The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 887

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Chapter 887 – Cooking Su Luo in warm water (3)

She picked up the ball of white light and lowered her head to look at the little divine dragon inside who was jumping around with joy. For a moment, she had a kind of feeling like she was taking a bird for a stroll…

Su Luo was speechless, the corner of her mouth parting slightly.

However, right now, the most important thing was to hurriedly run away.

Seeing that she had completed her objective, Su Luo turned around and was about to slip away.

However, before she had taken a few steps, Fairy Yan Xia’s ice-cold voice once again came from behind her.

“Go to the dungeon and have a look, don’t let that girl kill herself.”

Having heard what was said, Su Luo immediately looked skywards and rolled her eyes.

She, Su Luo, no matter how she died, but there was absolutely no way she would die by committing suicide.

But, it was also because of these words, that Su Luo became aware that when the sun rose tomorrow, her miserable days would begin immediately afterwards.

“Place the pill on the table in the medicine chest.“ Fairy Yan Xia coldly instructed with her eyes closed.

“Yes.” Su Luo imitated that maid’s tone and very cautiously responded with a word.

Afterwards, she turned around and walked towards the table.

As expected, she saw a pill collected inside a very small brocade case. However, what sort of pill this was, Fairy Yan Xia did not say. Su Luo, naturally, also had no good way to ask.

However… where was the medicine chest?

Holding the small brocade case, Su Luo looked all around, but could not find the medicine chest’s position.

Okay, since she couldn’t find the medicine chest, then she’d first temporarily store it inside her s.p.a.ce.

Since she decided to slip away, this kind of small advantages, Su Luo naturally would not refuse. Consequently, she, as if rightfully so, threw the little divine dragon and that pill both into her s.p.a.ce. Afterwards, she intended to leave stealthily.

“The medicine chest is located at the headboard of the bed, where are you going? Why haven’t you hurry it up and put it in! Dilly-dallying, do you want to die!” Just when Su Luo was about to slip away, Fairy Yan Xia’s displeased tone came from the soft couch area.

Fairy Yan Xia was very violent! A wave of murderous spirit aura gushed out!

“Yes…” Su Luo was tangled and helplessly grabbed her head.

This old witch was really long-winded.

As she was about to slip away, but over and over again, she was made to stay behind. How would she know where the headboard was!

Su Luo really wanted to run and be on her way because it was really dangerous here. Once Yan Xia, this old witch, opened her eyes, she would discover that Su Luo was a fake. When that time came, even if she wanted to run, she wouldn’t be able to run.

Headboard, headboard… Su Luo lifted up her eyes to look in all directions.

The old witch’s resting residence was really huge. It was as much as four hundred and five square meters of s.p.a.ce.

She searched for a long time before finding that huge, charming and gentle bed.

On the inner side of the large bed, near the edge of the wall. Sure enough, there was a silvery white-colored medicine chest.

The medicine chest!

The thing that she, Fairy Yan Xia, regarded as important, certainly wouldn’t be lacking. Maybe there were treasures inside.

Su Luo opened it and had a look. Inside, apart from three or four brocade cases like the one in her hand, were medicinal herbs that were kept cold inside an ice jade case.

Among these were three kinds of medicinal herbs that she recognized from Beautiful Teacher’s instructions.

Those were definitely good stuff, good things. Forget it, good things certainly all belonged to her to have. . This was the so-called having seen it, she had a share of it.

Su Luo covertly turned her head around and discovered that Fairy Yan Xia’s eyes were still closed, as if she had already fallen asleep.

Su Luo was not even a little bit reserved. She softly and quietly took these several kinds of treasures made from heavenly material all into her possessions.

Apart from these medicinal herbs, Su Luo unexpectedly also found two spirit pinb.a.l.l.s.

Su Luo’s eyes momentarily gave off a light, and the corner of her mouth hooked into a having-prevailed smile.

Humph, humph. The old witch made her face like this, don’t even know if it was possible to get it off in the future. Now that she stole away the old witch’s things, could also be considered as getting rid of some of the hate.

Consequently, Su Luo pretended to place the small brocade case into the medicine chest. Afterwards, she pretended to place the medicine chest back to its original spot.

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 887

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