The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 914

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Chapter 914 – Chased for hundreds of kilometers to be killed (2)

The moon was obstructed by a thick layer of clouds, only giving off a dim l.u.s.ter.

In the forest, Su Luo was running very fast.

Afterimages constantly flashed by in the forest.

If they didn’t know better, bystanders would think there were ghosts haunting the place.

Although Su Luo’s speed was fast, but her counterpart’s speed wasn’t slow either.

Because her location had been exposed from before, there were hundreds of people all circling that place.

Fairy Yan Xia arrived, treading on air.

If it’s said that at the start, she want to catch Su Luo just to vent her anger, then now, she must kill Su Luo.

Fairy Yan Xia’s body hovered in mid-air. Her line of sight reached very far and she had a panoramic view of the entire forest.

However, because it was night, what could be seen was very little, and with densely-packed branches and leaves blocking the view as well. So, in a short time, she still couldn’t find Su Luo.

However, speaking of Su Luo.

She was running as fast as flying.

In a single breath, she had run over three mountain tops. Only after she had covered a distance of five kilometers did she then exhale a breath of air.

However, before she had even finished exhaling this breath of air…

She saw a troop suddenly appear from the side.

This troop, unexpectedly, had as many as fifty people.

Right when Su Luo had wanted to turn around and leave, another troop of fifty people actually appeared behind her as well!

Two troops, one in front and one behind, crowded around with Su Luo in the middle.

However, the only fortunate thing was they still hadn’t discovered Su Luo’s existence.

As she watched them walk closer and closer——

Su Luo had no other choice but to whirl her body around and fly up to that ancient tree nearby.

The ancient tree was thick enough for three people to wrap around. On the tree, the branches and leaves were luxuriant and in great number. It was so tall as to reach the sky, at one glance, the top couldn’t be seen.

Su Luo, with rapt attention, held her breath and pressed up against the tree trunk, hiding motionlessly.

She adjusted her breathing to be very, very soft, almost invisible.


The two troops one in front and the other in the rear had run into each other.

The captain of the troop in front clearly was at a rather good rank. He inquired coldly: “Have you seen any suspicious people?”

“Haven’t.” The captain of the troop in the back answered.

A helplessness flashed across both captains’ eyes.

However, this was also within their expectations.

After all, the distance from where the blaze soared to the sky a moment ago was still very far from here.

Just when the two troops became one and prepared to rush over to the location where the incident had just happened——

“Drip, drip drip——”

A distinct water sound came from above.

‘Drip, drip’, droplets fell onto one of the captain’s heads.

“It’s raining?” This captain frowned and touched his head. He found a slight wet spot.

If it was raining, their chasing operation would become much more difficult.

“It’s not raining.” The other captain frowned.

He didn’t feel any water on top of his head.

“f.u.c.k, why does this water smell so bad?”

The other team leader sniffed at it: “s.h.i.+t! This doesn’t seem to be water, it’s urine.”

There was a strong foul urine smell.

The crowd of people under the tree was suspiciously puzzled, while at this moment, Su Luo, who was up in the tree, had the urge to strangle the little divine dragon to death.

How was that rain water, clearly this was the little divine dragon’s urine, okay?

Seeing the little divine dragon standing very straightly, still leisurely as before, with a trickle sound, sprinkling down water… Three black lines jumped out of Su Luo’s forehead.

She glared at the little divine dragon angrily.

The little divine dragon blinked his, large, bewildered and very innocent eyes: “Awoo awoo…” ‘Want to pee, I can’t hold it in any more.’

Su Luo gloomily held up her forehead: “You can’t just endure for a bit? Even if you want to pee, don’t drip it onto their captain’s head…” Wasn’t this looking to get beat up?

The little divine dragon looked at Su Luo perplexedly: “Awoo awoo…” I don’t understand.

Su Luo spread out her hands: “What are we going to do now? You’ve provoked them. Can you beat them all?”

There weren’t just five or ten people underneath now, but seventy to eighty!

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 914

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