The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 878

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Chapter 878 – Fairy Yan Xia (10)

Fairy Yan Xia cursed roundly, how could she still have the gracefulness from before?

At this moment, inside the iron cage, Su Luo’s eyes wrinkled slightly.

So, it turned out that Fairy Yan Xia was only graceful in front of Master.

In truth, inside, her temper was very twisted and malevolent.

It was no wonder that Master, no matter what, didn’t wish to have much contact with her. This kind of woman was truly too extreme and terrifying.

Li Yaoyao could only cry, and continuously weep loudly and bitterly…

To think that she, as a princess of the Jade Lake’s Li family, who had been doted on from head to toe, now actually had to follow by this old witch’s side. If she was not beaten, then she was cursed, this kind of daily life…

Fairy Yan Xia coldly glared at her: “Not allowed to cry!”

Having heard what was said, Su Luo couldn’t help but look towards Li Yaoyao.

After being berated by Fairy Yan Xia, as expected, Li Yaoyao did not dare to cry anymore. She used her palm to cover her mouth and sobbed in a very, very low voice. She looked even more pitiful than a lowly daughter- in-law.

Su Luo’s heart inevitably had a kind of sympathetic feeling of sorrow.

It seemed that this year of Li Yaoyao accompanying by Fairy Yan Xia’s side, she had suffered a lot. Otherwise, with her haughtiness, she wouldn’t have been this obedient.

Compared to Li Yaoyao, the harsh homework that Master had a.s.signed her was simply like soaking in a honey pot. Thinking about this, Su Luo rejoiced endlessly.

After Fairy Yan Xia finished disciplining Li Yaoyao, her attention was quickly placed on Su Luo’s body.

After all, her coming this time, the main target was Su Luo.

“Apply this on her for me!” Fairy Yan Xia’s eyes instantly became cold and her gaze was full of icy hatred when looking at Su Luo.

Su Luo’s heart was suspicious and couldn’t help but to wrinkle her brows: “Wait a moment, what is that thing?”

“You do not need to know.” Fairy Yan Xia simply did not give Su Luo a chance to find out.

Her wide sleeves swung by.

Immediately, Su Luo only felt her entire body weaken, her body becoming numb. She couldn’t even lift a single finger.

Fairy Yan Xia once again waved her hand, and that iron cage without a lock gave a burst of cras.h.i.+ng sounds.

Immediately, countless black iron bars retracted into the ground.

That iron cage seemed to have immediately disappeared in place.

That maid, hearing Fairy Yan Xia’s commands, carried the ink black liquid in the white jade dish, and walked, step by step, towards Su Luo.

Su Luo was able to sense that strong odor that irritated the nerves for her sense of smell.

She couldn’t help but to frown.

“Still not quickly going and helping?” Fairy Yan Xia grabbed a handful of sweet dates while she prompted Li Yaoyao to personally go administer the drug.

After hearing this, the originally grieving and despairing Li Yaoyao immediately became exuberant.

She stood up right away, and the pain on her body seemed to have disappeared in an instant.

Li Yaoyao held back her expression and bowed towards Fairy Yan Xia: “Disciple obeys.”

Afterwards, she turned around to face Su Luo.

Su Luo’s pair of eyes met hers and could clearly see that very fierce hatred that flashed past on her face.

“I protest.” Su Luo’s heart’s unease became more and more clearer.

“Your protests are invalid!” Fairy Yan Xia directly made a verdict.

Li Yaoyao looked at Su Luo, the corner of her mouth hooking up into a very malicious smirk.

Just for this moment, she had prepared for a very, very long time.

The maid carried a tray painted in red.

On the tray was a white jade dish and a brush.

The type of large brush used to paint walls!

A very dark and fierce expression flashed through Li Yaoyao’s eyes. Without any hesitation, she picked up that large brush and dipped it into the thick, black-as-ink medicine.

Su Luo forced herself to remain calm and showed a smile. She said towards Fairy Yan Xia: “What is actually in this thing? Is it possible for Predecessor to tell me a little?”

At this moment, a chamberlain had already carried a red sandalwood chair over and placed it behind Fairy Yan Xia.

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 878

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