The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 896

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Chapter 896 – Unexpected happy surprise (3)

Because this was the Red Seven-leafed Night Gra.s.s!

It only had seven leaves, and could said to be one of the Seven Divine Herbs, exceptionally rare. Even such a great expert like Fairy Yan Xia, wanting to get his herb, then she still had to get really lucky!

The most important point was that you only needed to put in one leaf!

But this spendthrift of a little divine dragon was really a spendthrift, he actually threw the whole plant in!

At this time, sealed away in a medicinal cauldron, Su Luo’s entire body was in incomparable pain.

Her body was cold as ice, but the outside was boiling hot.

One cold, one hot, unable to mix together no matter what.

Su Luo clenched her teeth and her fists, the veins were bursting all over her body.

That Red Seven-leafed Night Gra.s.s was floating around on top of that boiling water, fortunately, it finally floated near Su Luo’s lower jaw.

Such a strong spirit force.

Su Luo bit down on it out of instinct.

The Red Seven-leafed Night Gra.s.s was fresh, tender and very juicy, with a sweet and creamy flavor, not bitter at all compared to other medicinal herbs.

Only then did Su Luo swallow a mouthful, and she could feel a slow change in her body.

The border where the coldness inside her body met the external heat, started to mix together a little.

Although very slight, but it was very real!

Su Luo still had her eyes closed, her consciousness was still blurred, she was in a semi-coma-like state, but she subconsciously ate all the Red Seven-leafed Night Gra.s.s.

She swallowed the entire plant with its medicinal properties.

Very quickly, the coldness inside Su Luo’s body and the heat outside started to slowly mix together.

How great were the medicinal properties of the Red Seven-leafed Night Gra.s.s? Fortunately, the medicine in the boiling water helped to get rid of some impurities, otherwise, this time, Su Luo’s body would have already exploded and died long ago.

Reckoned that Little Sky had also thought of this, therefore, he did not stop the little divine dragon.

This time, the life essence in Su Luo’s body came alive, and started to pulse.

However, at this moment, Fairy Yan Xia slowly opened her eyes.

She glanced at the medicinal cauldron that lacked any movements and coldly said to Li Yaoyao: “Look after the cauldron well, if there’s any change, contact this fairy immediately.”

Li Yaoyao, with a serious expression, answered respectfully: “Yes, Master.”

She didn’t need the old witch’s order, she still would have humiliated Su Luo, that lowly girl!

Fairy Yan Xia looked at Li Yaoyao coldly, she wasn’t worried that Li Yaoyao would secretly let Su Luo escape, because she was well aware of the personal enmity between Li Yaoyao and Su Luo.

She was only worried, that with Li Yaoyao’s idiotic mind, she would be deceived by the extremely clever Su Luo.

Fairy Yan Xia knew, with regards to cunningness, ten Li Yaoyaos were not enough to keep one Su Luo busy.

Fairy Yan Xia tossed out another sentence: “Remember, no matter what, you must not open the cauldron on your own! If you don’t listen to me, then bring your head over to see me!”

“Hmph!” After Fairy Yan Xia was done with her threats, she left abruptly.

At this rate, it still needed another three days three nights, and she had no interest in waiting for this loathsome girl here.

After Fairy Yan Xia left, Li Yaoyao looked at the medicinal cauldron, a venomous cold smile appearing in her eyes.

“Su Luo, now, once again, you landed in my hands, hahaha.” Li Yaoyao coldly laughed repeatedly.

She turned her palm over, in an instant, a bottle of poison appeared in her hand.

“While you’re sick, I’m going to take your life. Su Luo, this was something you taught me.” Li Yaoyao’s mouth curled into a taunting sneer, holding the bottle of poison in one hand, she walked, step by step, closer to Su Luo.

As long as she killed Su Luo, no matter the consequences, she was willing to shoulder it all.

If Su Luo could see the medicinal bottle in her hands, she would definitely frown.

Because it was a bottle of corrosive.

Even more, it was a concentrated version of the corrosive.

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 896

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