The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 85

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Chapter 85 – The lovable, adorable, little dragon (1)

Liu Weiming could only watch as Su Luo’s feet slid away, her entire body slipping from his hand like a mudfish. Before he could react, her figure was already ten meters away (1).

Liu Weiming’s dagger promptly met with empty air.

A thread of surprise flashed through his eyes.

He could feel that Su Luo’s body did not contain a shred of spiritual power. This was sufficient to ill.u.s.trate that she was simply an ordinary person that could not be more common and a waste of s.p.a.ce.

On the other hand, he, himself was already a third ranked mage.

However, his sneak attack actually did not succeed? This gave him a strong feeling of having been thwarted.

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth evoked a smile that was nearly impossible to catch sight of.

She smiled coldly. With her feet not even touching the ground, Su Luo turned her body and just ran. She could feel that the battle between the divine dragon and the fire phoenix was over. Now, the divine dragon is free to chase after her again in order to kill her.

“If you have the ability then don’t run!” Liu Ruohua shouted then immediately gave chase!.

“If you have the ability then don’t chase!” Su Luo turned her head around and made a face at Liu Ruohua.

Telling her not to run, do they think that she was an idiot?

A strong killing intent flashed through Liu Weiming’s eyes.

If a moment ago he had not made a move, then the matter would be over. Since he had already attempted an attack, he must now complete the task and eliminate all evidence.

Otherwise, if Su Luo was to make sinister accusations in front of his highness Prince Jin later on, their lives would be forfeit.

Even though his highness Prince Jin had tossed her aside and left, G.o.d knows when the temperamental Prince Jin would change his mind and go look for her again?

At this moment, Liu Weiming eyes held a sinister blood-l.u.s.t, overflowing with killing intent. The others watched as he ran so fast he seemed to be flying, tightly nipping at Su Luo’s heels. He followed her closely, not giving her a chance to escape.

Behind him, those four people without exception also chased after Su Luo to chip away at the task without abandoning it (2). Even if they were to die, they must behead her with their own blades.

The distance between the two parties become shorter by the second as the chasing party drew closer with each step…. closer and closer….

“Hey, something is wrong——” Liu Weiming suddenly frowned. He sensed a dangerous atmosphere coming from behind them.

He turned his head to look and his complexion immediately became pale white as paper. Both of his legs went limp, making it nearly impossible for him to stand.

Seeing him like this, everyone turned their heads around to look——

“Heavens, oh heavens….is that, is that a snake type beast?”

“You stupid airhead, thinking that it’s a type of snake beast! That’s a dragon! A divine dragon!”

Once he said those words, everyone present stopped talking and were as silent as the dead.

A divine dragon that legend said could destroy a city with a stomp of its feet, the Venerable divine dragon!

It was simply too frightening.

Even more terrifying was the fact that the divine dragon, behind them, was tenaciously chasing after them. Its eyes were full of a violent hatred and enmity as if they had stolen its child.

But what caused the Venerable divine dragon to even feel that they were worth chasing, let alone chasing them with intent to kill?

At this moment they simply did not have time to think, their brains just weren’t functioning. They only knew to step forward and run, run, run——

Each ran as fast as they possibly could.

If one of them could run past their companions, then that person would have a better chance of surviving.

At this time, everyone was incomparably disheveled and unkempt.

Running in front of them was Su Luo who was smiling with sinister treachery.

Since Liu Weiming and the divine dragon both wanted to kill her, in that case, let them first ma.s.sacre each other. After the winner has been decided, the survivor could then seek her to battle it out.

Leading the trouble to the east (3), borrowing someone else’s knife to kill another. These were tricks that Su Luo was most skilled at.

In any case, Liu Weiming and companions had sinister and very savage intentions. Regarding this matter, she didn’t feel even a tiny bit of guilt.

Poor Liu Weiming and his companions who still didn’t know that this divine dragon had been lured here.

If they only knew that as long as they ran separate from Su Luo, they would escape being chased by the menacing divine dragon.

However, people in times of danger will inevitably only have one thought: must firmly hold on to the target ahead and never let go.

As a result, this doomed them to a tragic play.

In contrast, Su Luo was very perceptive of human nature. She was certain that Liu Weiming and companions will make a move against her. Su Luo was also confident that they weren’t aware that she had lured the divine dragon here. She was even more certain that when Liu Weiming and companions tried to escape the divine dragon, they would follow right behind her and become her protective s.h.i.+eld.

1) The author used three zhang: 1 zhang = 10 Chinese foot (chi) or 3.3 meters

2) chip away at the task without abandoning it – to chisel away at sth; to persevere; unflagging efforts

3) Leading the trouble to the east – idiom: meaning redirecting the trouble onto someone else

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 85

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