liu Weiming was somewhat hesitant. After all, previously his highness Prince Jin had displayed a very caring manner towards Su Luo.

Liu Ruohua let out a sneering laugh. “Don’t you see? His highness Prince Jin has already abandoned her. Otherwise, why would his highness Prince Jin chase after the Jade Lake’s fairy? Could it be that you think this s.l.u.t can even be compared to the Jade Lake’s fairy? If you were asked to choose, would you choose the precious, gloriously flowery fairy or this good-for-nothing? Don’t tell me you feel that his highness Prince Jin’s vision can’t be compared to yours?”

Liu Ruohua’s words coaxed at every step, penetrating deeply through each layer of resistance.

Liu Weiming’s expression had a frightful hidden depth. It issued a nebulous, deadly threatening air.

He was aware that Liu Ruohua wanted to avenge a personal grudge, so she was trying to bewitch him, but he was still unable to refuse.

The inner core of the Wild Serpent was indeed very important to him.

As long as he could get the inner core, he would have the opportunity to become the personal disciple of Grandmaster Lan Hai. In that case, his cultivation road in the future would have propitious wind throughout the journey (1) as compared to harsh challenges one after another.

A trace of a smile slowly emerged on Liu Weiming’s face. It was an icy-cold and extremely dangerous smile.

The dagger he hid in his sleeves suddenly moved.

A trace of a sneer flashed through Su Luo’s heart.

A bunch of idiots!

“What are you guys thinking of doing?!” Su Luo deliberately shouted out loudly and anxiously. “If his highness Prince Jin found out that you guys killed me, then he will never let you guys go!”

“Bragging like you have a tiger’s pelt and actually hoisting it as a banner!” Liu Ruohua measured her with a cold and threatening laugh. “His highness Prince Jin? First, let’s not even talk about whether or not his highness Prince Jin would seek revenge on your behalf. Granted, even if he wanted to avenge you, he won’t find you. Here in the Sunset Mountain Range, it’s full of magical beasts. After the magical beasts have gnawed on your bones, I don’t know if his highness Prince Jin will even recognize that chunk of bones is you, Su Luo!”

“You guys——”Su Luo’s words had yet to be completed, when she felt a sinister human shadow already standing behind her back. The deeply cold handle of the dagger was headed towards her throat.!

She would never have thought that Liu Weiming was like her, someone proficient in techniques.

A very dangerous and icy-cold smile appeared on Su Luo’s face.

1) propitious wind throughout the journey – idiom: plain sailing; to go smoothly; have a nice trip!

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 84

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