The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 909

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Chapter 909 – Moment of life or death (7)

The reckless Su Luo silently approached the last team member in the back.

The dagger in her hand flashed by.

A very small sound echoed, and Su Luo had already eliminated that last team person on the team.

After throwing the body into her s.p.a.ce, Su Luo carefully retrieved her dagger, and nonchalantly followed in the position of the last person on the team.

It was nighttime, in the gathering darkness, a person’s vision was obstructed.

Su Luo followed the team from behind, safely traveled for five kilometers.

During this time, these black-clothed men would occasionally have some light conversations.

Su Luo listened to their conversations, and apparently they didn’t seem to know about her right eye’s characteristic.

Didn’t see it? Su Luo touched her right eye.

Could it be Li Yaoyao didn’t tell that old witch Yan Xia?

What Su Luo didn’t know was that Li Yaoyao really wanted say it, but at that time, she was lifted up by the old witch Yan Xia, completely lacking the chance to say it ah…. And afterwards Li Yaoyao got burned, then drenched by water. By then Fairy Yan Xia had already abandoned her to chase after Su Luo.

Therefore, Fairy Yan Xia simply don’t know about Su Luo’s right eye characteristic.

Otherwise, she would make an accurate catch with one grab.

Suddenly, the team captain waved his hand, and the whole team stopped in place.

“Rest in place.” The team captain coldly commanded.

“Captain, we have more than a thousand people searching and couldn’t find one loathsome girl, this isn’t right ah.” While resting, one teammate said to the captain.

The captain frowned: “Your meaning is?”

“You say, is it possible that loathsome girl is already hiding in our team?” The teammate was indulging in flight of fantasy, but actually hit the mark.


After the teammate had said this many of the black-clothed killer started to smile, shaking their heads one after another saying it was impossible.

“This is simply a joke, our management is very strict, everyone had their own unique code, how could she mix in?”

“And she is also a woman, just by looking at our figure you could tell that st.u.r.dy and tall man is not the same.”

“That’s right ah, just now who said that she could be mixed in with our team? It’s simply wildest thing imaginable.”

A lot of people in succession expressed their impossible.

But the captain’s vision had always been long-term, he didn’t consider what his teammate said was wild imagination, instead, he fell into deep thought.

After a while, he narrowed his eyes halfway: “You mean…..”

“It’s very likely that she’s wearing the same clothes as us, therefore we can’t find her! As for the figure, this matter ah. A fat person can’t become skinny, a tall person can’t become short. However a skinny person can become fat, and short person can become tall ah.” Other teammates laughed at this teammate, his face become somewhat red.

If it weren’t for the captain asking again, he feel that his brain had gone dumb, to actually coming up with such a question.

Now because of maintaining his pride, he had could only put a bold face on and continue with this topic till the end.

The captain after hearing what that teammate said, once again sunk into deep contemplation.

Only at this moment, Su Luo suddenly feel her headache.

She silently cursed in her heart how unlucky.

Su Luo was itching to kill that teammate with one slap.

What enmity does she have with him, to actually harm her like this! Moreover it was so coincidentally that Su Luo just so happened to be hiding in this team.

Hopefully, the captain wouldn’t do a search, otherwise, she would really be exposed. Su Luo’s heart was somewhat restless

The captain clearly had listened to what the teammate said, he muttered resolutely to himself a little, then coldly commanded: “Everyone gather together, take off the black scarf, and report your number!”

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh—–” All the black-clothed kills stood up, lined up, and stood neatly in a straight line.

Su Luo’s heart was so angry as to be pumping very quickly.

If she took off the black scarf, wouldn’t she then be recognized?

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 909

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