The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 86

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Chapter 86 – The lovable, adorable, little dragon (2)

When it came to astute schemes or sophisticated shrewdness, Su Luo would absolutely not lose to anyone.

“Poof——” The divine dragon sprayed out a mouthful of Dragon’s Breath.

Dense black as ink fumes enveloped the few people running at the rear and covered them in a round sphere.

In the divine dragon’s eyes, these insignificant humans running together with Su Luo were her comrades, and they all deserved to die! She was afraid that by killing Su Luo she would hurt the little dragon, but in regards to these tiny ants she had no such misgivings.

Consequently, she did not control her Dragon’s Breath.

“Ahhh——” A desperate cry came from the group of people that had fallen behind.

It was uttered by a person from Liu Weiming’s team.

This youngster had a huge crush on Liu Ruohua, thus he was very amenable to her. However at the most critical moment when the Dragon’s Breath arrived, he gave Liu Ruohua a helping push, whereas Liu Ruohua had simultaneously pushed him towards the back. She took this opportunity to escape——

This youngster’s face was full of despair as he got caught up within the Dragon’s Breath. He watched with an incredulous face as Liu Ruohua’s back became ever more distant. His eyes were full of surprise.

He would never have thought, that he, who gave Liu Ruohua a helping hand, would have been pushed back by such an opportunistic Liu Ruohua….

Even as he died he still couldn’t understand, why did she do it….

This was just human nature!

Selfish and cold-blooded, forgetful of favors and violators of justice (1) that bite the hands that feed them!

This originally was a team of six people; however, in the beginning, a person had died because of the Wild Serpent. Now another had been killed by the divine dragon, so now there were only four people left in the team.

The captain Liu Weiming, Liu Ruohua, Li Wan, and another youngster.

The divine dragon kept getting closer, as if it was almost within a hand’s reach——

“Ahhhh——” Another tragic cry sounded out.

It was that of yet another youngster being consumed by the divine dragon’s wrath in one mouthful, leaving not even a sc.r.a.p behind.

Su Luo was flying and running at lightning speed, but even she was unable to keep her heart from trembling.

As she turned to see each and everyone of the human meats.h.i.+elds behind her about to be swallowed, she could only dread when it would be her turn.

“Let’s split up and run! Otherwise, we’ll all die!” Liu Weiming was worthy of being named captain, for once he calmed down, he very quickly found the only solution.

There was only one divine dragon, so as long as everyone scattered in all four directions, then at least three of the people could have a chance of escape.

Liu Weiming sent Su Luo a quick glare full of hatred. He knew, Su Luo must die within Sunset Mountain Range. If she was to walked out alive, Heaven knows how his highness Prince Jin will deal with them once he learned the news that they had wanted to kill her.

Even if they died, they wouldn’t want his highness Prince Jin as an enemy.

Therefore the best way was to get someone else to do his dirty work. He was going to borrow the might of the divine dragon to eradicate Su Luo!

Having thought about this point, Liu Weiming, Liu Ruohua, and Li Wan exchanged glances. He made a hand gesture, consequently all three darted toward three different directions.

She had no choice but to say Liu Weiming’s method was truly correct. He had succeeded by a lucky stroke, and saved his own life and maybe even the lives of Liu Ruohua and Li Wan.

Watching as those three people scattered, Su Luo’s heart had a sense of loss. Alas, the human shaped meats.h.i.+elds were gone.

Now her only hope was placed on the body of the adorable little dragon.

The divine dragon gave chase and was getting closer and closer. Finally it cornered Su Luo at the base of an overhanging cliff.

Three sides were sheer cliffs and a precipitous walls of rock. There were absolutely no routes of escape.

Su Luo raised both of her hands, turned around. Her face had a very flattering smile, “ Heya, Venerable divine dragon, are you tired? Would you like to rest a bit?”

The divine dragon’s malevolently fierce face flashed, an unsympathetic and ice-cold pair of eyes had brought the atmosphere to a subzero temperature. It was fixated on Su Luo as if watching a dead person.

It looked everywhere around Su Luo’s body but was surprised when she couldn’t find her little treasured baby. In a short while she became furious.

Do not, do not, do not——” Su Luo was so anxious that she was sweating.

1) forgetful of favors and violate justice – idiom: ingrat.i.tude to a friend; to kick a benefactor in the teeth

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 86

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